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BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • Way too sweet
    Review by Richardon 3/10/12
    2/5-- Flavor is really strong. Almost too sweet to vape. I drip it from time to time, but I wouldn't even think of carrying it around with me.
    Tastes a lot like the Mauna Dew flavor.
  • Best when dripped imo
    Review by Kahaluuboy on 2/28/12
    This thing rocks when dripping using the inferno LR atty, but for some reason it isnt as.great in the 1.5 dcc tube tank on a inferno USB passthru battery. What's even more surprising is when I use it in Mega clearomizer it's tastes idk describe it besides weak. Too me, mega clearos provides the best taste, right under dripping. I added a little bit methol burst to the clearo then it was cherry. Maybe the 2nd refill of the clearo will be better as some people claim they need a little time to."break in"
  • Not Bad
    Review by Clifon 2/27/12
    I got this for an everyday smoke and after about the 3rd day, it started burning when I hit. Has good flavor, but not an everyday juice.
  • Nice
    Review by Sherrion 2/9/12
    To much blueberry and not enough punch for me. I was looking for a more rounded flavor, but this one fell short.
  • Awesome
    Review by henry on 2/7/12
    Smooth, great vapor production, good throat hit on the 24 mg, Awesome flavor. Definitely my new favorite. Filled both my Tube Tanks with this and love it.
  • Love it
    Review by James on 2/4/12
    This flavor is very sweet. Nice vape and not harsh. Smooth going down and is a vape you can use all day long.
  • Love this flavor
    Review by Dominickon 2/2/12
    This was my first flavored nicotine product and can I say "Good Lord is this good"!!! I've got tobacco pure which ehh, shaka strawberry which is gross, bonzai banana which rocks, and waikiki watermelon which also rocks. I would highly recommend this one to anyone new to flavored ecigs.
  • Fruit punch goodness
    Review by Ericon 1/31/12
    This was my first volcano flavor, and ran through it quickly. I like to think of the flavor as a blue fruit punch italian ice. It contrasts regular fruit punch by being more sharp and tart. Very good, and if you like sweets, this one should be perfect. I have about a dozen flavors now and none of the sweet flavors are as good as this one.
  • Awesome
    Review by Ed (RIVapor)on 1/30/12
    I ordered a Lavatube and I grabbed a bottle of this stuff to try since it had many reviews. This has become my new all day vape. I ordered mine in 16 mg strength and the flavor, vapor, and throat hit are amazing. There are many reviews for a reason. This could be Volcano's signature juice. Give it a try, I'm loving it!
  • A m a z i n g ! ! !
    Review by ProvokeDon 1/17/12
    This is absolutely the best all day vape in my opinion. I do enjoy the occasional tobacco flavors, but I was greatly impressed when I found a non-tobacco flavor that I liked. Every time I order from Volcano, I throw a 30ml bottle of this in the order.
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Items 21 to 30 of 56 total

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