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BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml

BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Awesome
    Review by Ed (RIVapor)on 1/30/12
    I ordered a Lavatube and I grabbed a bottle of this stuff to try since it had many reviews. This has become my new all day vape. I ordered mine in 16 mg strength and the flavor, vapor, and throat hit are amazing. There are many reviews for a reason. This could be Volcano's signature juice. Give it a try, I'm loving it!
  • A m a z i n g ! ! !
    Review by ProvokeDon 1/17/12
    This is absolutely the best all day vape in my opinion. I do enjoy the occasional tobacco flavors, but I was greatly impressed when I found a non-tobacco flavor that I liked. Every time I order from Volcano, I throw a 30ml bottle of this in the order.
  • great
    Review by Bradon 1/16/12
    taste like a blue freeze pop its great
  • Great!
    Review by Justinon 1/10/12
    My Lava Tube just arrived, along with this juice. Now, it is my new favorite flavor for evening, with coffee, or just to change it up. Vanilla is generally my main dish these days, but thats just because I don't want to wear out this flavor. It is currently my new favorite, and most likely will stay there. Any voltage, tank or cart, always a good taste.
  • Great liquid! (One of my favorites now)
    Review by Charleneon 1/5/12
    Blue water punch is tasty and fruity. I got it with my tank device and I love it! One of my favorites now! Thank you Volcano masters.
  • sweet tasting and great vape
    Review by saadon 12/29/11
    good but my # 1 is still vanilla bean only because the bluewater punch is the second flavor iv tried. cherry lava on the way...
  • Excellent Flavor and Throat Hit
    Review by Joelon 12/27/11
    I bought a bottle of the 16mg nicotine. This stuff has an awesome taste to it, Blue Water Punch is a perfect name, thats what it tastes like, or i should maybe say, thats what i would assume blue water punch tastes like!! Not overpowering, not candy-ish flavor, just a good solid flavor. I dont know about other nic levels, but the 16 has a great throat hit. Menthol burst is my daily with mega throat hit. If Menthol burst is a 9/10 throat hit, Blue water punch is a 8/10 throat hit for me. This will be in my daily rotation now. Excellent Juice.
  • BWP is great once again!
    Review by Jeremyon 12/18/11
    Love it. Its my daily vape. It lost its way a while back but Volcanos mixmasters have found it again. Could still use a little more flavor imho but Im very happy with it. Thanx!
  • Subtle but delicious.
    Review by Razz Pitazzon 12/14/11
    I used the 0mg version of this flavor.
    It seemed at first that the flavor was weak, but after a few hits it was revealed more as subtlety. This flavor is quite good, and tastes very much like blue punch. I do not know if this would be good with nicotine added but in 0mg it did not disappoint at all.
  • First fruity success
    Review by CADFX57on 11/9/11
    I never thought I would like any of the fruity flavors. I've done the coffee and the menthol burst. Typical smoke flavors which I love. This Bluewater Punch was a tasty and delightful surprise. You will not be disappointed with this one.
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Items 31 to 40 of 58 total

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