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Bonzai Banana E-Liquid - 30ml

Bonzai Banana E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Awesomeness in a bottle
    Review by Kalaron 5/30/17
    My husband I enjoy the banana flavor, this may be slightly surprising seeing I'm not really a banana fan. This is top quality and the flavor is very enjoyable
  • Overall
    By far my favorite flavor of banana
    Review by Tiffon 12/12/14
    I love banana flavor!! I have tried different brands of banana and different flavor pairings of banana eliquids. My conclusion is that Volcano's Bonsai Banana is the tastiest banana of them all!! I love it and recommend it to all banana lovers!
  • Overall
    love the fresh clean vape
    Review by Aliceon 11/19/14
    One of my favorites
  • Overall
    Nice :)
    Review by RRon 9/1/13
    Not my number one favorite, but its worth having at least once if you are banana lover like me!! It's nice, smooth, and vapes well. It really does taste like one of those banana lollipops! If you hate banana flavors, don't buy this. But if you do, you will be in heaven.
  • Overall
    Review by moger76 on 7/15/13
    Best flavor so far!
  • Overall
    D@mn this is good...
    Review by Victoron 6/22/13
    I have tried many, many volcano flavors and this is my absolute favorite. It tastes exactly like banana and everyone that smells my vape always asks "is that banana?". This is my all day everyday vape. Mixes well with everything. Has a good throat hit, good favor, and good after taste. I have vaped many different vapes from all different companies and this is my favorite. If you remotely like banana then you will love this vape. Just can't say enough!
  • Overall
    favorite thus far
    Review by Krison 4/21/13
    This flavor is great. I have been trying different flavors and I honestly have nor used any of my other flavors since trying this one.
  • Overall
    Review by Xhanteon 4/20/13
    One of my favorites! This mixes well with Cotton Candy. I know it sounds weird, but give it a try. You won't regret it!
  • Overall
    Review by Spikeon 2/15/13
    So yummy. It tastes like a banana laffy taffy! Not something I would use all the time but its nice if I want something sweet.
  • Overall
    Another mix
    Review by Stevenon 12/5/12
    This one is strong, but it worked well with Apple. I'll have to try it with Strawberry after reading the reviews.
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Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

per page