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BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml

BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Best Flavour ever
    Review by Joeyon 12/17/15
    I love love love BWP! (along with Red Wings).... The inhale is such a sweet tangy watermelony yumminess and the finish of the cool Hawaiian Punch red is WONDERFUL! it's my all day/every day vape!!!! great job guys!!!!
  • Overall
    Loving the 3mg
    Review by Roberton 8/19/15
    I moved away from this flavor because I started vaping at 0.5ohms. The nic level at 8mg made it taste too spicy and not enjoyable anymore. The new 3mg has brought me back to my favorite flavor, thank you very much!!
  • Overall
    Review by Feliciaon 8/16/15
    I have tried many different flavors but this is the best one that I have found. I do a 50/50 mix with Pure Tobacco and it is the ONLY thing I vape with. I don't know how many times I have had people tell me how great it smells and have even had people poke their head out of a drive thru to tell me how great my car smells. I can't imagine if Volcano did not offer this flavor any longer because this fan would be at a lost. Best flavor EVER!!!
  • Overall
    I Vape BWP Everyday
    Review by Josephon 12/8/13
    This tastes exactly how you would image it would saying its name. I always come back to BlueWater Punch as my daily choice. If you ever stop making this flavor you'll lose a customer for life Volcano :P
  • Overall
    Too tangy not enough sweet
    Review by Mercedeson 12/3/13
    I just received mine today and i thought it was going to be like really fruity but no it's really tangy!! Almost sour:p 4 out of 5 for this one
  • Overall
    Obvious why this is top rated.
    Review by Monkeyon 10/14/13
    This is really good. Sweet with a tangy going in and a slight sour aftertaste. If you like I expect you'll like Pear too. If you just want the sweet go with Watermelon
  • Overall
    THE BEST!!!!!!!
    Review by RRon 9/1/13
    Bluewater punch was one of the first flavors I tried. Let me tell you-the vapor is outstanding, the flavor you can NEVER get board of!!! Its a smooth blueberry/punchy type flavor that you can literally vape ALL DAY LONG! This one still remains one of my absolute FAVS!! This one is a MUST for those who has no idea what flavor to decide on!!!
  • Overall
    my new fav!
    Review by jd in key weston 8/27/13
    excellent vapor! sweet, tangy, mildly sour. it's a taste of all the flavors at once. watermelon highlights the trio with definite hints of the blueberry and fruit punch. my new favorite flavor, tough to make that call since i love kona coffee almost as much! good job volcano, you nailed this one!
  • Overall
    The Juice that's worth the hype
    Review by Ana on 8/16/13
    This flavour has been my favourite from the moment I vaped it - I started WAY back in the day when the infernos weren't even dreamed of yet, atomizers blew out within a day, and your 'tube' had less than 1ml in it, of Cherry Lava. (I also had vanilla, coffee, and a few others, but cherrry was the definite worst!) Holy -- was that flavour bad back then. It was like someone took cherry flavoured medication and stuck it in a cloud. Needless to say, we returned to analogs.

    Two years later, my husband bought me an inferno (the old version) - with a bottle of BWP. As much as the old inferno product left an awful lot to be desired with the tanks and general fiddly-ness; I adored the flavour nonetheless and couldn't wait for the technology to get better so I could truly enjoy this flavour without the background taste of burnt polyfill. (The old infernos really sucked, sorry but it's true xD)

    Now, two years even after that, I finally got some guts and we bought ourselves the new Inferno kits, with, of course, BWP. The flavour is the exact same as I remember it - Well, no, MUCH better, because my tank and it's carto don't burn out and taste like fried plastic anymore. ;)

    I suggest this flavour to everyone, from the new vaper to you guys who've just never tried this flavour. If you even remotely like fruity stuff, you'll love this.
  • Overall
    LOVE IT!
    Review by 3Percenteron 8/11/13
    This was my first juice and the reason I quit analogs. Currently mixing it 50/50 with Coocoo Coconut and love the unique flavor. It is awesome by itself, but works great as a mixer. I will always have 30ml of this on hand.
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Items 1 to 10 of 54 total

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