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MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Overall
    These are Nice
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    Watch instruction video first:

    Once I fully understood how to use the atomizer, I liked it. It does give you the great hit that everyone is talking about. The problem I had was that I added too much liquid and it leaked out of the bottom all over the place. Just add two to three drops of liquid to the top of the drip tip. I do recommend that you get a drip tip with the atomizer. It is much easier to use.

    Thank you Volcano for such a great product!

    PS) Lava Larry, make a Volcano instruction video. Everyone else is going to another guys site. But I still love your products!
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 7/20/14
    Will this work with the battery from the MAGMA kit?
  • Overall
    Review by MICHELLEon 10/26/12
    I have the old inferno before the remake... can i use these on my inferno drip usb batteries?
  • Overall
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    I like the atomizer, but I started off not dripping, got into blank tanks and all that jazz first, then went to clearo's and then bought an atomizer. Sometimes I can notice a difference in vapor, like with the grape, but sometimes I don't, so I noticed each flavor has a better preference at a different device, problem different vape (which is why the lava tube is such a grand idea), but if you have the magma like I do, I have all devices for it, so I use certain one's to drip with. Also though, I notice the flavor runs out quicker, that I don't like, but if you're looking to sit down for a good night of TV and a vape, then it's the way to go. Burst of wonderful flavor and extreme vaper.
  • Changing
    Review by William on 7/4/12
    Are these compatible with blu premium 100'

    volcano- yes
  • Love these products.
    Review by Dustinon 6/26/12
    Can I use this on a volcano? I am getting the USB Pass-through which says it works with mama atomizers, but was wondering if it would work on my regular volcano as well.
  • Holy Bat Snot
    Review by Kevin on 5/15/12
    I have been using these with my Inferno and also with my Lava Tube and they just keep blowing me away with the vape off them. I always keep these on hand. Love them so much.
  • Question!
    Review by rafaelon 5/6/12
    how does this compare to the inferno atty?

    Volcano- Inferno atomizers run at 2.0 ohms, and Magma is at 2.5. The lower the ohms the hotter the Mahma will be a cooler, and with less vapor.
    Review by Hunteron 3/16/12
    wow so i was so confused why this thing was such a piece of junk. this was my first time ever vaping and i was pretty disappointed. but anyways long story short tried 500 things and nothing worked. i ended up sticking a tiny pin into the bottom hole and gently began to pry it out A LITTLE BIT and reconnected to the inferno, not tightly, but snug, and i swear i went from no vape to THUNDERSTORM CLOUDS.
  • awesome best if used
    Review by Matton 2/25/12
    this atty gives awesome vape and awesome th. ive gone through 4 different brands from cheaper kits to way more expensive kits and i found the inferno just got it 3 days ago. and this atty is amazing. very consistant compared to anything ive used. and alot more efficient with liquid. 2-3 drops and it lasts as long as a cig and more vape than a cig also. if a cig had vape. lol u guys know what i mean. im hoping it lasts me a while ive heard its the longest life of all the attys out there. i got the lr lava also but died within the first couple hits but it was a dud. and i little harsh but this one is perfect heat and th mixture. closet to a alalog that u can get. thanks volcano wish i found u guys sooner and could have spent the houndreds of dollars on ur products instead of wasting it on crappy kits and parts. also it doesnt leak like everything else ive used. 3 drops or more holds well and lasts for a while. only problem was had to soke it in warm water when i got it to get rid of the primer taste but after that it was worked like a dream best out there buy buy buy!!
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