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MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Can this be a replacement for Inferno? (inferno Low resistance Atomizer is out of stock)
    Review by Smokeyon 2/22/12
    Can this be used as a replacement for Inferno? (inferno Low resistance Atomizer is out of stock)

    Volcano- yes
  • Magma Tank kit
    Review by Gladyson 1/19/12
    Can this be used with the tank kit ? or do I need to order the same one that came with my Tank kit ?.. I do not use a drip kit...Thanks

    volcano- answer is no. Tankomizers (suplied with your kit) only work with tanks. Magma atomizers only work with a drip tip for manual dripping.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by VaporJoe74on 9/21/11
    Hey all ! ! some of you know me from my YouTube reviews i just want to say now that i have a volcano atti to compare to totally wicked and off brand...this item has a WOW effect. my other atti's don't produce nearly enough vape as this volcano brand does, im using cheap crappy cartridges to test this and volcano atti is the only one that kicks a great cloud of vape. i was a big totally wicked fan untill now. i am now a VOLCANO-MAN !!! oh and the inferno destroys the tornado hands down too, cant wait for my magma kit to arrive..and FYI don't ship priority it takes forever, go with FedEx... i ordered these attis FedEx two days before the volcano kit and im still waiting on My friggen magma kit..STILL!!!!!!!! lol ugh. lataz all
  • The best choice
    Review by Philipon 9/20/11
    This atty is like the energizer. It just keeps going for months with minimal maintenance. It's reliable and my number one choice. I've tried every volcano product in existence and I always come back to dripping with this atty.
  • Not bad
    Review by Theresaon 9/12/11
    Of the 3 magma atomizers I had 2 of them work well and the other one stopped working within 2 days (no flooding occurred). I tried cleaning it but it still never worked again. Otherwise the other two are holding strong and easy to care for.
  • Old Reliable
    Review by defaulton 9/7/11
    This thing obviously gives the weakest vape of all of the (Inferno compatible) atomizers Volcano has to offer, BUT it is definitely worth keeping around. While other atomizers last a couple weeks to a couple of months, this one will last you for several months before you need to replace it. The reliability of this thing alone makes it worth keeping in stock. I use this one while I'm waiting for replacements for the other ones in the mail.
  • Atty
    Review by Lorion 8/13/11
    I dont know what Im doing different but Im using the same atty I bought 6 months ago and it still works good. All I do is blowing out the excess liquid and truthfully thats it. I Love mine
  • Love the Magma
    Review by Mistyon 8/10/11
    I perchased my first ecig at a local shop. I loved vaping right away. I perchased a cheap 510 kit online and recieved just that... a cheap kit. I hated it. Poor quality and awful atty. After a lot of surfing the message boards I found Volcano. I am hooked again! This is the best atty in my oppinion. Great vapor, great taste! Thank You Volcano for the great quality.
    Review by amandaon 7/5/11
    ok im lost.. im new to this hole new ecig thing and i just got mine in the mail and i also ordered this atty well it's different from the one that came with my kit this one dosnt have the thing that pokes a hole into the fluid holder thing (lol) so i dont know how to fill it ,use it or anything i dont wanna mess it up can someone help me on how to use this atty
  • 5 STARS (out of 5)
    Review by tecvaperon 4/28/11
    I have been vaping 510's for about a year now. And..

    The Magma atomizer is the best 510 compatible that I have found.

    The relatively low resistance and high bridge yields a fantastic flavor, vapor, and TH.

    The amazing thing is:

    On a regulated battery (510, EGO, Magma, Inferno, etc,) these things last longer than any atty that I have tried.

    My experience does warrant the following cautions:

    If you use it on a higher voltage (3.7 box mod, etc) the life of the atty is way shortened.

    If you try extra cleaning methods (water, vinegar, alcohol, etc.) the atty life is way shortened.

    BUT, use it on the right battery and dry burn it every few days, these things last for at least 3 times longer than any other atty that I have tried. (Maybe longer - I have one that has been going for a couple of months that refuses to die)
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