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MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Haven't Purchased Yet
    Review by Adamon 4/17/11
    Will my Magma T kit battery work with this? Also, can I pair this up with an aluminized drip tip? Thanks!

    volcano- yes you can buy a magma atomizer and it will work with your battery and drip tip.
  • start with magma first...for real
    Review by Alexon 3/14/11
    I started with the volcano starter kit. It was good, but the magma is just that much better. For me its about the pull, i don't like to pull that hard so this magma atomizer along with the batt makes vaping so easy. Good work guys. Keep them coming.
  • A Solid Part
    Review by Keithon 3/12/11
    By their nature, atomizers have a finite life-span. The repeated expansion and contraction from heating and cooling will eventually break the coil... and it's dead (in some situations, you use a high voltage battery source, where the electricity can jump the break).

    Now, it depends on how you use them as far as how long they'll last. If you get your atty up to sustained higher temps on a regular basis, your chances are higher that it'll break. Also, if they get so gummed up that they can't reach optimal temps, they'll go bad.

    To clean, once a week I blow all the excess juice out, give them a 30-minute soak in boiled water sling/blow them out again, and dry burn them as maintenence. I haven't lost one yet and it has been almost a month and a half.

    You should aways have a spare on you!
  • Just great
    Review by LVSurferon 2/15/11
    I started with a 510 kit from another company and came to volcano for their good deals. This addy came in my inferno kit. For some reason (I may not have had it wet enough) it popped the first week. I got another one to replace it and it’s been going strong for a good month. As others have said “No flood issues” “Good vapor production” and “Great taste to my juice”. Mahalos Volcano! I got my new addy.
  • Better living
    Review by Jordanon 1/29/11
    Since I've switch to vaping, I've noticed my lungs don't hate me as much as they use to. I live in Utah, so high elevation, plus climbing, snowboarding, and backpacking, really killed me. I'm still currently using Blu, but I'm switching because Blu recently combined the atty's and carts together.... not a bad thing in it of itself, but I like to refill my carts. I already have everything planned out, all I need is my paycheck. Happy vapor trails.
  • Good value on a good atomizer
    Review by wglowreyon 1/7/11
    I have been using these atomizers for about two weeks now. They have a lot of good things going for them for instance I have yet to flood one with carts or dripping and they seem to last forever (working as good as the day I got them with very little cleaning). In my opinion they don't provide as much throat hit or vapor as a genuine Joye 510 atomizer, but they are more durable and don't flood. So in a way they are more user friendly and better for people new to vaping.
  • Renewed Faith
    Review by Tonyon 1/6/11
    Love love love this atomizer, I started the trip to e-cig "slash" vaping by purchasing an e-cig from my local 7-11. I then moved to Blu 'cause they looked kind of cool and hadn't known about "V." On a lark I purchased an atomizer and a Magma batt + USB and while I kind of like like(d) the Blu, I'm sold on Magma and Atomizer.
    I could go on an on about how my craving for ciggys has been tamed but I'm guessing that there were many folks who went there before me! Oh and the kicker? it also works on Blu and the V series - not that I'm trying to say forgo the Magma 'cause while it may work, it definitely isn't the same!
  • One Month?
    Review by Matton 12/30/10
    Average lifespan of a month?! Don't be modest! I switched to you guys cuz I couldn't get my attys from another brand to last more than 2-3weeks. With consistent cleaning and a little learning the magma attys last me 3 months. Of course, some last a little longer and some less. Keep up the quality products and price and you've got a customer for life!
  • Awsome drip machine
    Review by Matton 12/18/10
    This is a great addition to any configuration and the vapor production is amazing.
  • good product
    Review by SmokeyJoeon 12/4/10
    Not much to say about these attys. They work good and give off a decent throat hit and good flavor. I like using these with the Magma Passthrough. Since I started using the Cisco, I don't use these as often as I did, but they're still nice to have.
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