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MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Mind Blowing Vape
    Review by Cathyon 11/17/10
    I am a new customer and haven't been vaping but about a yr- this magma atty is really blowing me away. I was expecting a vape like my 510's- what a wonderful surprise for me when I put this on my new Inferno and juiced it up. I put the magma on my eGo and still blowing me away- the atty is great. I have been useing the Cisco 306 and have been loving it, but this magma just may be my new fave- the flavor of my juice is really good with the magma. Nice experience. I have to say I feel I have spent my money wisely ordering from Volcano.
  • best 510 around
    Review by tweeton 11/14/10
    I've used just about everybody's 510. These are the best, would you believe I have one that's still going strong after 4 months? Just clean then every day or so, a vinegar or alcohol soak then rinse and dry. These attys are about the best price too! You might get a 'burn' taste, so prime a new one with four or five puffs before really toking on it. (Same after a clean) What else can I say? They produce tons of vapor, give a clean real taste to your liquid and last 'forever' compared to all others!
  • Start with a sure thing
    Review by Brittanyon 10/27/10
    Today marks my first week without an analog since I began *******, 15 years ago. I started with the inferno kit and got the best of the best apparently. It came with a magma atty so I know nothing else of other brands.
    My brother is still buying parts here and there for vaping.
    If you want to ****, don't waste your time or money with anything else but a sure thing.
  • Love it.!
    Review by Matthewon 10/20/10
    Just switched to the Magma from blu these attys are much better all around love this with the drip tip and usb passthrough.
  • Definitely the best atty on the market
    Review by Williamon 10/12/10
    I have to agree with Eric, I've bought a lot of different ecigs from a lot of different companies, the magma was the 3rd or 4th I tried and I've got to say not only is the vapor production great, but most importantly for me, and why I always come back, the magma atty is true to the FLAVOR of the liquids.
    I don't use the magma batteries because I don't like the size of the manual button, i need a big fat clicky metal button and loong charge times heh, (maybe the inferno will satisfy me) but even going to other brands for batteries and some flavors I only use magma attys on them, I have yet to find an equal, after using magma attys virtually every other 510 i try will have a strange or skunky flavor to it, but with the magma it's just PURE flavor.
    I just feel bad that some people will give up after trying the other guys and resort back to analogs. EVERYONE should use these attys!
  • The best 510 atomizer in existence
    Review by Ericon 10/9/10
    After vaping for almost 6 months now and trying different atomizers from different companies, I can say that the MAGMA atomizer is the best one on the market. Even if you use another type of 510 battery, do yourself a favor and order yourself a nice little stockpile of these. Pop a drip tip on the end (skip pre-filled carts, dripping is by far the most satisfying and cost-effective way to vape) and watch as clouds of vapor fill the room.

    If you clean this baby daily, you can make one of these last a long time (4+ weeks). To do this, simply take a paper tower and hold the end that screws into the battery with it. Then, simply blow into the end that you attached the cart or drip to. All of the excess liquid that's clogging up your atomizer will come out the contact end and into the paper towel, giving you a quick and mess-free way to keep your atomizer clean.

    Order this, and never order another type of 510 atomizer again, because you won't find a better one.
    Review by e-rikon 9/29/10
    I have no experience with any other attys but, Iam surprised by what this thing can do. Its impressive. I can hardly imagine anything "better" than this is and honestly, I dont think i will ever need anything "better" than this atty.
    Im so happy with it you wouldnt believe. I love it.
    I allready do have a hint for the newbs that are sensitive to a hot running water while you need to rinse the atty from rubbing alcohol with help of a pair of tweezers or similar item...
    Please use a cloth or folded paper towel between the contacts and squeeze gently as I didnt do that and the atty now has paint peeling off day by day of using. And it really, really doesnt look good with the bright metal sticking up from beneath the whole black e-cig.

  • Workhorse Of The Industry... What An Understatement!
    Review by Gregon 9/12/10
    This thing is a Volcano at full eruption! Spews Magma like an atomic bomb! This is the Reason you should choose Volcano Magma Products over all others on the market! :)
  • Awesome
    Review by Jourdanon 8/26/10
    You cant get any better than these atomizers they are AWESOME!!!
  • Dont waste your time with anything else.
    Review by Nigel_Samhainon 8/12/10
    Nuff Said.
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