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MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • BY FAR
    Review by MerlinDaBldgon 7/10/10
    I had ordered a spare after the magma starter kit, just 'cause they hit real sweetly. these things are bullet-proof...
    Review by Brettcon 6/29/10
    These atomizers are something that you need to keep spares of. The Volcano / Magma atomizers are so nice to use! These atomizers provide you with a great deal of vapor and the flavor is superior when using the Volcano brand atomizers.
  • The best I have seen yet
    Review by massivaporon 6/27/10
    So after 3 months, around $600 dollars, and a lot of research, I have finally found the best of the best. The magma atomizer far out-performs anything I have tried. Blu is poop, joye 510 is much better, Absolute Maxx- didn't even bother trying to break it in. The magma has so much flavor and massive vapor. I believe that after almost 2 weeks without an analog, I will never need to smoke again!
  • great flavor, great throat hit
    Review by Joey the Mad Scientiston 6/25/10
    i'll be honest i have never used any other atomizer before. but i don't plan on it because this unit provides great throat hit, great flavor, and it's consistent.
  • So Great
    Review by Reszon 6/16/10
    This will probably be the last and only atomizer I will ever buy. I can't believe how well this atomizer works. I am so impressed with MAGMA... I can't imagine anything being closer to an actual cigarette.
  • Probably my favorite atomizer ever
    Review by Vladon 4/15/10
    I ordered a couple of Magma atomizers to try with my current 510 unit since the price is so good. I was hoping it would perform as well as a Joye 510 atty and didn't expect to get something even better. Even though I love the vapor production of a Joye 510 atty, I don't like how hot it gets and I always miss the juice flavor I get from DSE-901 atomizers. Well, the Magma 510 atty has given me the best of both worlds. I've been using it for about 5 hrs now and just cannot believe how good my liquids taste without having to give up a 510 atty performance. I haven't experienced any burnt taste even when chain-vaping. On top of that, it doesn't leak even though I overfilled it a couple of times while dripping. Very very nice! I recommend it to any 510 user. Just make sure to get a pack of their pre-filled carts which you can refill with fluval and your choice of ejuice until the blank carts with caps become available since standard 510 carts are too lose and cannot really be used. Thanks Volcano.
  • Excellent
    Review by Rasci2on 4/12/10
    I have several 510 set ups and these atomizers work as well if not better than any of the others. I am however, frustrated by my inability to find empty cartridges to fit them. I currently use standard 510 carts and it's OK but too loose fitting. When will empty carts be available?
  • Very nice
    Review by SleepyVaporiston 3/27/10
    I already own various 510 pieces and I must say these are good atomizers! Great vapor production, nice throat hit. Just as good as the JOYE atomizers for a killer price!!! All i can say is get one and put it on a manual battery and it is bliss.
    BUT any regular 510 cartridges do not fit well. I am still searching for carts that fit since there are no blanks yet
  • Amazing
    Review by Sevenon 3/19/10
    This thing is great. Doesn't get hot, great vapor and flavor. Only place to do business with.
  • The best..
    Review by Txinefon 3/18/10
    The best atomizer on the market. I'm genuinely impressed.
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