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The Tankomizer System

Tankomizer System

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  • Overall
    Best of its kind!
    Review by Darillon 3/11/15
    They should have included this as a default with Magma kit! Would have made many many customers happy! This tankomizer is the best there is for Magma kit! Seriously!
  • Overall
    These are Good
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    The tankomizer system is ok. I got one hoping that it would be as great as the clearomizers. It was ok, I prefer clearomizers or the traditional cartomizers to the tankomizer system. But I still keep these on hand for back ups.

    Thank you Volcano for all of your great products!
  • Overall
    Rumor Tankomizers being fadded out .
    Review by tmon 2/25/14
    Heard a rumor tankomizers were being phased out. I love these. Please Volcano do not phase these out. I will have to go to another vendor .
  • Overall
    Review by Frankieon 1/26/14
    Where can I buy a tankomizer heating system for the blank tanks, I can't find it anywhere on the site...
  • Overall
    driping e-liqui
    Review by juanon 8/17/13
    It is pasoble to drip in this tank omizer or not

    thank you
  • Overall
    Please don't discontinue these!
    Review by Markon 7/4/13
    While I no longer have my old Magma kit, I plan on buying another sometime, since my Infernos and LavaTube are just too awkward for some public locations.

    While looking at your the new kit, I noticed that you only sell them with freaking cartomizers now. Bad decision volcano; if people wanted cartomizers, they'd buy crappy nJoys.

    I see that as a really ominous move; whenever Volcano does crap like that, it usually means phasing out old products. PLEASE don't remove these tankomizers!
  • Overall
    top of the clouds
    Review by Lorenon 5/24/13
    Having great experiences with our Magma tank-omizer! The tank is very small and requires frequent filling, but overal pleased with this product! Thank you Volcano, good job! Hope you these in stock soon before ours wear out.
  • Overall
    When do I know when I need a new tankomizer?
    Review by Eric on 3/27/13
    Does it just stop vaping, or is there another indication that lets me know I need a new tankomizer?

    I vape the hell out of my magma, so the 1-3 months concerns me.

    Sometimes I get a really bad taste, and I'm not sure if that is an indication that I need a new tankomizer.
  • Overall
    Review by Allisonon 12/23/12
    about how long does each one usually last?
  • Overall
    Great Vape!
    Review by Andrewon 11/16/12
    Provides a wonderful vape, with great taste of whatever flavor you're using. After going through multiple Tankomizers and breaking them by power flushing and trying other methods of cleaning I finally figured one out that worked... just soak it in boiling water. Apparently I didn't have it hot enough the first time I did it, which didn't clean it correctly. I have been using the same 2 tankomizers for the past 3 months or so and one of them is starting to get a funky taste so I ordered some new ones. But 11 bucks every few months, a pretty damn good deal! I save the most money with this option, and it's wonderful if you have the patience for cleaning.
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Items 1 to 10 of 69 total

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