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    Rumor Tankomizers being fadded out .
    Review by tmon 2/25/14
    Heard a rumor tankomizers were being phased out. I love these. Please Volcano do not phase these out. I will have to go to another vendor .
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    Review by Frankieon 1/26/14
    Where can I buy a tankomizer heating system for the blank tanks, I can't find it anywhere on the site...
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    driping e-liqui
    Review by juanon 8/17/13
    It is pasoble to drip in this tank omizer or not

    thank you
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    Please don't discontinue these!
    Review by Markon 7/4/13
    While I no longer have my old Magma kit, I plan on buying another sometime, since my Infernos and LavaTube are just too awkward for some public locations.

    While looking at your the new kit, I noticed that you only sell them with freaking cartomizers now. Bad decision volcano; if people wanted cartomizers, they'd buy crappy nJoys.

    I see that as a really ominous move; whenever Volcano does crap like that, it usually means phasing out old products. PLEASE don't remove these tankomizers!
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    top of the clouds
    Review by Lorenon 5/24/13
    Having great experiences with our Magma tank-omizer! The tank is very small and requires frequent filling, but overal pleased with this product! Thank you Volcano, good job! Hope you these in stock soon before ours wear out.
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    When do I know when I need a new tankomizer?
    Review by Eric on 3/27/13
    Does it just stop vaping, or is there another indication that lets me know I need a new tankomizer?

    I vape the hell out of my magma, so the 1-3 months concerns me.

    Sometimes I get a really bad taste, and I'm not sure if that is an indication that I need a new tankomizer.
  • Overall
    Review by Allisonon 12/23/12
    about how long does each one usually last?
  • Overall
    Great Vape!
    Review by Andrewon 11/16/12
    Provides a wonderful vape, with great taste of whatever flavor you're using. After going through multiple Tankomizers and breaking them by power flushing and trying other methods of cleaning I finally figured one out that worked... just soak it in boiling water. Apparently I didn't have it hot enough the first time I did it, which didn't clean it correctly. I have been using the same 2 tankomizers for the past 3 months or so and one of them is starting to get a funky taste so I ordered some new ones. But 11 bucks every few months, a pretty damn good deal! I save the most money with this option, and it's wonderful if you have the patience for cleaning.
  • Overall
    Review by christopheron 10/28/12
    Can this tankomizer work with a volcano battery?
  • The way to go.
    Review by Courtneyon 9/25/12
    I had done a lot of research and ended up, frantically buying these instead of doing dripping. Let me tell you: It was the right decision.
    I've been vaping for a half hour, and it's still a little over half full. Great for going out, great for just packing up five or so and having it all ready to vape whenever you want even if you're just at home. I like to wake up, snap the flavor I'm in the mood for in, and start off a day with serious clouds of vapor.
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