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INFERNO Tube Tank BCT System

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  • Overall
    Love it! (but a bit fragile)
    Review by Christopheron 4/29/14
    This is the absolute best design yet from Volcano!

    First the good:
    Ease of use, check
    Perfect pull, check
    Flavor, check
    Coil lifespan, check
    Maintenance, check

    Now the bad:
    My first BCT worked perfectly for 3 months, until I noticed some leaking from connection point between the top of the clear window and metal tip. Turns out the plastic tube had cracked 80% around its circumference. Crap, I must have torqued it somehow, somewhere! Oh well, my bad, I’ll just order another one and be more careful.

    Got the replacement on Friday, on Tuesday morning I’m greeted with a lap full of juice when the second one failed exactly the same way. This plastic tube splitting completely in half in the exact same spot while I was taking a hit.

    I guess I’m harder on these things then I thought I was. Maybe I got too comfortable with the nearly indestructible original Tube Tank, replaced worn O rings twice but the tank itself still looks new.

    Sure I’m not very happy about breaking two in a row, but I will buy these again without hesitation. Handle it with a bit more care then I did and you will be very happy with your BTC.

    PS: After looking on how the BTC is put together, they were actually easy to fix with a bit of super glue and gorilla tape. Both working perfectly again, if a bit on the ugly side.

    Suggestion to Volcano: craft the BTC completely out of meta,l with a small clear window on one side, and you have the perfect (and nearly indestructible) vaping device.
  • Overall
    Only reason not 5 stars is because not lava tube compatible
    Review by Kon 3/19/14
    I've been with volcano for a long time... Through carts, cartos, original tanks, etc...

    This is their best innovation by far... My only complaint... They won't work on my lava tube ... Even with a 510 to 510 adapter.

    I still prefer it with a little higher voltage so have been using it with my "twist"... It's a little "flatter" using just a regular inferno... But the ease of filling and "cleaning" makes this a real winner... Didn't have to dry burn until 10+ days of heavy usage... And at two weeks the bct element is still going strong.

    Yes, fluid does accumulate in the reservoir below the Drip Tip... Just clean it out after each fill... Prime it with the "dry" draws after a fill and you're good to go...

    Highly recommend... Best bang and convenience for your buck.
  • Overall
    Get It!
    Review by Johnon 3/3/14
    DRAMATICALLY better performance than anything else I've used. Very little resistance on the drag, and enough vapor to made me cough because of the unexpected amount. Wonderful innovation.

    I did purchase a new battery because I saw someone post about how this system does not work with older batteries. I'm not quite sure what the person meant, as mine connected just fine. It even showed me that my suspicions about the two year old battery going bad was wrong. It still performs great.
  • Overall
    Best So Far
    Review by defaulton 3/1/14
    Best BCT tank I've tried so far. I only have one complaint - same complaint for all of these type of systems; refills can be a bit messy sometimes. But I'm sure sooner or later this problem will be innovated away as well.
  • Overall
    I Still Prefer the Lavatube System!
    Review by Nealon 2/28/14
    I've been analog free for over 4 years now, thanks to Volcano, and I purchased the "BCT System" from your great kiosk in NJ from your very knowledgeable crew, not to mention the Great Manager Kitty Greer!! However, I still prefer the "Lavatube System" . My BCT tank started to leak right where the metal sheath meets the plastic tank! Maybe mine was a defect? Also, it does pool up like other people mentioned in the very top underneath the mouthpiece. I'll try what Shane said about adding another washer and see what happens. I'll also purchase another Tube Tank and see if it still leaks from where the sheath and plastic tube meet. All in all, not a bad product. It provides a slightly better flavor than the Lavatube, Oh, also I purchased some 510 to Ego adapters, so that i can use it with my Lavatube Mod. I wish Volcano sold this so I didn't have to go elsewhere!
  • Overall
    Review by Rickon 2/26/14
    The best tank system yet . The Bct tank screws on very tight , does not detach from the battery when carrying in your pocket . The old Tube Tank would do this all the time. I seen people complain that e juice is coming up into there mouth . This will happen if you hit it to hard . It seems to flood and not produce much vapor . The key is slower longer drags . This thing rocks with clouds of vapor if you hit it with slower consistent drags . The Bct tank makes your Inferno a little longer than the old tube tank , but not a big deal . This inferno with the Bct tank is a very high quality E- cig , even feels like a precision instrument in your hand . Thank you Volcano
  • Overall
    Head Seals
    Review by Davidon 2/13/14
    I love my BCT tanks they work awesome. They provide good flavor and produce great Vapor. The only thing I wish is Volcano would add the tank washer inside the tank head to the accessories List. After a lot of continuous use they are wearing out . And I have lost one when cleaning the tank head because after while they fall out easy. SO PLEASE VOLCANO make these available. I have one tank I can not use because of this.
  • Overall
    This is great!
    Review by Terion 2/10/14
    I like the new design and how it works. No dry hits at all. I finally get a smokers experience without smoking a cigarette. Awesome!
  • Overall
    Review by Brandonon 2/5/14
    this works great. But i wanted to write this review to caution buyers. Don't bend the BCT attachment while it is attached to the battery.

    I had it in my back pocket at work, and when i squatted, it caused the screw-on connection between inferno battery & BCT system to strip. Now it doesn't have a solid connection, I have to jiggle it. So I'm repurchasing everything; not sure if the BCT is stripped, or the battery itself. Pretty sure it's the BCT.

    Just a warning; treat this thing well, and it works amazingly. I love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Tinaon 2/3/14
    I had a really hard time getting the hang of priming with the tube tank and cart. This is fantastic, so easy to prime and vapes really well. Thanks for making vaping easier with this BTC tube tank!
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