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INFERNO BC TubeTank System

INFERNO BC TubeTank System

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  • Overall
    A must
    Review by DAWNon 12/3/16
    This tank is a great alternative to the cartomizer.
  • Overall
    Excellent tank system
    Review by Carrie on 11/29/15
    And no more wasting liquid, no leaking! It smokes better and uses less liquid! Great product!
  • Overall
    Review by johnon 8/18/15
    Just received my BC 2 tank system. I watch the instructional video and everything is worked out fine it is one of the best Volcano has offered to date. I look forward the eBay bidding for a very long time Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kennethon 8/17/15
    Probably one of the most reliable tanks on the market, my job is a rough job. I can do hard labor outside in the heat and carry it in my pocket from sweating and it still works fabulous. Had a tank last me 3 months straight and that's after dropping it from 4 feet off the ground numerous times. Componets are very reliable. To ensure your tank last long change out your cartomizer, and rubber seals. Also cleaning is part of the maintenance process.
  • Overall
    Review by ddforton 4/1/15
    I first started out on another band my son had bought me. It was all and forever leaking. Strolling through the mall I saw VOLCANO. I checked it out and bought the Inferno Inferno starter kit. at that time I had the Drip system . within a few months they cam out with the BC tank. I loved it. I had no more leaking. I LOVE TH E CLEANER TASTE, AND THE EASE OF USE. I ALSO LIKE THE WAY I CAN CLEAN IT. YES I SAID CLEAN IT FOR A MUCH BETTER TASTE. Follow the directions or ask a sales person. EVERYONE ONLINE AND IN STORE KNOW THEIR PRODUCT. BC TANK ROCKS!!!!
  • Overall
    Nice Design but a bit fragile
    Review by Willon 3/8/15
    I bought a second BC Tube Tank because the glue bond on the original, (where the Air Shaft window and Tank connect) broke. Low and behold the same thing happened on the replacement. Its an easy fix with some crazy glue and electrician's tape though. And it doesn't seem to be happening with the majority of everyone else, so maybe it's just my dumb luck. Otherwise this thing puffs like a champ.
  • Overall
    BC tube tank for the Inferno
    Review by Raymond on 2/14/15
    Wow! yes just received the BC Tube Tank for my Inferno and so far loving it! Been on analogs for 43 years and I am hoping I will be able to kick the analogs for good. The BC Tank with the bottom technology is exactly what I needed, give me a throat hit that is really like my analogs. I get this hit every time without trying, very nice. The Inferno kit that I bought a year ago was ok, I but I couldn't seem to get a consistent throat hit that I was uses to, and when I did get that throat hit I had to work at it and take very long slow drags. So far the BC Tube Tank gives me exactly what I need every time, with just a regular pull like I would with an analog. So yeah way to go Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    A really nice upgrade to the old Tube Tank
    Review by Paulon 12/15/14
    Let me start by saying that I find Volcano hardware to be superior to the majority of what is on the market today because of the care and attention that the company gives to its products.

    I really like the design of the BCT Tank system. It looks great, is easy to use, and much less mess prone than its predecessor. But, there are two issues that this system has.

    One, the BCT Tank system is not really a beginner friendly set-up. The first uses gave me the burnt coil blues, and I used up my supply of replacements. Prime and prime again did nothing to alleviate the issue. The only thing that I found that worked every time is to fill the tank, prime the coil, and then let the complete tank sit overnight. I have yet to have another burnt coil issue. I just wish I had thought about doing this before I used up three coils in a day (yes, I'm bitter about this).

    Second, and really the only thing that I do not like about the BCT system as a whole, is the amount of e-liquid that you end up wasting because of overdraw into the tip basin. Maybe this is just an issue of too much suction on use. I am experimenting with draw strength in the hope that I can find a comfortable draw that won't waste much e-liquid.

    But, don't let these issues prevent you from picking up this little gem. It really is a fantastic product from a great company. It just may take a little time to get used to it.
  • Overall
    A Definite Improvement!
    Review by SmokeFreeon 9/19/14
    Just got my BCT tank today, and I'm truly impressed. This is a definite upgrade to the Tubetank/Cartomizer system, and, like others, I can report better flavor and smoother vaping as a result. The Tubetank has helped me stay off analogs since November 2013, but I did have some issues with properly priming the cartomizers. After today, I am confident that the BCT innovation will make a world of difference.

    Some observations:

    - The flavor is fuller and the throat hit is excellent, while remaining smooth
    - Sure, some juice seems to accumulate in the "bowl" beneath the Drip Tip, but, if you draw more gently, you don't get any in your mouth. The old Tubetank system often required a stiff drag to get any vapor at all--especially near the end of a cartomizer's life. I'm guessing that this will eventually happen with my new BCT coil, but the ease of replacement of the coil, I'm sure, will make this a non-problem.

    All around, a great improvement, as far as I can tell.....
  • Overall
    Review by Marilynon 9/18/14
    Awesome tank, best for lung hitters tho. Just saying.
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