INFERNO 1.5 Low Resistance Atomizer

INFERNO 2.0 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Overall
    I love it
    Review by joeyon 5/1/13
    Lots of vaper like smoking a cig I dewicked mine and took off the mesh but do not debridge it u will lose ur vaper production it is awesome a must have with the inferno if u drip
  • Overall
    Worth the wait
    Review by Leonon 11/3/12
    ordered the LR atty almost a month ago, but i am out of the country so i shipped it to my Daughters house and waited for her to bring it to me, Ive still Love the tank system but this Lr Atty was worth the wait and I wish I would of got it to add to my Arsenal, Definately a must have to complete the system. Thanks Volcano..6months Analog free!!!
  • Overall
    The superman of attys
    Review by scotton 10/11/12
    I bought 2 of these back July 8, 2012. It's now October 11, 2012 and both still works like day one. The vapor production, throat hit, and taste are amazing. I use to use the tank but I will not be going back to that. I'm sold to this atty 100%. This has made my vaping expirence awesome not to mention it makes the flavors taste 10xs better. This with the inferno battery, what more could you ask for. Get this atty you will not be dissapointed.
  • wow
    Review by larryon 7/24/12
    This thing will not die! i ordered it in march got it in a few days and as of july 24 it is still going! i vape heavily all day. it has been in my truck at 100+ degrees, dropped, and thrown around in my tool box. it just keeps going! the best atty anywhere. thanks Volcano
  • Love this Atty
    Review by peteron 6/1/12
    Got my Inferno tank kit about 5days ago and added the LR Atty to the order so I can drip at night, and I'm so glad that I did. As much as I enjoy vaping with the tanko, the LR Atty is easily the best experience I've had so far with vaping. Great throat hit and huge clouds of vape every time. I would definitely recomend this product, good job Volcano
  • potential buyer
    Review by Joeon 3/23/12
    can anyone tell me if an inferno atty can be used with a 280mAh batt that runs 3.3-4 volts? just curious about the technical issues that might arise.

    im fairly green @ all this, but im learning fast. im currently debating the volcano kit for its compact functionality, or the inferno with its intensity. Thanks & keep VaPiN
    Volcano-yes, no problems
  • Check the resistance
    Review by Spenceron 3/20/12
    These work great! One thing I noticed is that you can check to make sure it is still good by testing the resistance with a ohm meter. Just check the resistance on the end that goes to the battery. If it reads 2 ohms then clean it and keep using it. This has saved me some money. When these burn out the resistance is always higher than 2 ohms.
  • Quality atomizer
    Review by Moon 2/29/12
    The Inferno low res is my go-to atomizer. I've purchased a handful of these guys and haven't had one burn out yet, even after weeks of continual use (with weekly cleanings). Some of them seem to fit my Inferno battery better than others, which seems to impact the throat hit. However, the quality and long life outweighs any negatives and I highly recommend as a daily use atomizer.
  • These bad boys are gangsta
    Review by Kahaluuboy on 2/19/12
    Started off with tanks from the magma kit. Then got Mega clearos, then I got the tube tank + USB inferno batt. Then I got this bad boy + the cone (to complete the look) omg this thing is a beast! I got super buzzed after 1 + 1 refill.
  • LR Atty improved reliability!
    Review by Delon 1/30/12
    I have been using the Inferno LR Atty now for more than 7 months. I was going through an atty about 1 every week now after Volcano has changed manufacturer they are between 100 and 200% better. Now I have to replace the LR atty about once every 2 to 3 weeks. And I have not had one that was DOA like it did with there old manufacturer
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