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MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack Sale

Re-fillable MEGA Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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  • Overall
    Decent But, Not Durable
    Review by Donon 1/3/16
    The Mega Clearomizer is awesome in design but, does have a few drawbacks. The 5 pack I purchased has been decent on how long a tank of juice will last (approximately 24 hours, depending on how much you vape) but, they will leak and are not very durable. I have had one clearomizer leak from a hairline crack by the base after only 2 weeks of use. The second one was coming off the base and had to be push back into position but, it has not leaked yet. I have used 3 of the 5 clearomizers so far and have noticed they will clog up with frequent use, which will lead to some leakage at the base. I would take advantage of any sale prices on these and stock up during those sales because the regular price is a little much if you need to replace at frequent intervals.
  • Overall
    Having trouble with clearomizer
    Review by Maliyaon 2/28/15
    I am disappointed with these. I"ve throw more away than I used. What is the little blue needle tip used for? The cartomizer wasn't any good either. Both have burnt taste. I just went back to the regular coils. I got tired of wasting my money. I love ordering from Volcano and the inferno is great. I love the liquids and the service is awesome.
  • Overall
    To fill Clearomizer
    Review by Lindaon 10/29/14
    I use a medical needle giving my clearomizer a shot of whatever kind of juice flavor I want. It is so easy! I love the clearomizer.... I clean them in boiling water when they start tasting burnt. Be sure and check out the cleaning video, that way you can use them longer and save some money.
  • Overall
    Miss other manufacturer
    Review by Karenon 9/15/14
    I agree with the previous reviews on the quality of the new (clear plastic wrapped) clearomizers. While this method of E juice delivery is by far my favorite I am frustrated with the number of DUDS received. The manufacturer of the older tubes did a much better job of quality control. I hope the higher powers at Volcano are aware of this issue and take some corrective steps.
    Regardless of any quality control issues, Volcano offers the best line vaporizing products!!!
  • Overall
    Great For a Day
    Review by Aaronon 9/9/14
    These are my favorite delivery system with one small problem....they usually only give good TH vape and TH for one day or so. Every once in a while I'll get one that will last a week but for the most part 1-2 days. The $12.99 adds up. But man they're great while they last.
  • Overall
    Works pretty well
    Review by Troyon 12/9/13
    These things are pretty sweet! I always get the best flavor from these versus other delivery systems and the vapor production is fantastic. My only problem is that I usually receive about 2 defective ones for every 5 I order. The other 3 that work, usually break only after about a week of use. So beware that they are fragile and are usually hit or miss. Besides that, great vaping! My only suggestion for improvement would be to make them a little more durable and built a little better.
  • Overall
    Love this!!
    Review by NICKon 12/4/13
    I've quit smoking 3 weeks ago and couldn't have done so without my Ecig. I love it. I
  • Overall
    Some duds but still best atomizer money can buy
    Review by Christopheron 11/11/13
    A year or two ago there was two options for MEGA clearomisers. I was a fan of the previous model--they were extremely reliable, the seals along the threads lasted longer, and I hardly ever ran across a dud. Out of my orders for since the discontinuation (change of manufacturer?) or whatever happened, I am finding a dud in every package. Rarely I run across a pack with two duds. However, I absolutely love volcano and have to rate 4 stars because this atomizer smokes every other one on the market IMO. =D Besides 4 stars out of five because at least 4 work out of every pack. The old Megas were best though.
  • Overall
    Review by Maion 11/11/13
    Smokes great!!! Sometime the plastic fall apart and the juice comes gushing out but overall I get a great smoke everytime.
  • Overall
    Amazing Flavor!
    Review by Dannyon 7/24/13
    By far the best atomizer setup I have ever purchased. I have owned the Inferno Tube Tank & An Ego-C tank, and this 510 threaded Magma Clearomizer is out of this world! I love them, great flavor, great vapor production, and awesome longevity. Also I no longer have to worry about a lint/eliquid filled driptip! The only downside to this clearomizer is that you have to use VolcanoEcigs fill needle and that only works with their bottles of e-liquid. I can see why they did this, but I love my Tribeca!
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Items 1 to 10 of 72 total

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