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MAGMA Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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  • Overall
    "Burnt" taste fix!
    Review by Davidon 2/10/15
    I agree with everyone else. These are amazing and give the best vaping experience! I, too, had an issue with the burnt taste, so I went to the support page and followed the steps on how to clean the clearomizer. What you have to do is remove the cap, remove the inner ring, and use a paper clip (or something hook shaped) and pull up on the thick piece of rubber on top of the ceramic cup/coil. It's a little tough and feels like if you pull too hard, it'll break. Be patient and work it up slowly and you'll be fine. What happens is that the coil is burning on the ceramic and that's what is causing the burnt taste. I went back and did this to all of my DUDs and they work PERFECTLY now!!!
  • Overall
    Just a little bit better
    Review by Karenon 9/15/14
    The clearomizer tubes are by far the best method of E juice delivery. They don't hold as much liquid as the larger tubes and require frequent refilling. The big difference is I find the number of non useable units is about half of those received in the higher capacity 5 packs of clearomizers.
    Again, I love the clearomizers and hope the management of Volcano is aware of the quality control issue with the new manufacturer.
  • Overall
    These are great
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    I love these things! They work great and you get a much better vap than the cartomizers. The cons are that you have to be light-hand with these or you can pull them apart easily. Also, don't try taking them apart and cleaning them, just order new ones. They are hard to put back together if you try cleaning them and for me, they didn't work as well afterwards.

    Still, I love these things!
  • Overall
    Review by Dianaon 3/26/14
    I bought these along with a cone to go with my Inferno. Easy to use and fill. Great vape and flavor!!! I use Tobacco Pure and and I like the way you can "draw" from it....more like an analog. With the tank that came with my Inferno, I am having trouble vaping without getting the E-liquid in my mouth. These Clearomizers are perfect especially when you are first starting out. I love Volcano and will keep coming back for more!
  • Overall
    I died and went to heaven
    Review by Josephon 12/8/13
    Get these and an Inferno with a cone, then grab some BlueWater Punch... you'll be in heaven.
  • Overall
    Best Vapor Production for the Size
    Review by Bryceon 10/13/13
    I have been using the Magma clearomizers for about a week now and I am very pleased. It produces almost as much vapor as my Ego with a tank system and is 1/4 the size! My only qualm with them is that they can be a tad messy and a bit of an inconvenience to fill. While you will need either a blunt tip syringe or the Volcano's Needle Tip Bottle Cap to fill them, I have found the Bottle Cap to be compatible with almost every other vendors bottles. The exception to this is any glass ones (Halo, Ignite, etc.).
  • Overall
    awesome product
    Review by Mikeon 9/28/13
    awesome product...better taste and vape than the blank cartomizers....and they fit perfect in the new m pack
  • Overall
    Review by cliffon 8/30/13
    will these clearomizers fit into the slots in the magma m-pack so you can carry extras around?
  • Overall
    The total package!!
    Review by Brendaon 8/29/13
    I have tried so many different types of cartos and clearos and like many others was ready to give up on them due to the leaking issues. These are the best!! No more leaking... for those of you who do not want to risk a drip tip because of possible cracking, try the soft cover disposable tips from green smoke. They will solve the problem. Thank you so much Volcano. I love my inferno and have converted many. I smoked for 44 years and never thought I would quit analogs. It has been 4 months now and not one analog have I wanted. I cannot thank you enough for your excellence and quality and great customer service.
  • Overall
    Review by Cliffon 8/28/13
    will these clearomizers fit into the new M-pack so you can carry around extras like you do with cartomizers?
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