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Needle Tip Bottle Cap

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  • Overall
    Great Tool for E-Liquid!
    Review by Darillon 3/3/15
    These are great to have! It makes the job easier to fill almost any type of tank or cartridges!
  • Overall
    great accessory for the e-liquid bottles
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    great thing to have and works great. only thing is the liquid comes out way slower than the dropper bottle but that is not that big of a deal. i do wish however that the tip was a real needle so i could poke into the cotton when priming my cartomizers. and also i wish it would screw onto the bottle over the dropper part so i wouldn't have to disassemble the bottle to use this but other than that it works great.
  • Overall
    must have
    Review by stevenon 3/6/14
    makes refilling flawless. a must have for any vaper
  • Overall
    Great accessory!!
    Review by Jack on 12/22/13
    I use this ti fill my inferno all the the time. Great accessory for someone who is shaky. Makes filling te tube tank a breeze
  • Overall
    Review by Jackon 5/3/13
    Unless you already have your own syringe, this highly useful juice dispensing cap is required for filling the clearomizers. It's very easy to use and makes filling my clearomizer a breeze. My only complaint: it should be included in all starter kits!
  • Overall
    Add a couple of these to your order!
    Review by Maganon 4/17/13
    We have found that you cannot have enough of these. On our first order, I decided to throw a couple in our cart since they looked like they might come in handy & were inexpensive. The 2nd day of being vaporizer owners we knew we should have ordered more of these because they make filling everything a breeze. They're also great for sucking up the overflow in the cartomizers so that you don't lose any flavor. My only complaint is that the rubber cap cover is flimsy & the needle pokes through very easily. This doesn't bother me much though because we leave it off to let the liquids breathe & steep.
  • Overall
    Fantastic !! ;-)
    Review by Leslieon 3/16/13
    Sooooooooo easy to us. Saves on any accidents & possible loss of your liquid, ordered 2 previously , and am now back for more, 4 to be exact. All for my new purchases of experimental flavors!!!! ;-)
  • Overall
    Am I , an idiot?
    Review by Hopeon 2/27/13
    I too couldn't figure out how to put the needle cap on but thanx to crumpitt, it was a breeze.
  • Overall
    Ultimately Works great, instructions needed tho.
    Review by Crumpitton 11/21/12
    I bought this item with my inferno kit. Figured it would make filling the tube easier and I was right! The only thing that I didn't like about it was that there were not instructions.
    Why do you need instructions for a needle tip like this, you ask? I didn't think I needed them either, until I tried to use it and let me just say: EPIC FAIL.
    Then I came here to red the reviews again, I was sure someone else would have mentioned this problem and I was right! =0)

    What you need to so is remove the little dropper tip that comes on the e juice bottles FIRST!! I took a look at it and it didn't look like it was removable, but it IS!

    Looke closely at the dropper tip that comes on the bottle, and take a pair of pliers if you have to, and GENTLY nudge it up and off of the bottle. Then you can screw on this little needle end tip and fill away with ease. Hope this shells someone out there in vaping land!!!

    Otherwise I love it! Good price, great little item, and I would recommend you pick up one for each of the flavors of juice you normally use. I planned to clean it out between flavors, but for $2 it's worth I it to pick up a few of them! =0) thanks volcano!
  • Overall
    I suggest buying at least 4
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    These are great, I bought 4 of them, so I don't mix them up with different flavors, (but they're easy to wash). I haven't had a problem with them, but to fill the clearomizers since it is a project, you have to take your time with it and have patience. They don't really "screw" onto the bottle, what I do is put it into the clearomizer hole and since it's already standing up, I just put the the bottle to it and gently drip into it, the only problem is sometimes I get juice on my hand if it overflows. But not everything is perfect guys, and for Volcano, they're such an excellent company you shouldn't have to worry about a little hassle with 10% of their products. :D
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Items 1 to 10 of 45 total

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