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Needle Tip Bottle Cap

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    Review by MANTRAon 1/3/12
    Makes filling tube tanks, tanks for the tank o mizer, and even dripping very simple. Just push off the the tip of the bottle screw on ur needle tip and ur ready to fill ur tanks with ease. I've seen the blue soft needle tips that comes with the clear o mizers. and i have a pack of clear Os on the way but when and where do i get that blue syringe i've seen in the videos at?
  • Reputation Savor
    Review by Rooster 0-6on 12/14/11
    I used to pop the top off my tanks to refill, it was messy and time consuming. The syringes saved time but made me look like a junkie. These are PERFECT... just make sure to pop the tip off your bottle before installing the needle cap.... had to go to the forums to learn that nugget of info.
  • cheap easy way to fill
    Review by Gordonon 12/10/11
    this product does exactly what it aims to do, and it makes extremely easy at the most cost effect price point. the ONLY gripe i have, which isnt really a gripe because the product works awesome, is that the metal needle tip is a little too large to fit the clearo holes, but with it being a little larger than the needle tip that is included with the clearos, the flow is much more powerful and fills that much quicker. is there any plans to reduce the size of the needle any bit? like i said, the product works perfectly, but it is a little too large for the clearo holes to fit comfortably in. still, GREAT product in my eyes for a measly 2$

    volcano- we wanted the guage to be very tight in the clearomizers to prevent leaking and also to fill quicker.
  • woth it
    Review by PHILIPon 12/9/11
    it would great if the empty bottles were sold with these.
  • Time Saver!
    Review by Matthewon 12/5/11
    Love these things! It's great for refilling the Inferno Tanks on the go, and now I can take my clearos to work without the sideways glances the syringe causes.
  • Doesn't fit the liquid bottle
    Review by vjon 12/4/11
    The idea of this seems good. The problem is that the needle tip doesn't screw on to the liquid bottle, so liquid kind of goes everywhere. You can reduce the dropped liquid by holding the needle tip to the liquid bottle firmly while refilling the cartomizers.

    Volcano- NO, you pull the tip off of the bottle, once you screw off top. Then screw tip onto bottle.
  • essential
    Review by rawrrrdinoon 12/2/11
    these caps make the refilling of any delivery system fast and easy. toss a few in your order, and you'll spend more time vaping and less time prepping.
  • Pretty cool item
    Review by Keiffon 11/29/11
    I have used this on cartos, clearos and my ghetto syringe mods... It works pretty well. It's definately better than carrying around what looks like a junkie kit (Inferno case containing syringes filled with brown tobacco juice). The only con with this is that the needle it too thick. I often core-out sections of the silicone cap by the fill holes. This isn't a huge problem but can lead to leaking if they've been bored out and left laying on their side.
  • Threading
    Review by Chaddon 11/28/11
    I do not buy my juice from volcano. The nic mg is not high enough for me. I vape 24mg. They don't fit on bottles from othe vendors. The threading is different. And that sux. Not volcano's fault. But people should know before they buy. Otherwise it's a great idea
  • oops
    Review by Jacobon 11/25/11
    Delete my last review. After looking on the forum I saw that I gotta remove the tip from the bottle lol. Good thing the forum is there!
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