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Needle Tip Bottle Cap

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  • Great!
    Review by Lisaon 11/9/11
    Such a simple little inexpensive tool that makes things soooo much easier!
  • Awesome
    Review by Kyleon 10/27/11
    Clearos need a couple of fills for the "break-in", but then it's all good. Great job Volcano, great product.
  • Awesome
    Review by Robon 10/26/11
    I can't believe it's taken so long for this to be available. Definitely get a few of these instead of the syringes!
  • good and bad
    Review by DeeAnneon 10/21/11
    well its a good idea but I squeezed the bottle and yes e-juice went into the cart but also all over they need to make a seal so the juice we are paying for only ends up where it should and not running out the opening so like I said good and bad have a good one guys and keep vapping :)

    volcano- your doing something wrong...did you take off the top on the eliquid bottle then screw in the tip? shouldnt leak anywhere....
  • Love this new accessory!
    Review by Phnipon 10/15/11
    I just got mine today, what a great idea! Makes it so much easier to fill the cartridges, no more chasing the cap of the cartos around. Syringe never worked well for me, this is trick! Great idea! Love it!
  • Well good that I thought of it. It works great for me
    Review by Idaon 10/13/11
    I see they have them in another place but you have to order tons of them but at least I made the suggestion for it. I love them. I hope others find it to be the best tool ever. It is for me. Other then getting the burnt taste allot in them to soon. I think it is best to pop the top but to much hassle. The fill them use over are best for saving money. I am going to use the prefilled for on the go only.
  • Great fro tankos, too!
    Review by gbfriendon 10/13/11
    No more pulling off the little caps on your tanks to fill them! Just grab the tank and fill it up! One word of caution: be careful when filling your tankos because the liquid can great an air pocket, prohibiting any liquid from entering your tank. To solve this, remember that slow and steady wins the race. These are a must have on the go because it takes so much less time than the traditional method of filling your tanks. Highly recommended!
  • Love it!
    Review by Yvonneon 10/11/11
    Ordered one for me and one for a friend and we both adore this cap. It's a teeny bit thick for the cartos, but you can get it in there. I much prefer this to the syringes - so much sturdier! You'll want several -- I'm getting more today.
  • You NEED to Get This!!!
    Review by Dino1977on 10/10/11
    It's funny how something so small, inexpensive, and simple can have such a drastic impact on my electronic cigarette experience. This make filling clearos, cartos, and tanks a breeze.
  • Not to sure of these
    Review by Johnon 10/7/11
    Great idea! But I found some drawbacks when I "re-capped" five juice bottles. The bottle caps went on three 30ml bottles and two 15ml bottles.

    When using the the 30ml bottles I found no problems. When using the 15ml bottle I discovered liquid seeping out of the bottle at the cap.

    The other thing I noted when using the needle tip cap I was unable to judge the amount of juice I was putting into the cart. I had nothing to reference the level being dispensed except the bottle label.

    It will, for me, be a learning experience to figure out how to fill the cart better, but the bottles are much harder to squeeze with the new caps.

    I guess I would have been better of to buy a syringe so I could properly dispense the correct amount.
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Items 31 to 40 of 46 total

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