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Needle Tip Bottle Cap

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  • awesome!!!
    Review by Danon 10/7/11
    blunt tip needle is exactly what i was looking for. and to have it directly to the bottle is even better. no more syringes, just straight from the bottle to the carto :):):).
  • Best addition to vaping kit!
    Review by Leslieon 10/5/11
    You really can't beat this for $1.99. I purchased one and it makes filling absolutely any vapor delivery method super easy. I'll be buying more so I can keep all my favorites capped with one of these.
  • Just what I asked for
    Review by Idaon 10/1/11
    My total way I said how to make it! Perfect!! I am excited to get it and tell everyone on facebook I got no credit for the idea. I don't believe it came from a vaping party in vegas.
  • Excellent
    Review by love2vapeon 10/1/11
    Genius! The most superior way to fill or top off carts. Need only one hand to pop off lid, turn over and squeeze! No more cramming syringes into tiny bottle necks only to waste liquid that clings to inside of syringe and no more of the tedious drip and rotate method that wastes excess liquid on sides of cart. You will want one for every bottle!
  • Glad to see you got these.
    Review by Idaon 9/30/11
    Be lots easier for on the road to fill up a carto again. This is a big deal to me. Hope others enjoy it to. you can always put it in a plastic bag incase of a leak. I have some other ideas but will not say now...
  • o.k this is my idea
    Review by Idaon 9/28/11
    I told a sweet person named Shadow in customer service and said all how this is made. I get some credit here! I got 2 of them tonight. I said a cap to fit on liquid that had a tip to fill. So I invented this! Great idea I thought. A little strange it happen...

    Volcano- This has been around for almost a year before we ordered them...we just have a better version.
Page: 1 of 5

Items 41 to 46 of 46 total

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