LAVATUBE High Resistance 3.0 ohm Atomizer

LAVATUBE 3.0 ohm Drip Atomizer

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  • Overall
    Review by Michael Swifton 7/28/13
    This is essential with the Lavatube, since the tube goes up to 6.0

    I only wish that they would offer a 6.0 Ohms version that can withstand 12 volts. The atomizer would last longer and be more efficient.
  • Overall
    Lavatube ver 2
    Review by Ianon 5/25/13
    Can this be used with Lavatube ver 2?
  • Overall
    Review by Shawnon 12/4/12
  • Overall
    This is the one to buy!
    Review by Eleanoron 11/29/12
    I use my Lavatube at home. I'm retired and spend most of my day on my computer,so it gets a lot of use. I highly recommend this atty because it's the best for dripping and I like to change up the flavors during the day. I agree with Alex about the flooding but a Q tip works just fine to clean the Lavatube. I keep my Lavatube set at 5.0 and I get clouds of vape.
  • Overall
    Great atty!
    Review by Alexon 11/9/12
    This high res atty is the only one that I can honestly consider a workhorse for the Lavatube. The only downfall I have is it seems to flood more easily than others, but the vapor production is amazing at 4.8+. Take good care of it and it'll blow you away!
  • Solid vape but a major downfall
    Review by Matton 5/10/12
    Although the vapor production is very good, which you expect from any volcano atomizer- the metal bridge on the inside is so huge, i tried putting my old drip tip from my inferno as well as a third party genie tip and both would not even fit without pushing the bridge against the side wall. Not sure why the the internal bridge is so unnecessarily huge
  • You got buy it to try it ! ! !
    Review by Georgeon 5/4/12
    in about a day after ordering I got my lavatube delivered to my house, great service. i got everything figured out on how to use it with no problems. I got everything in chrome it great looking. put 6 drops in it put on 6.0 what a blast, I like IT!!!!!!!!! Now I want to see how long the battery last and how long the 6 drops last, than I'll give you real review. So far so good. GEORGE N.
  • Great!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    Got this with the lavatube. Since it was the first time using one of these I had no clue how to use it. After I figured it out, it is a nice piece to test different flavors of juices and have come to love this piece!
  • so far so good
    Review by Wesleyon 1/23/12
    still in the brakeing in process but after 6 drops prime taste was gone. get good vapor after it warms up but normal for new attys. clouds of vapor at 4.3 volts on my lava tube. aslo a big plus of this atty is the tall bridge. at first i wondered why but after looking at it it fits right under the driptip hole for a perfect drip every time. i have a plastic tip with no issues of melting so far.
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9 Item(s)

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