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VOLCANO Vapor Cafe Coffee (Waipuna Rise)

VOLCANO Vapor Cafe Coffee (Waipuna Rise)

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  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 3/27/13
    I won't even try to articulate the taste because I am just not on that level. What I will say is that it is the best coffee I ever made. It (med roast, whole bean) smells amazing- unground, ground and brewed. I tried the in-store HI coffee, expecting something like it. I was way off, this stuff is hard to beat!
  • OMG,you make COFFEE ? Oh I can't wait !
    Review by Mucky Pupon 6/12/12
    I didn't know Volcano made coffee ! Until just now that is..I've been in love with the liquids for months now,AND I'm a HUGE coffee lover as well.I am so psyched to try this as I have just ordred myself up a batch.I'm almost positive that this here lava java will flow and blow my mind.And I simply can't wait to try this.It will be next best thing to getting on a plane just to hang out with my Volcano friends @ the friendly Vapor Cafe.
  • Out-effing-standing Brew!!!
    Review by Tat2dRichon 11/9/11
    Based on my addiction to Volcano ejuice I was expecting good coffee, but Wow! I can only speak for the French Roast, whole bean. We brewed 2 cups at a time in Fiji Spring Water, medium ground, in a French Press.
    We had been drinking Jamaica Blue Mountain. By comparison the Waipuna Rise tasted clearer, somehow cleaner. It had a winey taste, fermented - in a good way. There was a very pleasant after taste that "hung-in-there" for 15 minutes or so.
    A very full taste, full of interesting notes. Obviously the vanilla and hazelnut, which I was afraid would be too heavy handed but to my relief was no more powerful than the natural pecan and dark chocolate alkaloids naturally occurring in the coffee itself.
    I just re-ordered, a pound this time. Oh, and the Blue Mountain? I'm afraid it will just have to go stale unless more people who I don't like well enough to give the Volcano stop by.
  • Fantastic Coffee!
    Review by gbfriendon 10/8/11
    I recently ordered the medium roast in grounds to try and was more than impressed. This coffee is absolutely fantastic!!! The hazelnut and vanilla is definitely present, but it is a balanced coffee overall. I am constantly trying coffees from around the world including Africa and Latin America, and this coffee ranks in the top tier of coffees I have tried! Get this coffee today! It is a bold coffee, smooth, and is a great way to begin any day!
  • Great coffee
    Review by Archieon 9/2/11
    Wow...that is GREAT coffee. Robust !!!!
  • Spoiled us
    Review by Angela on 9/2/11
    My husband and I love coffee, since getting this all other coffee is crap. Seriously we can't even get a decent cup at the diner. We've been too spoiled. Good Work Volcano!!
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6 Item(s)

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