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INFERNO BC TubeTank System

INFERNO BC TubeTank System

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2014):
I've been with volcano for a long time... Through carts, cartos, original tanks, etc...

This is their best innovation by far... My only complaint... They won't work on my lava tube ... Even with a 510 to 510 adapter.

I still prefer it with a little higher voltage so have been using it with my "twist"... It's a little "flatter" using just a regular inferno... But the ease of filling and "cleaning" makes this a real winner... Didn't have to dry burn until 10+ days of heavy usage... And at two weeks the bct element is still going strong.

Yes, fluid does accumulate in the reservoir below the Drip Tip... Just clean it out after each fill... Prime it with the "dry" draws after a fill and you're good to go...

Highly recommend... Best bang and convenience for your buck.