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  • Rubber Drip Tips

Rubber Drip Tips

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The Perfect drip tip for those with sensitive teeth! These drip tips are made out of a soft, pliable rubber and are a perfect fit for any one of our electronic cigarette devices.


The Perfect drip tip for those with sensitive teeth! These drip tips are made out of a soft, pliable rubber and are a perfect fit for any one of our electronic cigarette devices.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Maganon 4/17/13
    Before I added this to my order I read the reviews where people mentioned that they fall off easily. I'm a "chewer" so I figured, at that price, they were worth a try. I use them with my MAGMA Clearomizer on my Inferno & I have only had them come off one time & that was when it was in my pocket. To me, it seems to fit snug & it's, hands down, my favorite tip.
  • Doesn't stay on
    Review by Parison 10/4/12
    It would be awesome if the base was hard so it would click into the cartomizer. I would love it if it stayed on.
    Volcano- Reccomend drying where the drip tip and atomizers connects
  • rubber tips
    Review by Johnon 8/23/12
    how do these work on the volcano?

    volcano- Cant use on the volcano
  • I love mine!
    Review by Julie D.on 8/2/12
    I use either an atomizer or a catromizer. With the atomizer, I need my syringe. With the carto, it's fine! Stays put reasonably well. If going our I might just leave it off and use the white cap that came with the carto, or carry this tip separately. I have several, just in case.
  • Comfortable
    Review by johnon 7/12/12
    I like being able to bite on these tips without having the worry of chipping a tooth. I usually have the device hanging from my mouth when typing on my key board.
  • Rubber Drip Tip
    Review by Teresa Gon 7/11/12
    I agree with the reviews about how easy it is to loose them. They just won't stay on. I love the feel of them on my lips, but had to stop using them because they will pop off so easy. I wish the bottom was like the normal drip tips and fit snug with an o-ring and with the top being rubber. That would be perfect.
  • More comfortable but not worth it
    Review by Jenelleon 5/21/12
    I've tried all the tips..aluminum, delrin, acrylic and now the rubber. While this by far is the most comfortable it is equally troublesome. It is nearly impossible to actually drip into the rubber drip tip due to the size of the milled hole. Additionally, the slightest brush against the tip will send it across the room or wherever you may be. I have to bring extra tips or change out the rubber tip for a different type if I will be going out of the house (the mall, park with the kids, grocery store, etc.) It had become a major hassle. It is a great concept but needs a great deal of improvement.

    Volcano Recommends a needle tip
  • Overall nice
    Review by Chesteron 5/10/12
    I agree with the review about losing easily. They will pop out easier than metal ones, but the pros outweigh the cons so much. They don't get hot, and if you are a little tipsy at the bar you won't clank your teeth with an aluminum one. I will keep these in rotation for sure.
  • Nice, but comes off easily
    Review by Connieon 4/19/12
    Nice tips that feel good in my mouth, got them yesterday but I already lost one twice today (found it again on the ground). Because they are so soft and pliable, they will dislodge from the tank very easily if bumped against anything or while carrying the LavaTube in my purse. Other than that, I like the way they feel. I would suggest ordering some spares and keeping one with you at all times in case you lose the tip and can't find it anymore.
  • I LOVE these!!!
    Review by Mary Paton 4/15/12
    This is the best little surprise I've had in a while. They are so much nicer than the hard tips. I love the way they feel, and when they fit correctly they make vaping so much easier and more effective because of the nice tight fit. Easy on the teeth and lips. Well worth the money.