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Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 30ml Sale

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  • Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 30ml

Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 30ml

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A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!


A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!

Contains: 1 Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE e-Liquid in the strength and size of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    When will you have it back in stock?
    Review by Doug and Aliceon 3/8/15
    This is absolutely the best! Please dont stop selling the sharks clove...
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Alion 7/27/14
    The best out there
  • Overall
    I've tried many clove from other companies... Never again!
    Review by Aliceon 3/16/14
    This is the best clove out there. I want the throat hit and this gives it. I mix with banana and some cherry. I love it!
  • Overall
    Review by Uncle Jonathanon 2/24/14
    Very nice clove flavor, not bad throat hit too. I used to smoke the unfiltered clove cigarettes so the sweetness was a bit weak for me. No problem though, I mixed it with some Hana Honeydew and pow! I let the vapor hit the tip of my tongue on inhale and it's almost like dragging the real stuff. Then the clove flavor takes on it's presence in the rest of my mouth and nasal area with a nice throat hit and great vape. You other clove smokers would know what taste I'm chasing for, got any ideas? Was thinking of trying it mixed with Maui Mango next, but I dunno, I like the mixture I have now. Excuse me, gotta go vape...
  • Overall
    Best Clove Flavor!
    Review by Attitoadon 9/21/13
    This has an incredibly nice clove flavor. Very nice bite even at 8mg. Very comparable to a pre-FDA regulated Djarum taste. I tried a clove juice from JC but thought it was nasty - like a Christmas potpourri. If you like clove then this is definitely one to try.
  • Overall
    Really fantastic clove flavor
    Review by Dustinon 9/5/13
    I think volcano hit this one on the head. I used to smoke cloves back when I was a teen. This flavor to me tastes like the clove component (minus the tobacco) of Djarum Blacks. It is very very good, its a little sweet but doesn't seem to hit the tube tank carto too hard and vapes nicely. :)
  • Overall
    Review by barrydoggon 6/28/13
    Best flavor ever.
  • Overall
    This is great
    Review by Nathanon 6/7/13
    This flavor and throat hit is great. It's very smooth as well. I can see this being my everyday vape. I'm using the clearomizer on my inferno. Love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Nickon 4/18/13
    I started out smoking on cloves as a teen in the 90's. This was the flavor I have missed ever since they were taken off shelves in the USA. I gave it a few draws to clear my previous flavor out of my atomizer and WOW... IT TASTES LIKE MEMORIES!
  • Overall
    Excellent Clove Taste
    Review by shawnon 4/7/13
    Bought this with my starter kit and surprising it's a smooth flavor with a pleasant after taste. It's been years since I smoked cloves and it taste and feels like it was my first drag but not overwhelming strong like the cigarettes. Really like this flavor so far and it goes better if you mix it with the menthol flavor, giving it a gummy taste like spearmint gum. Definitely, just as good as the real cloves I used to smoke.
  • Overall
    Review by Nateon 3/30/13
    Bounced between Kools/Newports for a couple of years and then started in heavy on Cloves. I hated when the nixed allowing Djarum to make it through to the states and when I found the Inferno, tried out the Milk Chocolate (awesome, btw) to try and replicate the taste. Needless to say, I was ELATED when I found you guys started making Sharks Clove! Now I have my old fave back without the nasty side effects! You guys ROCK! I may try a light Menthol and mix to see if I can get that tingly punch as well. Thanks so much!
  • Overall
    Weird after taste
    Review by Elizabethon 3/17/13
    I do love the clove flavor, but every now and then I would get the after taste of plastic...? Even after letting it rest in the cartomizer it still had that plastic-y taste. It is very flavorful and I plan on mixing it with vanilla bean to help with the weird after taste.
  • Overall
    Love it !
    Review by Virginiaon 2/6/13
    My everyday vape is 25% mix of Sharks Clove to 75% Tobacco Pure. Great throat hit and taste. I no longer miss analogs. Happy,Happy,Joy,Joy !
  • Overall
    A Great Clove
    Review by Jameson 1/11/13
    I have always loved Djarum and haven't had one in years. I decided to give this juice a try and it is very good. The new Inferno with TubeTanks provide a great throat hit and ample vapor.