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The Tankomizer System

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Tankomizer System


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The Tankomizer System is another great heating element setup for any one of our devices. It employs the use of a specialized atomizer called a "tankomizer" that is rated at 2 ohms, and plastic tanks that are easily refillable and reusable to deliver vapor to the user. Each tank holds about .5 mls of eliquid and since there is no polyfill between you and the heating element, the flavor reproduction is spot on!


The Tankomizer System is another great heating element setup for any one of our devices. It employs the use of a specialized atomizer called a "tankomizer" that is rated at 2 ohms, and plastic tanks that are easily refillable and reusable to deliver vapor to the user. Each tank holds about .5 mls of eliquid and since there is no polyfill between you and the heating element, the flavor reproduction is spot on!

MAGMA users: The tankomizer and tanks fit perfectly in the M-Pack making this the perfect setup for those on the go who are looking for the best flavored vape possible from the MAGMA.

INFERNO users: Pair this with an INFERNO atomizer cone to get a perfectly polished looked!

Give this setup a try today and take your VOLCANO e-cig to the next level!

Build your tankomizer setup as you see fit. You can choose your selection of tankomizers, blank tanks, and atomizer cones (based on your device pairing) below and set the quantity as needed for each.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Best of its kind!
    Review by Darillon 3/11/15
    They should have included this as a default with Magma kit! Would have made many many customers happy! This tankomizer is the best there is for Magma kit! Seriously!
  • Overall
    These are Good
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    The tankomizer system is ok. I got one hoping that it would be as great as the clearomizers. It was ok, I prefer clearomizers or the traditional cartomizers to the tankomizer system. But I still keep these on hand for back ups.

    Thank you Volcano for all of your great products!
  • Overall
    Rumor Tankomizers being fadded out .
    Review by tmon 2/25/14
    Heard a rumor tankomizers were being phased out. I love these. Please Volcano do not phase these out. I will have to go to another vendor .
  • Overall
    Review by Frankieon 1/26/14
    Where can I buy a tankomizer heating system for the blank tanks, I can't find it anywhere on the site...
  • Overall
    driping e-liqui
    Review by juanon 8/17/13
    It is pasoble to drip in this tank omizer or not

    thank you
  • Overall
    Please don't discontinue these!
    Review by Markon 7/4/13
    While I no longer have my old Magma kit, I plan on buying another sometime, since my Infernos and LavaTube are just too awkward for some public locations.

    While looking at your the new kit, I noticed that you only sell them with freaking cartomizers now. Bad decision volcano; if people wanted cartomizers, they'd buy crappy nJoys.

    I see that as a really ominous move; whenever Volcano does crap like that, it usually means phasing out old products. PLEASE don't remove these tankomizers!
  • Overall
    top of the clouds
    Review by Lorenon 5/24/13
    Having great experiences with our Magma tank-omizer! The tank is very small and requires frequent filling, but overal pleased with this product! Thank you Volcano, good job! Hope you these in stock soon before ours wear out.
  • Overall
    When do I know when I need a new tankomizer?
    Review by Eric on 3/27/13
    Does it just stop vaping, or is there another indication that lets me know I need a new tankomizer?

    I vape the hell out of my magma, so the 1-3 months concerns me.

    Sometimes I get a really bad taste, and I'm not sure if that is an indication that I need a new tankomizer.
  • Overall
    Review by Allisonon 12/23/12
    about how long does each one usually last?
  • Overall
    Great Vape!
    Review by Andrewon 11/16/12
    Provides a wonderful vape, with great taste of whatever flavor you're using. After going through multiple Tankomizers and breaking them by power flushing and trying other methods of cleaning I finally figured one out that worked... just soak it in boiling water. Apparently I didn't have it hot enough the first time I did it, which didn't clean it correctly. I have been using the same 2 tankomizers for the past 3 months or so and one of them is starting to get a funky taste so I ordered some new ones. But 11 bucks every few months, a pretty damn good deal! I save the most money with this option, and it's wonderful if you have the patience for cleaning.
  • Overall
    Review by christopheron 10/28/12
    Can this tankomizer work with a volcano battery?
  • The way to go.
    Review by Courtneyon 9/25/12
    I had done a lot of research and ended up, frantically buying these instead of doing dripping. Let me tell you: It was the right decision.
    I've been vaping for a half hour, and it's still a little over half full. Great for going out, great for just packing up five or so and having it all ready to vape whenever you want even if you're just at home. I like to wake up, snap the flavor I'm in the mood for in, and start off a day with serious clouds of vapor.
  • GREAT!
    Review by Kapiolanion 7/19/12
    I have an inferno and although I love my inferno and I am not a big fan of the atomizers. So I switched to Magma tankomizers and blank tanks and I love them! I will give it 4/5 stars because although they vape awesome, I have to refill them more often because the Magma tanks only holds half as much juice versus the inferno tanks. Im pretty happy with them and haven't gone back to my inferno attys and tanks..
  • question
    Review by Sharanon 5/17/12
    can you use these tanks with a normal MAGMA atty?? or do i need the new tankomizer?

    Volcano- You need a tankomizer
  • Question...
    Review by Brian on 5/7/12
    Just got my Magna Tank starter kit. Love it so far, but now am wondering about adding backup accessories. My question is, how long does a Magm Tank-o-mizer typically last before wearing out. I am a light vapor. Probably only one tank a day...if that. Under normal use whats the average life expectancy? Would it be advisable to have a backup to avoid interruptions in vaping should one fail?

    Volcano- always need a back-up, or your stuck with nothing. Tankomizers typically last 1-3 months with average use. But things can go wrong, if you drop it, and break the cant vape.
  • different uses
    Review by Johnon 4/13/12
    can these be used with the volcano batteries?
  • Goodbye Cartomizers...Hello Tanks
    Review by Scotton 3/1/12
    This is almost perfect. I drip at home but for on-the-go vaping, (in the car and at work) drip tip just isn't an option so I was using cartomizers. I will never us cartomizers ever again. Super crisp and clean vaping and you can always see how much juice is left in the tank. Thank you so much for this.

    My only wish is for larger tanks. Even if I could no longer store them in the M-Pack it would be worth it to me. (Allthough a larger M-Pack would solve this and also be nice for storing a fully assembled magma like you can do in the V-pack...hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more :P
  • Awesome
    Review by Kalebon 2/13/12
    Just got my tankomizer and menthol liquid using it with the magma kit, its definately the way to go
  • Cool
    Review by Tonyaon 2/3/12
    They work and they work well. I will say this, however, those caps are really hard to get off! Lol.
  • Not impressed
    Review by Timothyon 1/25/12
    I've been Vaping for just a week now and have not touch an analog since. These tanks worked great out of the box. But after just three uses they began to leak into the Tank O Mizer. I'm now using the Mega Clearomizer and have had no problems so far. Hoping for lasting result.
  • magma tankomiser
    Review by johnon 1/23/12
    Love the magma tankomizer. long lasting great vapping. just one question. What is the best way to clean them? Should i just boil in water for 15 min or so? How often should i clean? Soon as i notice a degrading vapping? Thanks.

    Great product.

    Volcano- Best known way is to put eliquid into the atomizer and blow out the eliquid. Another popular way is to soak in Very hot water, then let dry on a paper towel for 24 hours.
  • It works great
    Review by Markon 1/12/12
    For on the go, tanks and this tank-o-mizer is the way to go. However, I was wondering if the the drip tip works on the tank-o-mizer? If anyone knows that would be great.
    Volcano- It will fit, but is not made for dripping.
  • leaking?
    Review by Dylanon 1/1/12
    i love this system, but i think my, tank o mizer got flooded. I have problems getting good hits because liquid from the tanks are clogging it i believe. Im not sure if i need new tanks even though i have, the reusuable tanks, or did i flood my atomizer? Maybe its the tanks?
  • Re-usable?
    Review by Dylanon 12/24/11
    are the blank tanks re-useable?
  • Cracked Tank-O-mizer
    Review by nicoleon 12/9/11
    I have been purchasing Volcano products for over a year now. I love this brand, flavors, etc....but...It seems like that in the past 7 months almost all of my atomizers have either shown up with a crack in the gold band (the lower portion that covers the area that screws to the battery) or has cracked very shortly after with normal use. I don't think that I am doing anything wrong, such as, screwing it too tightly or being rough on it. I was able to send I two back and get replacements, and I kid you not, one of the new ones arrived already cracked. I just ordered two more atomizers in October, I started using one in at the beginning of November and one at the beginning of December: both are already cracked. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Rule!!
    Review by BonsaiSuperstaron 11/14/11
    These things are amazing. I've used drip, carts, cartos, and NOTHING has been this easy. Amazing throat hit, easy to refil and clean the tanks. I just can't say enough about this system.
    When I new one comes, just clean it, flood prime it an bang, your gaping away.
  • Question:
    Review by Lisaon 11/2/11
    I use the long Magma batteries and Magma pass-throughs. I've been using the regular atomizers with your pre-filled cartridges, as well as Magma cartomizers which I fill myself. The atomizer I've been using is currently out of stock. Can I use the Magma Tank-o-Mizer atomizer with Magma pre-filled cartridges?

    volcano- no, and yes the Magma atomizers are now in stock
  • Good alternative, But...
    Review by Paulon 10/29/11
    I have used both the magma and the inferno. The inferno holds 50% more, is a little more forgiving if you use mixes outside the 80/20 range. Granted the inferno may spit some juice at you, but after a quick clean it is usually resolved. The magma's have a narrow mouth piece that prevents the spitting but I find they tend to fill up with juice and the only way to get them totally clean is using compressed air. I also like the whistle mouth piece on the inferno over the smaller magma piece.
  • pink tanks
    Review by alidaon 9/26/11
    to answer someones question above; pink is light clear baby pink. no hint of orange or "peach" . nice to see how much fluid you have. but isnt as nice looking as the black opaque
  • pink tanks
    Review by alidaon 9/26/11
    to answer someones question above; pink is light clear baby pink. no hint of orange or "peach" . nice to see how much fluid you have. but isnt as nice looking as the black opaque
  • Absolutely Sweet
    Review by VapeRageon 9/18/11
    I absolutely love the magma tankomizer on my inferno battery. The i-tankomizer worked ok for me, but I had to draw longer, slower to get some vapage. The m-tankomizer however lets me get my vape in shorter time and works really dang good.

    I must note however, for DIY juicers, don't use oil-based flavors in your juices on these (or any) attys. It will lock them up (virtually uncleanable even) pretty quickly by crystalizing the oil components around the wicks and the atomizer coil.

    I will soon order another m-tankomizer along with the new version clearomizers (hopefully better than the original clearomizers I got that I never used up due to an aftertaste I couldn't get past). I am looking forward to the clearomizer with proper fitting for a drip tip. :)

    Volcano: You guys go way beyond rockin, you just top the ecig market as far as quality and customer service goes as far as i'm concerned. I've been trying to talk people into going with volcano products. Hopefully they'll follow soon. :D
  • Not all colors created EQUAL!
    Review by Heatheron 9/5/11
    I have purchased pink, white and blue. pink and white have worked flawlessly for me. Every time i used a brand new blue tank it would flood the tank and dump juice less then 1/2 way through. one would think that its just dye and there should be no difference, but its just not the case. My thought is the blue plastic is slightly softer or harder then the others and the seal to the atty is inferior compared to the other colors.
  • 99% Brilliant...
    Review by Mikeon 8/26/11
    Love this thing, have trouble putting it down. Prefer over drip due to vapor consistency and liquid capacity. That said, I also am experiencing the spike separation issue. Which wasn't a complete hassle (new tech always have break in periods learning curves) UNTIL the wick came out. Got a ticket in with CS and am very confident we will persevere over this small bump in the road.
  • great
    Review by coryon 8/3/11
    these are great i love them much better than anything else
  • Much better than the prefilled carts
    Review by Leslieon 7/28/11
    I just switched over to this yesterday from the prefilled cart system and I have to say this is WAY better. So far, no junk in my mouth and no leaks plus great vapor production. I've got it on an Inferno USB battery and love it.
  • Truly Feels Like a Real Analog!
    Review by Kathleenon 7/23/11
    I started with the standard magma atomizer and it was okay, but once I switched to the tank o'mizer, WOW! I get a true throat hit that really feels like I'm smoking an analog and tons of vapor to boot! I tried using the atomizer again and no way, I am hooked on the tank o'mizer. The only cons is that you do go through a lot more liquid (although I admit I take two inhales for each "drag" to get a really, really good throat hit). Also, for whatever reason, once in a while, the tank will leak all over the place. I think maybe I was filling the tanks too full or something because it mostly doesn't happen anymore. Also, I read on the forum to line up the tank precisely with the tank o'mizer (if you look inside it, you can see which way it is lined up) and maybe that is what is helping the previous leak issue I was having. I have found you do need to replace the tanks every few weeks or they get leaky and don't work as well, but the actual tank o'mizer itself has lasted a good 2 months now at least and still works great. I haven't had any issues with the wick coming out that others have reported. Overall, this thing rocks and I highly recommend it!
  • Better Than Inferno
    Review by Yvonneon 7/13/11
    Based on the reviews of others, I decided to try the Magma tanks and atomizer on my Inferno. Much better than the Inferno atomizer for sure. I will be using these from now on.

    But yes, the tanks are smaller and you have to refill more often. I haven't run into any of the issues of pulling out the wick. I did, however, find the tanks hard to open, as many of you have. I have solved the refill problem by using a simple little trick - fill it from the cap hole with a syringe. I've got 2 types of syringes - the one that comes with the clearomizer refill kit, and another one that is curved that I got from Johnson Creek. Both work equally well. I just pop the tank off the atomizer, turn it so the cap side is up and insert the filled syringe tip. Just be careful not to fill it too fast as you can easily overflow it since the tank is so small.
  • love these
    Review by davidon 7/6/11
    i started out with the drip settup, but these take all the hard work and hassle out of vaping, i can set up 3 tanks in the morning and when one runs out i just swap it out for the next one and i can have my favorite flavors all the time.
  • WOW
    Review by Just a NANAon 7/1/11
    After enjoying the Inferno Tank-O-Mizer, going to the Magma was more enjoying. Having more smoke with less effort, not having the liquid in my mouth. Only down fall is, you go through more liquid. In my opinion, well worth it!
  • great but...
    Review by kingk9on 6/19/11
    ok so let me say these are a way better deal than pre filled carts 1 bottle of e juice lasts me allmost 2 weeks.. (im a chain vapor) so thats great...but the tanks dont last as long as would like them to untill they start to leak...also for some odd reasson my mega manual batt will not work for it. it used to but now it wont i can only use reg batts and its really dumb that was the reasson why i bought the mega so if someone from volcano could help me with this i would like that..but anyways its great for the money!!!!

    volcano- we could definitely replace as part of our warranty
  • love it except for 1 thing
    Review by Dianeon 6/16/11
    I ordered the magma T kit and 3 tank-o-mizers.I am on my third tan-o-mizer and everytime i take the tank out to refill or put a new tank in the wick/spike comes out with the tank. This makes it very hard to refill the tank while out or to even put a new tank on.
  • The best yet!!!!!
    Review by DDCon 6/8/11
    This is so much more convenient than dripping and lasts much longer than the carts. I wish this had come out when I initially tried the Volcano products! I would probably have never went back to analogs. Hands down, this is all you need (and the blank tanks of course). The best I have tried, and I have tried just about every combination offered....
  • The best ever!!!
    Review by DDCon 6/8/11
    I wish these had come out when I initially tried the Volcano products! I would probably have never went back to analogs. Hands down, this is all you need (and the tank-o-mizer of course). The best I have tried, and I have tried just about every combination offered....
  • Love It
    Review by Markon 6/4/11
    I love my Tank-O-Mizer, but the tip inside broke after about a week. I hope I just got the one in a million that breaks.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Jmanon 6/3/11
    The tankomizer is amazing. Totally beats any drip system you refill the blank cart and you can vape for about a 1/2 hr non stop!
  • Volcano Batt?
    Review by juleson 5/31/11
    I'm VERY new to this 7 days today!! I just ordered new batts for my volcano do I have to order new batteries??

    volcano-no, you can recharge and reuse your batteries
  • Is that pink really pink?
    Review by Ann-Marieon 5/29/11
    In the pic it looks like a weird sickly yellowy/peach... Has anyone ordered it that can tell me if it's actually pink or not?
  • A Big Game Changer!!!
    Review by Dino1977on 5/23/11
    I tried this out when my inferno tank-o-mizer died prematurely and is in my experience a much better unit.

    Excellent vapor production and throat hit (I use the low nicotine USA premium e-juices that Volcano Sells) even with short draws (five seconds or so).

    This is really what I have been waiting for. I tried cartos and blue-foam mods but, could never get a good consistent vaping experience and hated refilling them and getting juice in my mouth when overfilling them. The only thing I found that satisfied me was using a drip tip which is not always feasible (such as when driving).

    This tank-o-mizer is a viable alternative to dripping. The flavor is *almost* the same (some of the flavor does get washed out which I think might be due to the condensation that forms in the vents) but, the slight flavor loss is well worth the convenience of refilling the tank (pop the top, fill, and vape).

    Also, I don't know why but, even though the tank capacity is smaller than the inferno (.7 mil vs 1.1 mil I believe), the juice seems to last me about the same amount of tile between fills (for some reason the inferno tank-o-mizer litterally seemed to eat my e-juice).

    I have been waiting a long time for something like this. Thank you Volcano!
  • Works Great... just one thing though.
    Review by Zombieon 5/21/11
    I LOVE the new tank delivery system. The only problem i have is the wick coming out. I'm guessing this is due to the wick getting slippery from the EJuice. just a guess though. All you gotta do is put the wick in your tank before putting it in the Tank-O-Mizer and it works just like the day you bought it. Over all i love my Tank-O-Mizer and i wouldn't get any other ecig on the market!
  • Other Accessories
    Review by doghikerson 5/14/11
    What other accessories do I need to use this? I've only used the pre-filled carts so far.

    volcano- just tankomizer and can use your old batts
  • best combo
    Review by Kevinon 5/11/11
    well i have had the same issue of the spike and wick coming off with the tank, not sure if this is a design issue, manufacturing issue, or just my bad luck- but Volcano customer service is outstanding- once this is addressed and fixed, I think the absolute best ecig on the market with the perfect balance of vapor production, portability, style, looks, battery life, and ease of use for any vaper, new or experienced, is to combine this magma tankomizer and tanks with an inferno USB battery and an atomizer cone to complete the stylish look. I added the inferno leather carrying case to keep the ecig and all accessories I need in one convenient place, and also a must is the little plastic button cover to keep the battery button from getting pressed inadvertantly- this completes my version of the perfect ecig- I won't be going anywhere else...
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Mikaylaon 5/7/11
    I wasn't too impressed with the I-tanks, so when I heard about these I decided I had to give them a shot! I typically drip with a Magma atty, however it is a pain sometimes *such as when driving and you can't refill*, and my Magma atty just died on me. Ordered the Magma tanks and got them in yesterday and they're great! I get way more flavor than with my I-tank and it has a better draw, and tons of vapor! <3 Volcano!
  • YAY!
    Review by Mikaylaon 5/7/11
    I just got my tanks in yesterday, and I have to say, they're AMAZING! I already like them a lot more than my Inferno tanks. Love them!
  • ???
    Review by Jeffreyon 5/6/11
    Im new at this are these like cartomizers ?

    volcano- better the need a tankomizer and a tank to assemble.
  • New to Vaping
    Review by Amber1975on 5/2/11
    Will the tank o mizer fit on the regular v-battery or do you have to buy the Magma. Also if I have to switch to the Magma, do I need new chargers and everything??

    volcano- yes the magma tankomizer fits on any of our batteries including volcano. If you switch, you do need new chargers.
  • Great Product!
    Review by Shawnon 4/30/11
    In my opinion, this is the best vape short of dripping. I loved the Inferno tankos when they came out, but found they don't deliver the full flavor I want after a while, as well as leaking issues, periodic burnt taste, etc. But these Magma tankos perform much better in all these respects. The flavor is terrific, vapor production is great, and no leaking. Only drawback is the small tank size which requires frequent refilling, but it's so easy to do that it's not that big of a problem. Way to go Volcano, keep these great products coming!
  • Can these be used with the Inferno?
    Review by toddon 4/22/11
    So if I have a magma atomizer on my Inferno I can use these tanks?

    No, you need a Magma Tankomizer
  • Great but flimsy
    Review by Tjon 4/16/11
    At first the Tank-O-Mizer was amazing but when I put a new one in and then took it out the inside of it came out. I was able to put it back in and it still works but I have to draw a little harder but it still gets a great vape. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a great improvement to all the rest of them and I do like it. I will be getting more of them and I think everyone should try them out. Not trying to bad mouth the piece because it is great, it just needs a little work on the inside not coming out that's all. Keep up the great work on making new and improved pieces. This is the greatest e-cigg out there for sure.
  • These are great!
    Review by Barryon 4/15/11
    I've only had minor leaking once, I don't think I put the cap on correctly. Otherwise, these are great. No leaking through the tankomizer, they work with minor issues (some bubbling, low vapor production at times, probably due to my bad D.I.Y. concoction) and so easy to clean. The only issue is I almost lost a tank cap down the drain, they're so small.
    Review by joshuaon 4/14/11
    The best atty yet for the magma! VAPOR,VAPOR,VAPOR!!!
  • Hard to open
    Review by Caseyon 4/13/11
    i like these tanks... i plan on mixing flavors together in the future. but its REALLY hard to take off. i actually accidentally ripped of a tab from one side of the cap :/

    great idea though.
    Review by carlton on 4/12/11
    Love these new Taks! Flavor, TH, and clouds to fill the sky! I will be ordering more ASAP!

    Please read the forums for helpful hints! Great people and Info!
  • WOW! Great new product!
    Review by carlton on 4/12/11
    As with all things be sure to read the forums for helpful hints on how to use any of these great product before purchasing (just a suggestion!)...
    I am WOWED once again by these new tanks! I will always be careful to have these on hand!
    I would recommed them to anyone, but please use the forum; it and the people are so vital to having a happy vape experience everytime!
  • EXCELLENT!!! What a tankomizer should be!!
    Review by Christopheron 4/12/11
    Okay so I spend my fair share of time complaining about the I-tankomizers...its only fair to write something positive when it occurs. I LOVE THESE TANKOS!!! No leaking issues, no hard draw, doesn't matter what jucie Im using, doesn't matter how I vape...I just got done vaping upside down from a tree in the pouring rain, chain vaping like there's no tomorrow and NO PROBLEMS!! ( I exaggerate a bit with the whole hanging upsided down from the tree in the rain thing). This product actually works for me the way it was supposed to...fill the damn thing, snap it on and vape...Don't need a 100 point checklist of what to make sure I'm doing or not doing. This is how the I-tankos should work!! (HAD to throw SOMETHING in there about the I-tankos..still annoyed with them) THESE ARE EXCELLENT!!!
  • Smokin
    Review by David on 4/11/11
    This little thing kicks ass. Been smokin all the Volcano products an this is the best yet . Good hit, lots of vapor, No leaks. Great taste, My minor problem is solved all I need now is a couple of tanks in my pocket an the inferno battery. Good to go all day. Thank you Volcano.
  • Love It But....
    Review by Geek Liteon 4/9/11
    Great Vapor and taste but spike separated from rest of atty at first refill :-(. To use I have to insert the spike in the bottom of tank and then insert lock into the case. It still fires but I am pretty sure something is not quite right. Never experienced this with the Inferno Tank. Any other thoughts on this would be great. Other than that it rocks.

    volcano- sounds like the spike unlocked from inner base...reinsert and turn and it should lock back in
  • Amazing... so impressed!
    Review by Heatheron 4/8/11
    I was about to give up on vaping due to the terrible issues I have had with numerous companies and their excuse for atomizers. I was also tentative about trying a tank system due to the reviews I've read about problems and leakage. But... I received my Magma tank-o-mizer today. I have got to say that this product is amazing. I switch flavors often so the small size is perfect. The tanks take about 15 drops of liquid. Vapor production is superb, there is no leakage, no problems with switching from one tank to another. I'm definitely going to order a few more of these. I may even switch from regular atomizers to tank-o-mizers for good! So impressed!
  • OMG!!!
    Review by Porthos on 4/6/11
    Hello vaper's, I just receive the Magma Tank-O-Mizer today and try it out with some menthol e-juice and let me be the first one to say "this is fantastic", you need to get this for your Magma kit, the amount of vapor this unit creates is unbelievable. You all need to buy this, is just the way to go it really rocks!!!.

    Review by Gregon 4/1/11
    I'm so glad volcano came out with the tankomizer system for the magma series, I have yet to try it but do have the tankomizer for the Inferno and fully intend on purchasing this when I get paid in a couple days. It's like dripping without the hassle or mess. Keep up the good work volcano!