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Tanks & Coils

  1. Tankomizer


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    A completely new design on a classic atomizer. Our new Tankomizers are used in conjunction with our Tankomizer tanks and it provides one of the best vapor delivery system to date.

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  2. Tankomizer System


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    The Tankomizer System is another great heating element setup for any one of our devices. It employs the use of a specialized atomizer called a "tankomizer" that is rated at 2 ohms, and plastic tanks that are easily refillable and reusable to deliver vapor to the user. Each tank holds about .5 mls of eliquid and since there is no polyfill between you and the heating element, the flavor reproduction is spot on!

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  3. Tankomizer Tanks


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    Our tankomizer tanks are used in conjunction with the tankomizer vapor delivery system and are reusable and refillable.

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