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  • INFERNO Tube Sock

Tube Sock

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Looking for a polished finish on your inferno with your Tube Tank? Pick up one of our Tube Sock's and finish off the look of your new high performing eCig!


Looking for a polished finish on your inferno with your Tube Tank? Pick up one of our Tube Sock's and finish off the look of your new high performing eCig!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by stevenon 3/6/14
    Agreed, this is a must have for the inferno. makes it way more stable, and looks nicer with it. im buying a couple more so i dont have to switch it over when i change batteries.
  • Overall
    Makes the tube tank more stable
    Review by Geishaon 1/4/14
    I bought a second sock for my Inferno because I am a vaping fanatic! I bought a second tube tank so I can have two flavors at all times, and since I commonly use both batteries daily, I wanted both tube tanks to be more stable. Plus they look better with the sock!
  • Overall
    Review by scott NYCon 2/2/13
    I have 6 inferno battery w/ at least 4 of them being used at all times with my family and I at 5 bucks a pop these are a bit expensive for me at least.
  • Question?
    Review by Scotton 6/4/12
    Can this be used with a chrome Lavatube with a Tube Tank ? Going to be purchasing one soon and would like to het everything I need in one shot. Thanks.

    Volcano- Yes
  • Beautiful!
    Review by Rooon 6/2/12
    As great at my silver battery and chrome tube tank looked before, it is now ten times better with this sock. You get the tank, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS. What is five bucks... A pack of regs you would have smoked in a day anyways...
  • right side up
    Review by jasonon 5/23/12
    It has a logo on it to make sure you have it right side up. I've heard it decreases flow... and I agree if it's upside down... but not if it's installed correctly. It really increases stability and is the ultimate accessory to the 4ml tube tank on the Inferno. Less snide remarks and more looks from the ladies with the sock.
    Review by Mark J.on 5/5/12
    A must have for your Inferno if you have the Tube Tank. Gives a uniform look, and adds to the VAPE production. A snazzy piece. Well made sock with logo engraved on it. Worth the extra cost to have.
  • $5 Bucks
    Review by Matthewon 4/23/12
    Sucks... but really is necessary if you have a tank. Not that you have to have it, but it makes it much quieter. I bought one and am extremely happy with it. Adds to overall strength of the Inferno's neck (at least seems that way), gives a sleek look and reduces tank noise. Nice add-on for sure.
  • needed but expensive
    Review by Justinon 4/14/12
    Tthe tube sock is needed if you use the inferno to keep it from breaking the threads off of the cartomizer into the battery.... and completes the look but $4.99 is too much... its just a little piece of metal $1.99 is what i would expect to pay for this... (like the usb cover)
  • Necessary !
    Review by mikeon 3/19/12
    This is a must if you get the tube tank ( which is awesome by the way ) , give it all a clean look plus helps with excess air flow !
  • Lanyard?
    Review by Yvonneon 2/23/12
    Will the lanyard work with the Tube Sock?
  • It's about time....
    Review by Frosty09on 1/11/12
    The Tube Sock is a necessary item for anyone who uses the Tube Tank on the Inferno. The Tube Sock keeps the Tube Tank straight-up... preventing it from listing to any angle. Plus... it completes the world's finest e-cig in a pleasing way. It makes it look complete. They're a bit on the steep side in cost... but well worth the price.