WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips

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  • Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips
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  • Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips - Green
  • Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips - Purple
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  • Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips - Orange
  • Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips - Yellow

Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Customize your electronic cigarette with one of our Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips. Fashioned out of acrylic and sized to fit any of our e-cig devices, our Acrylic Swirl drip tips are a great way to customize the look of your vaping setup on a whim! Choose from a selection of 8 different colors!


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Customize your electronic cigarette with one of our Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips. Fashioned out of acrylic and sized to fit any of our e-cig devices, our Acrylic Swirl drip tips are a great way to customize the look of your vaping setup on a whim! Choose from a selection of 8 different colors!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by phoebeon 5/16/16
    Love them when you have them in and the colors people like
  • Overall
    Good value but
    Review by Alissaon 2/24/16
    Theyre always out of most of the colors so its hard to buy enough to get the discount or to get the colors that i want. Disappointing. But the quality and value is spot on.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Corinneon 11/1/15
    I absolutely love this product but why are you always out of the colors most people like, plus this has been going on for months.

    Have you quit selling them or what IS the story on these.
  • Overall
    Great drip tip
    Review by Jack on 12/22/13
    I have the black swirl drip tip. It's really cool.
  • Overall
    Favorite tip
    Review by Ruthon 6/20/13
    This is by far my favorite tip. My only problem, I keep dropping them on my wood floors and they break.
  • Overall
    Review by Blacky13on 5/14/13
    I recently ordered the white drip tip, yet when I try to attach the tip to the device... It seems like the O-ring on the bottom of the tip is to large & I don't want to force it.
    Any suggestions, Volcano?
  • Overall
    Love this
    Review by Leslieon 4/7/13
    Works way better than the generic clear tips my Inferno came with, and looks really nice. I bought the white one.
  • Overall
    Looks great
    Review by Coryon 3/14/13
    I bought a red swirl for my Inferno and a yellow swirl for my Gold Lavatube. I must say that I too broke it on the Inferno when I dropped it on a concrete floor. But they are cheap enough that I just bought another one.
  • Overall
    You'll get what you paid for.
    Review by Michaelon 2/5/13
    I love these drip tips. It fits on my mouth perfectly than the stock plastic ones. very stylish and has glitterry effect if you look closely. A must have!
  • Overall
    Pretty nice.
    Review by Michaelon 1/23/13
    Got a black one earlier, It fits and feels better to my mouth and smaller than the plastic ones comes from the TT it matched the color of my battery pretty well. I love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Johnon 12/26/12
    They are not that durable. Had mine for less than a week and it broke.
  • Overall
    Magma tank-o-mizer?
    Review by Jaymaron 12/18/12
    Will these drip tips work with the magma tank-o-mizer?
    Volcano- No, you need a tank with this product.
  • Overall
    So pretty!
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    These seemed durable to me and I'm break EVERYTHING. They're great, very pretty ( I got the dark purple one) and I look so bad-girl with my e-cig and a colorful tip.
  • Magma Re-fillable Mega Clearomizers
    Review by Karenon 8/21/12
    Will these drip tips fit the magma re-fillable mega clearomizers? If not, do you have some that will that are not like the rubber one that comes in the package?

    Volcano- Yes, these fit
  • Pretty but not durable
    Review by Kathleenon 8/5/12
    I had the same problem as a previous reviewer. I got the purple one, and it was pretty to look at but I dropped my Inferno once on a linoleum floor, and the tip broke immediately, and I had to pry the bottom part got stuck in the atomizer. I'm gonna stick with plastic, or try an aluminum one in the future.
  • Nice!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    I got the black and the swirls have sparkles in them. You can't tell from a distance though. Is a nice artistic piece that catches eyes.
  • Tube tank?
    Review by Alreddyon 3/14/12
    Will these work on the tube tank as well? I am planning on getting one and think the black swirl tip would look nice.

  • Not so happy...
    Review by Nickon 3/13/12
    Got the red one to match the red inferno. . . mistake. It works great but the color is more pink than red and does not match at all. Will try the black, hopefully with better luck.
  • Looks great...but breaks easily
    Review by Jenelleon 3/9/12
    I just bought my second acrylic drip tip and love the look and lack of heat transfer. However, I accidentally dropped the e-cig and the tip broke off at the base and the remaining piece gets stuck in the atty (both times). If you are accident prone or have butter fingers I would suggest the aluminum tips or else constant replacement of these tips is possible.
  • i now have 4 of these
    Review by Nathanon 3/2/12
    2 red and 2 black
    and i prefer these over the alums
    i have one black alum and i just dont like how extremely hard it is
    these are hard but they arent "metal hard" more or less
    i also prefer my new black one i got which has a red o-ring over the other white o-ring
    gives a nice contrast in my opinion

    these are a little tight when putting them on a clearo but over time the o-ring will "loosen" up and they will fit perfect

    10/10 definately and would recommend these over the alums anyday
  • Great tip, but don't drop
    Review by Moon 2/29/12
    These are my favorite drip tips. Metal tips leave a metal aftertaste in my mouth after a couple of hours. The acrylic tip feels natural and, of course, leave no metal aftertaste. I've gone through a handful of these tips, because of the major drawback - they are rather brittle and if you drop them, they will break. I even had one snap while it was in my coat pocket, and another break when I left my ecig standing up on my desk and it tipped over. Like someone else mentioned, I've had a couple where my cone didn't fit over the tip. Its simple enough to correct this, you just put the cone on first, but its odd and it seems only some tips are oversized. If you buy one invest in two or three at a time and carry a spare with you.
  • Mixed..
    Review by Chrison 2/23/12
    Ordered my second one of these last week as my black and white tip was too big to fit through the inferno's tapered cover. It's not too big of a deal because I primarily drip with that tip, but it is annoying a bit.

    The second one I bought was the red... It fits perfectly, but be careful with other colors from the black. What is advertised as red is more like pink with sparkles which is kinda hard to pull off at work! Think I'll try an anodized one next.
  • bummed!
    Review by jorieon 2/14/12
    The one I ordered didn't fit! Then I misplaced it for a while due to remodeling, so I'm sure it's too late to exchange :( Disappointed because it's really cool! Love all the other products from you guys though!
  • mmmm
    Review by Trevoron 1/17/12
    feels good and would be a good looking tip except mine is somehow pink. not worth the effort to RMA such a cheap item so i think ill get white one this time.
  • awesome tips
    Review by rawrrrdinoon 12/2/11
    having an aversion to the taste of metal, I cannot use anodized aluminum drip tips as well as most stainless steel drip tips. these tips are perfect for me.

    also, using metal DTs on some devices (lr attys, top coil clearos/cartos) can make them quite warm, and I don't enjoy that.

    furthermore, AA tips chap my lips.

    these tips are perfect for avoiding all of the above unpleasant experiences with drip tips.
  • great piece but...
    Review by danteoftheinfernoon 11/20/11
    These are great for dripping they fit well on the atty and clearomizers.

    Not really a big deal might be just the one i got but i noticed the cone for the inferno doesn't fit over my delrin drip tip. I have to pull it before i can remove or put the cone on.

    despite that little hiccup. It is a must have accessory for anyone.
  • Great For Cold Weather
    Review by KLRSKIRon 11/19/11
    These DT's will be very useful now that the weather/temperatures have fallen below freezing. No more DT's sticking to my lips. Also, I ordered two of the same colors, and whom ever picked out my order picked two very different designs (one looks black and the other white). Much appreciated!
  • Great!
    Review by thevapinggunon 10/26/11
    These tips are translucent which makes the colors muted compared to the photo. Other than that nitpick these are better and less expensive than other drip tips I have used.
  • Great... but fragile.
    Review by Wilperthe1on 10/25/11
    These are great but be careful if you drop your e cig the tip will break at the neck and rocket across the room. Other then that this is a good
    buy and looks cool!
  • absolutely amazing
    Review by Rielon 10/15/11
    These DT's are by far the beginning of a beautiful relationship to my Inferno. The red is wicked and I utilize the different colors to signify different flavor attys and a mix flavor content. I can't wait for more colors, transparent, and shapes>? Thank you Volcano..
  • Pure Win!!
    Review by Quinnon 10/15/11
    These things are awesome!! Very comfortable, I like the colors, and there is no heat transference what-so-ever!!!