WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips

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  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Red
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Silver
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Gray
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Black
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Midnite
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Blue
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Purple
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Pink
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Magenta
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Green
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Light Green
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips - Yellow

Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips


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Customize your electronic cigarette with one of our Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips. Fashioned out of anodized aluminum and sized to fit any of our e-cig devices, our Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips are a great way customize the look of your vaping setup on a whim! Choose from a selection of 12 different colors!


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Customize your electronic cigarette with one of our Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips. Fashioned out of anodized aluminum and sized to fit any of our e-cig devices, our Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips are a great way customize the look of your vaping setup on a whim! Choose from a selection of 12 different colors!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Vanon 7/22/13
    Does the magenta tip match the pink inferno battery?
  • Overall
    look great
    Review by amyon 5/2/13
    I use this tip with the mega clearomizers and they fit perfectly. Colors are vivid and fun. I was concerned since they were aluminum they might hurt my teeth, but they feel as comfortable as the plastic drip tip. Good Choice! Only thing is they can bend the end of your clearomizer if you're not careful, loosen and fall off.
  • Overall
    Review by Leslieon 3/16/13
    Great for mixing, matching, & coordinating with your outfits. You're always unique!!!! :-)
  • Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!
    Review by DangerousFaton 6/25/12
    I really like these tips, they fit my lips well and I like the metal finish a lot.

    Keep in mind, since they're metal, they conduct temperature extremely well. If you have a low resistance atomizer, these tips can get pretty warm, though mine have never gotten hot. On the other end, if it's very cold, these tips can get pretty cold as well. lol

    I can handle the warmth and the cold and for the look and feel of these tips, I absolutely don't mind. These look amazing with the new Inferno kits as well so that's definitely a huge plus!
  • ??????
    Review by Infiniteon 5/12/12
    So Im still waiting for my Lava kit. I didnt see the anodized tips when i ordered. Im plannin on gettin one at least for my lava atomizer. But my ? is I also got the tube tank which i know is gonna be my main way for vaping. And i kno the tip comes off the tank, at least im pretty sure and hope so lol. But for looks wise, and reviews sayin how nice the Anodized tips feel. Can I put one onto my tank??? Like i said im still gettin one I jus dont want to have to wait to find out Feels like a lifetime waitin for my lava as is lol. So it would really be awesome if you guys could let me know...
  • Help!
    Review by Krystleon 5/4/12
    Are these for tube tanks too?

    Volcano- Yes
  • Great
    Review by Joshuaon 4/23/12
    I was warned by multiple people not to use with a clearimizer because it would crack the tube, Ive used these with all my clearos with no problems. These are also great to color code the flavor liquid for quick changing
  • More colors, please!
    Review by Davidon 2/11/12
    I want the silver, but I guess it's unavailable right now.

  • Like it cause its metal.
    Review by Jasonon 1/15/12
    These feel better in the mouth than plastic. I recomend going the way of a metal drip tip if dripping is your thing.
  • Love the pink one
    Review by Sandyon 1/14/12
    I use this with a magma atomizer and it works great! It also looks great too. It's lasted a long time since a bought it. Don't know what else to say except that I like it a lot. Better than the other drip tips.
  • Love this drip tip!
    Review by Moriahon 11/28/11
    I really dig this drip tip! I was worried I'd get a lot of juice spitting back but it hasn't been an issue unless I overfill (no more than 3-4 drops at a time). Its a nice shape that fits the lips comfortably. The throat hit is superb.

    I ordered it in gold, it looks great and sets off the gold trim in the metal connection of the atomizer and battery on the magma. The gold gives the whole deal a uniform look and is one of the nicest looking e-cigs I've seen.
  • Great little drip tips
    Review by Sandyon 11/28/11
    I love my pink drip tip. I like how it feels in my lips. It works really well with my magma atomizer. Great job Volcano. And it's cheap too. I may purchase different colors in the future.
  • Mixed Feelings
    Review by Skyloron 10/16/11
    I love how it tastes and it feels way better on the inhale. However, my atomizer leaks every time I use it. I only put about 2 or 3 drops in too. I think this leakage was the direct cause of one of my batteries failing. If you drip, be sure you use it all before setting it down or it will pool and leak. I set it down before going to bed, woke up and tried to take a hit... And nothing. The led wont even flash when I try to charge it.
  • I like it...
    Review by Richard E.on 9/25/11
    I got the drip tip kit when i purchased my inferno set. I got the black one...I like the drip tips for when im home on the couch watching tv. I also bought 2 more of these in the midnight blue and red. The shape fits perfectly with your mouth, but the only thing is the drip tip can get a little hot if you are vaping a little hardcore lol.
  • Vary nice feel
    Review by Thomason 9/15/11
    I have always loved dripping and this Drip Tip is fantastic. I really like the feel of it on my lips too.
  • Love Volcano products but dissapointed with this one
    Review by Braddon 6/29/11
    I love the looks of this drip tip and the feel of it, however I am constantly going to the hardware store to buy the rubber o-ring. I just buy about ten at a time, and that lasts me about a month. I think the heat and the tight fit cause the rubber o-rings to tear.

    Not a bit deal at all, if you dont mind having to replace the rings. You get an awesome throat hit!
  • Question
    Review by Jonon 6/2/11
    Would this work with a volcano atty?

  • Just started Dripping
    Review by Christopheron 5/6/11
    This is so delicious. Pure flavor, and great nicotine delivery. I underestimated it. Dripped about 6 drops in 10 minutes and got a dangerous headrush. Gotta be careful.
  • Very sharp
    Review by Shepon 4/2/11
    I'm glad I purchased one. It looks great on my inferno and is form fitting for my lips. I like the sturdy feel of the metal and I don't feel like its going to break on me.
  • Get one!
    Review by Shawnon 3/19/11
    A must have item! I have ALL of the Volcano equipment. - Everything works great and has it's advantages as far as convenience, performance, etc. But nothing beats a good old Magma atty and a drip tip to get the best tasting vape possible. Every other delivery method (carts, cartos/clearos, tankos) lose something in the translation - flavor, throat hit, vapor production - to some extent, but dripping gives you everything, straight up. So even if you're getting the new tankos or just the good old carts, go ahead and get a magma atty and drip tip (and some liquid to drip!) You'll be glad you did!
  • A Winner!
    Review by Keithon 3/12/11
    I started with the Stainless Steel drip tip and love it's solid feel and function. I got one of these and must say that it feels better and is easier to hold in your mouth. The multiple color options also allow more flexibility and identification if you use them with cartos or clearos.

    Every e-cig owner should own at least 1.. for either the Magma or Inferno... heck, any 510 atty or carto.
  • hmm?
    Review by Daneon 2/19/11
    so i have the inferno tank-o-mizer and these drip tips are a part of the inferno kit accessories or at least it says so on the page yet i ordered them and they dont fit they are too small.... maybe you guys should take these off of the inferno accessories page? ...ps i love your product dont worry just some advice for people who are wondering

    Dane- this is to be used on the magama atty that comes with the basic inferno kit. You can still use your drip tip, you just need to buy a magma atomizer. The tankomizer doesnt need a dript tip, because tanks self drip for you.
  • Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips
    Review by Jameson 2/17/11
    I use these on my USB-pass through.... you gotta buy at least one of these, it makes the liquids taste so clean and fresh. Their a must buy.
    Review by Mikion 2/1/11
    Just got my magenta drip tip yesterday! I was previously using carts, which were ok,... but holy moley.. I think I'm going to be hooked on dripping! I get so much vapor, flavor, and none of the issues you sometimes get with carts! I'm going to definitely be buying more of these in different colors!
  • Definately the way to go.
    Review by Dawnon 1/28/11
    These are great if you are a more heavy smoker, as I was. They give a much fuller flavor and being a newbie to vaping were very easy to use. They could very well be the difference between ever smoking analogs again. Try them out!
  • LOVE these!
    Review by Keoon 1/14/11
    I've been using these drip tips for quite a while and I absolutely love them!

    IMHO they look good and the juices taste better. I love all of the colours as well. These are definitely the way to go!!!

    Mahalo again, Volcano!!!
  • Neutral
    Review by Rob Rilon 1/4/11
    Dripping is simple with this tip and I recommend them for that reason. The color is not as vibrant as in the picture (for the red version at least). The o-ring is not red but black. Neutral review because of aesthetics not matching picture.
  • Love these on my Cartos!
    Review by Jeremyon 1/1/11
    If you have not tried these tips yet dont hesitate to do so. Looks great and feels perfect on your lips. Do yourself a favor and chuck the plastic cap that comes on the cartos and put one of these on I think you will love it like I do. No more juice in your mouth etc. I have many of the colors and I can keep track of what flavors my cartos are.
  • Nice Tip
    Review by SmokeyJoeon 12/5/10
    I like these drip tips. No more messing around with carts. They look good and do what they're suppposed to. My only complaint, which is minor, would be that they don't fit into the atty as snug as I'd like. They are kind of easy to come off, causing the battery to fall. So maybe a little bit bigger o-ring would make a tighter connection.
  • Good Stuff and fit joye510 atty perfectly A+
    Review by Sarnon 11/15/10
    I use it on my (G) Joye510 atty and it fit perfectly. Will be getting more soon in different color.

    Great Service and Fast Shipping.

  • Don't drip but still use these
    Review by Jasonon 11/9/10
    I dont drip but i still us these on the attys and the cartos it looks better and feels better i just love it.
  • Very Nice!!!
    Review by wolfstone5on 10/29/10
    Very nice fit & finish. Extremely comfortable to use and gives a stylish touch to any PV. I was concerned that it may feel cold to the touch but this is not the case. The atomizer warms it up rapidly but does not get it hot. I purchased a red one to try out and I'm so impressed that I'm ready to buy the complete set. If you're hesitant to try a drip tip, don't be. Once you do, you will never want to use a cartridge again. They also work well on cartomizers and makes refilling them a whole lot easier. At less than $3.50, you can't go wrong!
  • drip tip help
    Review by puddleon 10/28/10
    I just bought one of these but my Cisco atomizer doesn't seem to fit it... do the regular magma atomizers fit this or am I doing something wrong?

    this is intended for the magma atomizer and the cartomizers...there is a drip tip for the Cisco atty, and it comes with the Cisco atty.
  • Love This Thing!
    Review by Matthewon 10/20/10
    The best thing ever put this on a Magma atty with your usb passthrough just killer.
  • sweet goodness
    Review by omaron 10/19/10
    i am so glad i got one of these things. they really so what the magma can do and in my opinion complete the unit. having one of these actually reduce you vaping cost because you are not limited to haveing to buy carts anymore. i still do but thier more for out and about use. dont just sit there reading what everybody else has to say get one for yourself and you will be glad you did!!
  • Great!
    Review by Elion 9/18/10
    Pair this up with a manual battery and you are in vape heaven! From now on carts for "on the go" only.
  • Drip Tips? Buy It!!
    Review by Gregon 9/12/10
    These are sweet as all get out! If your tired of the problems a cartridge can sometimes present... Get One Of These!!! The vapor? Endless... The taste? Amazing! It may be slightly more work when on the go... but worthwhile and worth every cheap cent!!! You cant go wrong with one of these!!!
  • Its Volcano great product
    Review by Jourdanon 8/30/10
    Great product great price and great customer service
  • EXACTLY... wouldn't you agree?
    Review by MerlinDaBldgon 8/21/10
    ...er'one with a comment on these tips, hit it right on the nose. no juice accidentally choking you out! they may be highly addictive (the assorted colours. -maybe get an atomizer for each color.) contoured real sweetly. feels good on the lips. (that's... what she said.) game-changer fa'sho! keep that lava flowin'! ha! only high appraisals for volcano.
  • best drip tip I've tried
    Review by Twilightbloomon 8/18/10
    These are perfect. I've tried other drip tips. My complaint with them was the feel of them on my mouth, the hole opening, and size. This is the perfect size! And awesome colors.
  • Superb, Stylish, and Smoke-Worthy
    Review by Tim Thompsonon 8/18/10
    Just got mine in today, I ordered a black tip, and I love the look of it. I can sit here and type this while vaping at the same time: no more having to hold my MAGMA. Designed perfectly for holding with just the lips. Fantastic. I can barely taste the metal when I inhale, and the vapor pours out of this tip like a champ. I gave it a boiled water bath before I used it to make sure I killed anything off from the trans-continental journey to the Shenandoah Valley, and I dare say, I love it.

    Good Job, Volcano! 10 stars.
  • in a word; Superb
    Review by Raskolnikovon 8/17/10
    I previously bought the stainless steel drip tip, which worked really well i must say, but when it comes down to mobility and comfort of use the aluminum tips have it beat. Not to mention they look way better. I found that the steel tip was a bit cumbersome and wouldn't stay put in my PCC, if i carried it around at all it would end up falling out of place and bounce around noisily. That is not an issue at all an issue with the aluminum tip, it stays in place and doesnt affect the balance of my magma when in use. Also being a bit beveled it is much more comfortable to vape. All in all, I highly recommend this product.

  • The Most Comfortable Drip Tip Yet!
    Review by 3Digitalon 8/16/10
    AWESOME! drip tip!

    The most 3 major features this drip tip has above over all others (That I noticed right away on the first vape), are:

    1. Ridiculously Comfortable on you lips no matter how big your lips are, and still comfortable over long periods of time.

    2. You can drip through the hole without spilling or tasting any juice even if you drip to the inner sides.

    3. The juice hits the mesh first!, not the sides of your atomizer, which = less flooding due to dripping.

    5 starz out of 5
  • Very sharp looking drip tips...
    Review by Nigel_Samhainon 8/12/10
    These are a nice lightweight alternative to the steel tips and they come in a variety of -anodized- colors. I was very satisfied with anodizing thickness (they wont chip or ding up easily from teeth). I have seen some aluminum drip tips selling elsewhere that were enameled and have passed them up entirely (not too keen on paint cracking off in my mouth). The tip looks pretty sharp next to the black. I should have read the description better when I ordered (ordered Midnight thinking it was Black). Still I am happy with the purchase and will probably order a few different colors so I can have a dedicated/color coded vaporizer for each of my favorite flavors.

    It would be awesome if they made them in orange.