WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml

BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 15ml


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg

The bright citrus flavor of this signature VOLCANO eCigs blend provides a refreshing, medium-bodied experience. The fruity bouquet of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch, makes it a best seller.

Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol, Menthol Burst, Vanilla Bean, Shaka Strawberry, Maui Mango


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Contains: 1 15ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE BlueWater Punch e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Kathleenon 8/29/15
    I have been blending blue water and vanilla bean flavors .... smooth , flavorful , satisfying ! Thanks !
  • Overall
    New blend is better
    Review by AJon 8/5/15
    I have tried this in 16 mg nicotine in the old blend, and 0 mg nocotine in the new blend, and the new blend has a way cleaner flavor.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Suzanneon 6/3/15
    Delicious slightly sweet flavor.
  • Overall
    Review by Feliciaon 12/27/14
    This is by far the BEST flavor, other than regular pure tobacco, that I have ever tried. I have tried many other flavors and none of them did anything for me. I gave up on trying flavors and stuck with just the tobacco. But once I seen the reviews, I decided to give one more flavor a try and I am so glad I did. Now I only vape with this flavor and tobacco mixed half and half. It's a clean, slightly sweet vape that is pure heaven. I would never even bother with anything else.
  • Overall
    tastes like an ocean water
    Review by Ashleyon 8/31/14
    Ok so my favorite drink is Sonic ' s ocean water which is blue coconut mixed with sprite. Volcano ' s blue water punch is that same flavor but even better. I just started to use my vapor cig this past Thursday the 28th of august 2014 and I'm now a diehard believer . My choice of e-cig fluid was volcano ' s blue water punch at 24mg of nicotine. I used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day but made the switch so I could live longer for my kids and save money. I must say I was skeptical at first until I tasted the blue water punch. Not only have I not wanted a smoke but the flavor has remarkably surprised me and kept me from wanting to smoke or disliking e cigs just because of the pure flavor . I will now only purchase all my e cig flavors exclusively from Volcano. The nicotine is on the right dose to keep my cravings in check and the flavor is on point. The taste is so delectable I know even this early to my switch from normal cigarettes to e cigs that I will never have a relapse back to smoking. Thank you Volcano for pleasantly surprising me and making my switch worth it.
  • Overall
    Great Starter
    Review by RBon 7/15/14
    I will say one of the best. If you look at the number of reviews of all of their flavors this one ranks the highest. Pretty Awesome!
  • Overall
    Review by Marissaon 6/23/14
    Simply amazing ! That's all I got to say !
  • Overall
    Got this as a starter
    Review by Josephon 1/2/14
    My Roommate ordered this with his kick, and to my surprise of tasting it - amazing. Will great flavor, definitely stands out, and this is odd to say, it tastes blue. I know colors aren't really a flavor, but this definitely taste blue. Great for a first time flavor if you aren't really sure what to pick up.
  • Overall
    Blue Water Punch
    Review by Davidon 12/22/13
    I agree the Blue water punch is one of the best flavors I have tried. It also makes a great base for mixing. I will always have some of this on hand.
  • Overall
    My Daily Vape
    Review by Josephon 12/8/13
    You'll kick yourself in the butt for not buying BlueWater Punch in 30ml!
  • Awesome!!
    Review by Toddon 7/31/12
    I have tried almost all the flavors and this is still the best by far!!!!
  • Best of the best
    Review by omaron 7/23/12
    My wife and I have always loved this flavor since day one. This was our first vape when we started and we will always love it.
  • 2.5/5
    Review by GermanGuyMikeon 7/16/12
    After hearing about how great this juice is, I decided to get the 30ml bottle (along with several other favorites). At first, the vape was great, but after a few days in my rotation, the taste got bitter and stale. i cleaned an atomizer and switched in a new one, but it still tasted bitter. Overall, it's decent, but it seems to me that this particular juice doenst put out much vapor. i do have a question, though. Does the strength of nicotine affect the taste? Thank you Volcano for making other excellent e juices. I recommend choconilla haze with a drop or two of menthol.
  • like this one
    Review by lualon 7/8/12
    order it now
  • My favorite by far!
    Review by Emilyon 6/11/12
    Blue water punch was the very first juice I purchased, it's by far the most flavorful. It also tastes good when mixed with grape! I recommend this to all my friends!
  • great vape
    Review by michaelon 6/9/12
    I love this stuff, the vape is powerful and the taste is great. This is my desert after meals.
  • One of my favorites
    Review by Roberton 6/5/12
    Swett but not overpowering, great all day vape in my 1.5 ohm single coil tube tank. Smooth and well rounded, I highly reccomend this flavor.
  • ?
    Review by Karrieon 6/4/12
    Just wondering why buleberry and fruit punch are mixed into this flavor, but not sold as a flovor on their own?

    Volcano- We do sell the fruit punch (Hula punch), working on the blueberry...
  • Very tasty
    Review by Tyvaz on 6/3/12
    This flavor is great. It really depends on you tho. To me it tastes like fruit punch with a hint of watermelon. But mostly fruit punch. At first I thought the flavor was kinda weak and I didn't like it. But after vaping it for a while I started to like it more and more. Really great flavor.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Crystalon 5/18/12
    I've tried a few different flavors from different companies & I always come back to this one even though I have the non-nicotine! Fabulous flavor & my boyfriend (non-smoker) keeps taking my inferno away & using it!! It's pretty good in the drip tip but I definitely recommend using it in the clearomizers! Just fantastic!!
  • Not bad
    Review by Joshuaon 5/10/12
    I was hoping for more blueberry. Watermelon is a little overwhelming. Still pretty good juice though, not too sweet and good for all day.
  • Great
    Review by Alexon 5/4/12
    This stuff is really good, it is one of my new favorites. I do taste more watermelon than blueberry with the fruit punch but this is awesome.
  • Pretty Good
    Review by Brianon 4/27/12
    This juice is very mellow, and very smooth. In a clearo, I'd say its perfect! Of course a drip setup the flavor is better, and with Blue Water Punch, its a sure winner!
  • Blast of flavor? No!
    Review by Matthewon 4/23/12
    This has a nice cool , somewhat sweet but flat flavor that can be hardy tasted by a 1.5 ohm dcc. Get a 2 or 2.5 ohm atty for this stuff if you want some flavor..... or just stay away in general. Not a punch you in the face flavor either way.
  • Way too sweet
    Review by Richardon 3/10/12
    2/5-- Flavor is really strong. Almost too sweet to vape. I drip it from time to time, but I wouldn't even think of carrying it around with me.
    Tastes a lot like the Mauna Dew flavor.
  • Best when dripped imo
    Review by Kahaluuboy on 2/28/12
    This thing rocks when dripping using the inferno LR atty, but for some reason it isnt as.great in the 1.5 dcc tube tank on a inferno USB passthru battery. What's even more surprising is when I use it in Mega clearomizer it's tastes idk how.to describe it besides weak. Too me, mega clearos provides the best taste, right under dripping. I added a little bit methol burst to the clearo then it was cherry. Maybe the 2nd refill of the clearo will be better as some people claim they need a little time to."break in"
  • Not Bad
    Review by Clifon 2/27/12
    I got this for an everyday smoke and after about the 3rd day, it started burning when I hit. Has good flavor, but not an everyday juice.
  • Nice
    Review by Sherrion 2/9/12
    To much blueberry and not enough punch for me. I was looking for a more rounded flavor, but this one fell short.
  • Awesome
    Review by henry on 2/7/12
    Smooth, great vapor production, good throat hit on the 24 mg, Awesome flavor. Definitely my new favorite. Filled both my Tube Tanks with this and love it.
  • Love it
    Review by James on 2/4/12
    This flavor is very sweet. Nice vape and not harsh. Smooth going down and is a vape you can use all day long.
  • Love this flavor
    Review by Dominickon 2/2/12
    This was my first flavored nicotine product and can I say "Good Lord is this good"!!! I've got tobacco pure which ehh, shaka strawberry which is gross, bonzai banana which rocks, and waikiki watermelon which also rocks. I would highly recommend this one to anyone new to flavored ecigs.
  • Fruit punch goodness
    Review by Ericon 1/31/12
    This was my first volcano flavor, and ran through it quickly. I like to think of the flavor as a blue fruit punch italian ice. It contrasts regular fruit punch by being more sharp and tart. Very good, and if you like sweets, this one should be perfect. I have about a dozen flavors now and none of the sweet flavors are as good as this one.
  • Awesome
    Review by Ed (RIVapor)on 1/30/12
    I ordered a Lavatube and I grabbed a bottle of this stuff to try since it had many reviews. This has become my new all day vape. I ordered mine in 16 mg strength and the flavor, vapor, and throat hit are amazing. There are many reviews for a reason. This could be Volcano's signature juice. Give it a try, I'm loving it!
  • A m a z i n g ! ! !
    Review by ProvokeDon 1/17/12
    This is absolutely the best all day vape in my opinion. I do enjoy the occasional tobacco flavors, but I was greatly impressed when I found a non-tobacco flavor that I liked. Every time I order from Volcano, I throw a 30ml bottle of this in the order.
  • great
    Review by Bradon 1/16/12
    taste like a blue freeze pop its great
  • Great!
    Review by Justinon 1/10/12
    My Lava Tube just arrived, along with this juice. Now, it is my new favorite flavor for evening, with coffee, or just to change it up. Vanilla is generally my main dish these days, but thats just because I don't want to wear out this flavor. It is currently my new favorite, and most likely will stay there. Any voltage, tank or cart, always a good taste.
  • Great liquid! (One of my favorites now)
    Review by Charleneon 1/5/12
    Blue water punch is tasty and fruity. I got it with my tank device and I love it! One of my favorites now! Thank you Volcano masters.
  • sweet tasting and great vape
    Review by saadon 12/29/11
    good but my # 1 is still vanilla bean only because the bluewater punch is the second flavor iv tried. cherry lava on the way...
  • Excellent Flavor and Throat Hit
    Review by Joelon 12/27/11
    I bought a bottle of the 16mg nicotine. This stuff has an awesome taste to it, Blue Water Punch is a perfect name, thats what it tastes like, or i should maybe say, thats what i would assume blue water punch tastes like!! Not overpowering, not candy-ish flavor, just a good solid flavor. I dont know about other nic levels, but the 16 has a great throat hit. Menthol burst is my daily with mega throat hit. If Menthol burst is a 9/10 throat hit, Blue water punch is a 8/10 throat hit for me. This will be in my daily rotation now. Excellent Juice.
  • BWP is great once again!
    Review by Jeremyon 12/18/11
    Love it. Its my daily vape. It lost its way a while back but Volcanos mixmasters have found it again. Could still use a little more flavor imho but Im very happy with it. Thanx!
  • Subtle but delicious.
    Review by Razz Pitazzon 12/14/11
    I used the 0mg version of this flavor.
    It seemed at first that the flavor was weak, but after a few hits it was revealed more as subtlety. This flavor is quite good, and tastes very much like blue punch. I do not know if this would be good with nicotine added but in 0mg it did not disappoint at all.
  • First fruity success
    Review by CADFX57on 11/9/11
    I never thought I would like any of the fruity flavors. I've done the coffee and the menthol burst. Typical smoke flavors which I love. This Bluewater Punch was a tasty and delightful surprise. You will not be disappointed with this one.
  • Best Volcano Has To Offer
    Review by Roberton 10/31/11
    BWP is the best flavor Volcano has to offer. I love it sooo much. I wish they'd go back to the original recipe because it tasted so much better. But I'm still down with this BWP. If you haven't tried it and you like sweet vapes. Give this a try. I don't like sweet vapes , gave this a try now its my main vape.
  • AWSOME!!!
    Review by TheHappyVaporon 10/26/11
    Nice fruty flavor and my firat Vape was with it just nice an smooth I love it.
  • I like it
    Review by Cherylon 10/24/11
    I taste mostly watermelon in this one....not my favorite juice, but not my least either :) I'm not a huge watermelon fan though, but if you are, you will love this one!
  • Amaze your friends
    Review by Nigel_Samhainon 10/14/11
    One of the most unique vapes, impress your friends who want to give vaping a try. People new to vaping should consider this one the most if they are looking for daily vapes with nice flavor. This is a good choice for volcano prefilled cartridges and dripping. I probably wouldnt recommend filling mega carts and tanks with this stuff though (give it a rest and enjoy it). Vapes nice at any voltage and flavor isnt profoundly affected either.
  • Thank you V. Finally!
    Review by Jeremyon 10/13/11
    Finally after all the changes BWP is back to being my all day vape. Its done right this time.
  • Bubblelicious!
    Review by Lennyon 10/12/11
    Taste just like the bubblelicious bubble gum I used to chew when I was younger. sometimes has a slight sour aftertaste but none the less this is an amazing flavor.
  • Wow! This is a great ejuice.
    Review by amandaon 10/8/11
    I have tried 5 flavors now and this is definitly my go to vape. It's not over whelming yet it has that distinct fruit flavor. BWP has a great throat hit and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Great
    Review by Amandaon 10/4/11
    I'm baling the carts and this flavor is my favorite so far .. I'm going to try it in the juice hopefully it taste just as flavorable
  • Great blend!
    Review by Brandonon 9/25/11
    This is an awesome fruity flavor! Its a bit harsh as it makes my wife cough up lungs along with the Tobacco Flavor.

    I honestly can't taste too much of the blueberry but I definitely taste the watermelon and fruit punch!

    GREAT TASTE, makes an excellent dessert vape!
  • My favorite Volcano Flavor
    Review by Lisaon 9/24/11
    Just got this today. I ordered the 8mg strength and am dripping on a Magma atty. Nice fruity flavor but not overly sweet. Very smooth and will easily be an all day go-to flavor for me. Perfect TH for me...not too strong but enough to be satisfying. Great Job Volcano!
  • This is great !!!!
    Review by Jeffreyon 9/23/11
    If you like watermelon and berry mixed buy this!!! You know you want to.
  • Top of the List!
    Review by Jasonon 9/20/11
    When I first started vaping BlueWater Punch was the first flavor I tried. It was amazing and I was hooked on vaping from that point forward. No more analogs for me. What I tried must have been the "original" formula, because over the months, this flavor lost its appeal.

    Now, its been REDONE and its BACK! Great move by Volcano to touch up this unique blend. I got my order of the redone BWP yesterday ... and its just like the first time all over again. I'm pretty stoked about it.

  • Great tasting
    Review by Michaelon 9/7/11
    Great tasting. Great afte rtaste. Got the 16mg. Too harsh for my gf, but i love it.
  • A Daily Staple
    Review by Matton 8/25/11
    Blue Water Punch has become my daily vape of choice. The blend is a perfect grouping of three of my favorite flavors made into a v-liquid. I use the cartomizers and the liquid and the taste is not lacking at all in either. Whichever you decide to get you will not be disappointed by this knockout hit from the mixologists at Volcano.
  • New Flavor
    Review by Jayon 8/24/11
    Cant wait to try the new, new flavor. the first usa flavor tasted way too much like a cantaloupe! BWP was my first all day vape and it left a big hole.
  • New flavor!
    Review by Jordan on 8/16/11
    Bought this again but this time with the new remixed flavor. Even better then before. Much more flavor and all I can say is I love it.

    As to the above review keep in mind that nicotine content affects flavor. 8mg and 16mg is a decent difference.
  • Not as flavorful as the carts
    Review by Ryanon 8/1/11
    I purchased the full flavor BWP and I have had the cartridges of the lights. I personally think that the carts are much more flavorful than the ejuice. I don't have really any of the flavor as I did the carts. I think that it is a bland flavor with the ejuice in comparison to the carts.
  • Amazing!
    Review by Jordan on 7/29/11
    This was the first flavor I bought from Volcano and all I can say is wow. Not to over whelming and not to suttle.

    I would recommend this flavor for anyone