WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml

BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg

The bright citrus flavor of this signature VOLCANO eCigs blend provides a refreshing, medium-bodied experience. The fruity bouquet of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch, makes it a best seller.

Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol, Menthol Burst, Vanilla Bean, Shaka Strawberry, Maui Mango


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Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE BlueWater Punch e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Meganon 1/6/19
    One of the best flavors I've had to date. Highly recommend it!
  • Overall
    All time favorite
    Review by JaKobyon 4/14/18
    Got a taste of this from my cab driver while I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon and instantly had a favorite. Volcano is my one and only supplier for all my juice
  • Overall
    Piars well with Red Wings
    Review by Mikeon 11/5/16
    Reviewer Joey was right, this goes really well with Red Wings. I mixed 1/2 and 1./2 with Red Wings and it is very nice. Not too in your face like some other flavors. My other go to jam is Waikiki Watermelon.
  • Overall
    Best Flavour ever
    Review by Joeyon 12/17/15
    I love love love BWP! (along with Red Wings).... The inhale is such a sweet tangy watermelony yumminess and the finish of the cool Hawaiian Punch red is WONDERFUL! it's my all day/every day vape!!!! great job guys!!!!
  • Overall
    Best Flavour ever
    Review by Joeyon 12/17/15
    I love love love BWP! (along with Red Wings).... The inhale is such a sweet tangy watermelony yumminess and the finish of the cool Hawaiian Punch red is WONDERFUL! it's my all day/every day vape!!!! great job guys!!!!
  • Overall
    Loving the 3mg
    Review by Roberton 8/19/15
    I moved away from this flavor because I started vaping at 0.5ohms. The nic level at 8mg made it taste too spicy and not enjoyable anymore. The new 3mg has brought me back to my favorite flavor, thank you very much!!
  • Overall
    Review by Feliciaon 8/16/15
    I have tried many different flavors but this is the best one that I have found. I do a 50/50 mix with Pure Tobacco and it is the ONLY thing I vape with. I don't know how many times I have had people tell me how great it smells and have even had people poke their head out of a drive thru to tell me how great my car smells. I can't imagine if Volcano did not offer this flavor any longer because this fan would be at a lost. Best flavor EVER!!!
  • Overall
    I Vape BWP Everyday
    Review by Josephon 12/8/13
    This tastes exactly how you would image it would saying its name. I always come back to BlueWater Punch as my daily choice. If you ever stop making this flavor you'll lose a customer for life Volcano :P
  • Overall
    Too tangy not enough sweet
    Review by Mercedeson 12/3/13
    I just received mine today and i thought it was going to be like really fruity but no it's really tangy!! Almost sour:p 4 out of 5 for this one
  • Overall
    Obvious why this is top rated.
    Review by Monkeyon 10/14/13
    This is really good. Sweet with a tangy going in and a slight sour aftertaste. If you like I expect you'll like Pear too. If you just want the sweet go with Watermelon
  • Overall
    THE BEST!!!!!!!
    Review by RRon 9/1/13
    Bluewater punch was one of the first flavors I tried. Let me tell you-the vapor is outstanding, the flavor you can NEVER get board of!!! Its a smooth blueberry/punchy type flavor that you can literally vape ALL DAY LONG! This one still remains one of my absolute FAVS!! This one is a MUST for those who has no idea what flavor to decide on!!!
  • Overall
    my new fav!
    Review by jd in key weston 8/27/13
    excellent vapor! sweet, tangy, mildly sour. it's a taste of all the flavors at once. watermelon highlights the trio with definite hints of the blueberry and fruit punch. my new favorite flavor, tough to make that call since i love kona coffee almost as much! good job volcano, you nailed this one!
  • Overall
    The Juice that's worth the hype
    Review by Ana on 8/16/13
    This flavour has been my favourite from the moment I vaped it - I started WAY back in the day when the infernos weren't even dreamed of yet, atomizers blew out within a day, and your 'tube' had less than 1ml in it, of Cherry Lava. (I also had vanilla, coffee, and a few others, but cherrry was the definite worst!) Holy -- was that flavour bad back then. It was like someone took cherry flavoured medication and stuck it in a cloud. Needless to say, we returned to analogs.

    Two years later, my husband bought me an inferno (the old version) - with a bottle of BWP. As much as the old inferno product left an awful lot to be desired with the tanks and general fiddly-ness; I adored the flavour nonetheless and couldn't wait for the technology to get better so I could truly enjoy this flavour without the background taste of burnt polyfill. (The old infernos really sucked, sorry but it's true xD)

    Now, two years even after that, I finally got some guts and we bought ourselves the new Inferno kits, with, of course, BWP. The flavour is the exact same as I remember it - Well, no, MUCH better, because my tank and it's carto don't burn out and taste like fried plastic anymore. ;)

    I suggest this flavour to everyone, from the new vaper to you guys who've just never tried this flavour. If you even remotely like fruity stuff, you'll love this.
  • Overall
    LOVE IT!
    Review by 3Percenteron 8/11/13
    This was my first juice and the reason I quit analogs. Currently mixing it 50/50 with Coocoo Coconut and love the unique flavor. It is awesome by itself, but works great as a mixer. I will always have 30ml of this on hand.
  • Overall
    BlueWater Punch
    Review by Andrewon 7/31/13
    Ordered this along with my very first Inferno kit. This being my first flavor, I went with this one due to high reviews. At first, it didn't seem to really do much for me taste-wise. But now that I ran out of it, I miss the taste. Ran out 2 days ago, placed an order for a 30mL bottle, will be here tomorrow and that's that. This flavor is good, I do like it, but I was expecting a bit more upon first hit. But after a day or two it grows on ya. I can't say much because this is the only liquid I've ever tried.

    I'm stoked to try other flavors, and the next one for me might be Choconilla Haze. I'm eager to sample the 4 new ones (orange cream to lolo lime, etc) at the cafe soon. Sounds ono.
  • Overall
    Great tangy flavor
    Review by Gordonon 7/27/13
    I ran out of liquid and my friend gave me a full tank of this until my fluid and tanks came in and i forgot how good this flavor was. it has a great tangy flavor that is excellent for that second in line option.
  • Overall
    A little too sugary tasting
    Review by Gregon 7/10/13
    I think the water melon flavor kind of over-powers the blueberry and fruit punch that it is mixed with. At first I liked the vapor, but the more I used it, I think it is too strong and sugary tasting. I have tried mixing it with the sweet tart and that seems to work pretty well. It tastes like a water melon flavored sweet tart. Don't know if I will order it again. I think I would rather try something different next time.
  • Overall
    Baja Blast
    Review by Blakeon 7/4/13
    Tastes like mountain dew baja blast. Its very good
  • Overall
    Review by Tiffanyon 6/1/13
    This flavor definitely doesn't disappoint! As soon as I smelled it I knew it I would love it... gives you a refreshing, light and clean sweet taste to your vaping. Very yummy!
  • Overall
    boss flavor
    Review by justinon 5/15/13
    The best e-liquid I have ever had. This is the one that Is going to help me kick cigarettes!
  • Overall
    Review by n3xsyson 5/14/13
    by far my favorite e juice from volcano i will definitely ALWAYS keep this in my stock perfect for an all day vape
  • Overall
    Great !!!
    Review by Brandonon 5/12/13
    Hmmmm.. What can I say negative ? Probably that I just got the 15ml instead of the 30ml love the taste/flavor it definitely taste like fruit punch. The flavor isn't overwhelming, just right, with a good throat hit, and good vapor production. And if you especially like the fruit stripe gum you know the one with the zebra logo then you'll love this flavor !!!! Gonna be getting the 30ml from now on.
  • Overall
    Review by Steven on 5/2/13
    Very nice liquid great throat hit. Maybe a turn off for people who dont like sour stuff....Not overly sweet but has a bite too it i love it!
  • Overall
    Love This One :) My All Day Vape!!
    Review by Roseon 4/30/13
    This is by far one of my favorite flavor's they offer :) I am still in the process of trying to try all of the flavors, but keep finding myself purchasing this one....
  • Overall
    Freaking Delicious!
    Review by Nickon 4/18/13
    This was not my first flavor. I ordered a starter kit with Grape Escape. I read review after review from sites that said BlueWater Punch was really good. Over the weekend I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I now know what all the fuss is about. This is DELICIOUS!
  • Overall
    Very nice....
    Review by Mark J.on 4/16/13
    It came to me today, not knowing what to expect. I was thrilled! Not too fruity and has a nice tropical taste. It is on my re-order list! Good job all at VEC!!!! Very nice vape also...
  • Overall
    Review by Joe Son 3/29/13
    This is one great liquid. If your starting out on ecigs I recommend this liquid because its in between the mix of a little fruity and still has a nice kick. Well done Volcano!
  • Overall
    Sweet wonderful vape
    Review by Jeffreyon 3/28/13
    This is a great flavor sweet and refreshing its my daily vape
  • Overall
    Best Flavor Hands Down
    Review by Ericon 3/26/13
    This flavor is perfect! It is my go to vape and pretty much my daily vape. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and just enough throat hit. I like to mix it with the Red Wing flavor to give it just a hair of spice. But even by itself, its an all day vape. Volcano is on point with this one! I recommend it to everyone.
  • Overall
    Yummy Yummy Yummy
    Review by VaperJoeyon 3/23/13
    This has such a sweet Punch flavour on the inhale and I can taste the watermelon on the exhale...it is my most loved one of all next to Milk Chocolate...
  • Overall
    Great Berry Punch
    Review by Justinon 3/21/13
    It tastes very well, I mix a little of the menthol in the cartomizer and maybe a like 10 drops in the tube. Amazing. One of my favorites. Taste like a mix of berries, but not overpowering. I will continue to get this one! Goes well while drinking tea.
  • Overall
    Review by Tamara on 3/14/13
    This is a great starter liquid. Has a great fruity flavor and vapes really well. My husband and i relly like this and always have a big bottle on hand. this also works well for mixing with other flavors, works well a base flavor or stretching your last lttle bit of something else.
  • Overall
    Review by sis62450on 3/6/13
    New to eCigs wasn't sure of the flavor to choose I was a pack/day smoker used light cigs. Ordered the 8mg and it's fantastic, love the flavor.
  • Overall
    Soooo Yummy!
    Review by Vaper Joeyon 3/5/13
    Ok to begin with...I got interested in Blue Water Punch after hearing about in a Geek Group video with Chris Boden...He was telling about the different Juices Volcano had...I was intrigued, so when I bought My LT V2 kit I immediately picked up this little Gem...Talk about a pleasant surprise...It tastes like the Hawaiian Blue Punch...The Watermelon is fantastic...The blueberry is overshadowed a bit and the Fruit Punch is a nice finish on the exhale....5/5 guys ...pick some up when you are at a Volcano Kiosk near you ...You won;t regret it!
  • Overall
    Very nice.....
    Review by MsAbigailon 3/5/13
    I really like this flavor, has a bit of a blueberry taste to it...which I'm a blueberry fan anyway. It isn't my all day vape, but it probably comes into a close 2nd to Red Hot Lava. My Hubby really likes this one as well, so all in all a very good vape in our opinions! :-))
  • Overall
    kinda weak
    Review by Sarahon 3/2/13
    a tasty flavor that has a faint raspberry exhale. I wish it were more robust in flavor.
  • Overall
    Overwhelmingly Satisfying
    Review by Jameson 2/26/13
    This is definitely a flavor that I cannot tire of; certainly one to have on hand in case you need a break from a throatier, heavier flavor you're vaping on. It is carefully balanced, has a good flavor and body, without being piercing or severe. Would highly recommend!
  • Overall
    Some good stuff!
    Review by Steveon 2/26/13
    This one is nice. Has kind of a blueberry fruit punch taste that hits smooth with pretty good TH. Easily an all day vape for those who like it a little sweet (but not overpowering).
  • Overall
    Review by T.J.on 2/18/13
    Just got this with my new Lavatube V2 kit and i have to say its an excellent vape and will be my new all day vape from now on. Smooth taste nice throat hit on 8mg and no aftertaste.
  • Overall
    Nice Vape
    Review by Jerryon 2/17/13
    I like the bluewater punch with a little Menthol Burst. Great vape, thanks Volcano
  • Overall
    Review by Matton 2/2/13
    Definitely one of the best juices out there. I Started with this one when I bought my Inferno, and have tried several other juices, but just keep coming back to my Blue Water Punch!
  • Overall
    Review by Vanon 1/30/13
    the flavor is very likable however when i recievced the 30ml bottle, the bottle was cracked and leaked in the packaging. but other than the shipping, the flavor is good and i recommend it to any new vapor users
  • Overall
    I fell in love with it.
    Review by Michaelon 1/26/13
    I purchased this with a 8mg after I vape the very last drop of my vanilla bean. I'm still in the process of choosing the best flavor for me. And right after the first hit, I was fell in love with the flavor. It is smooth, clean, refreshing. Taste like watermelon and has a good throat hit. I thought vanilla bean was the best but IMO this is far way better. I will use this as my all day vape and put it as one of my favorite. I'm definitely getting a 30ml soon.
  • Overall
    The Best Drip Ever!
    Review by Williamon 1/18/13
    This is one of the first flavors I ever tried and even years later, after countless numbers of other flavors this is still my go-to. Strong fruit flavor, not too sweet like the Pinapple and great TH! Great for all day, everyday vaping. Best Volcano flavor!
  • Overall
    Review by Nickon 1/14/13
    This flavor tastes so good! No bad aftertaste and goes really well with Sprite!
  • Overall
    One of the Best
    Review by Chrison 1/3/13
    I always recommend this juice to anyone who purchases a new eCig or is looking for something different. Very fruity and smooth. It has a slight raspberry flavor to it. One of the best liquids out there.
  • Overall
    Review by jordanon 12/28/12
    want a vape that cools you down? this is it! 0mg is awesome for just the flavor. 16mg will give you a good TH (throat hit). i would recommend this to any vaper, smoker, or even people who love hookah.
  • Overall
    It's ok.
    Review by Super Ertoyon 12/14/12
    Taste good in light to medium use but wasnt what I was expecting for the high rating. 16-24 is too strong for the flavor but 8MG is what I would get if I was to pick BWP again. Taste a lot like a hooka flavor.
  • Overall
    Review by Dustyon 12/14/12
    Tastes great, hits great. I have two set ups and i Always end up coming back to this one. Everyone that tries it loves it. Very little aftertaste.
  • Overall
    Review by jameson 12/10/12
    it taste like jolly ranchers
  • Overall
    Blue Water Punch is a good flavor
    Review by Levion 12/8/12
    I like blue water punch, it's a good flavor.
  • Overall
    Delicious & Smooth
    Review by Steveon 12/5/12
    I've tried a dozen flavors now, and this one is the smoothest and most refreshing I've tried; instantly my new favorite. Some are too sweet or harsh requiring a mix, but this one is perfect. Even my non-smoking friends dig this one.
  • Overall
    Great vape
    Review by Robert on 11/30/12
    I ordered this with my starter kit because of the good reviews. They were right. This has become my favorite so far. Good TH and vape. Taste cool on the hit. Taste is hard to discribe, a light punch, sometimes reminds me of cotton candy, sometimes watermelon or just a light punch but always good. Just ordered another 30 mil. This is my all day vape.
  • Overall
    This is actually really good.
    Review by Johnon 10/9/12
    My first impression was WOW! Light, cool, crisp and fresh, this one lives up to the hype.
  • All day vape.
    Review by Teresaon 9/27/12
    Gives a good throat. Notice it more in higher mg. bottles. Great flavor! Every time I try a different flavor I always come to craving blue water.
  • Smooth
    Review by Matthewon 9/12/12
    I love Bluewater Punch. I have let many of my friends try this flavor and I have had no bad feedback from any of them. I have not tried mixing Bluewater punch with anything purely because it is so good by itself.
    Another fine product created by Volcano
    Two thumbs up!
  • ok
    Review by LaniChanon 8/11/12
    bwp is ok..but for me it was way to light.. good for mixing..on its own...not so much..
  • Hmm...
    Review by Arthuron 8/1/12
    Idk what to say about this one. I love that Menthol Burst by far and I noticed this was the 2nd highest rated juice so I tried it and got it in today. I must say this is very interesting, it has this fruity taste when I inhale but man when I exhale it kinda tastes and smells like Lime. Only Con I have about this is that it kinda burns my taste buds like Waikiki Watermelon. I guess its just something I have to get used to but I would def. go with Menthol burst, Bluewater Punch and Choconilla Haze.