WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 30ml

Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 30ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 8mg and 16mg

Known best for its mellow, medium-bodied flavor, Choconilla Haze is a delicate blend of Milk Chocolate, vanilla bean, and hazelnut with a well-rounded depth of flavor.

Suggested flavor pairings: Bonzai Banana, Tobacco, Tobacco Pure


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Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Choconilla Haze e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

This flavor was created using a hazelnut extract. Do not use this product if you are allergic in any way to nuts as it may cause an allergic reaction.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    One of the best
    Review by Leonardon 7/20/17
    One of the best juices I have tasted. Will order more when 3% is in stock because in my opinion 8% is too harsh. Please make in bigger bottles as well
  • Overall
    One of the best
    Review by Leonardon 7/18/17
    This is one of the best and most flavorful juices I have used and tasted.. I would buy in bulk if they had the 3% in stock and offered in bigger bottles.. 8% is overkill but I wanted to try it. That would be my only complaint. Will order again when 3% is in stock
  • Overall
    .....as good as it gets!
    Review by Carlaon 2/16/16
    .... A sumptuous, authentic flavor - a perfect balance of Vanilla, chocolate & very 'well-rounded' Hazelnut - there's nothing 'artificial' or overly 'Candy-like' tasting about this one - it's just perfect! I've been very impressed by Volcano so far - quality over quantity, I think! I also tried the 'Tobacco Pure' last order & was very impressed by that also - to me it tasted even Better than some of the pricier 'designer' flavors we've tried prior.....never get any 'peppery' hits with either of these flavors which has def. been a deal-breaker for me when trying other brands .... Thank you Volcano!... Hawaii Reprezent!!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Crystal on 10/19/15
    Excellent for after dinner cravings. I love the taste and smell
  • Overall
    The Best
    Review by Stephenon 3/4/15
    This is the best flavor ever, and has been my only flavor for over a year. If you are looking for the best vape ever, look no further.
  • Overall
    Once I tried Chocnilla Haze I was hooked! My favorite flavor e-juice anywhere!
    Review by Ashleyon 2/3/15
    I've tried a bunch of similar flavors sold in local stores but nothing compares! This flavor has great depth and complexity. My favorite flavor by a long shot!
  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 11/27/14
    Probably one of the best dessert flavors on the market!
  • Overall
    Review by Aaronon 9/9/14
    It's like vaping your desert. Delicious aftertaste.
  • Overall
    That is the best I have ever tried. It is strong , what I was looking for , and mixed little bit with tobacco pure is wonderful.
    Review by Barbaraon 6/26/14
  • Overall
    ChocoNilla Haze is still going strong!
    Review by Sandra on 2/24/14
    I know I reviewed this before but, for all the newbies checking out new liquids to Vape this 1 is still great & volcano has been consistent with this one so far. Now there are 2 Liquids that I wish I could say that about those are pipeline peach & ono orange cream. Not sure why Volcano Ecigs would NOT want to stay consistent with ALL the flavors? And ,it's been more than 1 bad order.. Today's order is going to be the last should Volcano Ecigs fail me again. Crossing my fingers all works well! And, I promise to update either way good or bad.. Good Luck newbies & try this one it's the one that's still going strong! :-)
  • Overall
    Tastes as Delicious as it sounds!
    Review by Maschelleon 11/29/13
    I would expect anything with the name "Choconilla Haze" to be slightly sweet, and definitely be smooth and delicious...and that is exactly what this flavor is! It is my only flavor that I use that I don't need to mix with another flavor! And, yes, it is my all-time favorite. It beat out Vanilla Bean and Red Hot Lava, which both surprise and delighted me. There is an unmistakeable chocolate taste, with an equal amount of hazelnut. The vanilla serves to make it so velvety and creamy, just like vanilla extract in hot chocolate! I hate it when I run out! This time I'm ordering the large bottle! Yum! Also, this is divine with a cup of coffee.
  • Overall
    In a nutshell this one is Yummy!
    Review by Sandra on 10/12/13
    I was hooked with my 1st vape off this one! The flavor was spot on & the hazelnut makes it perfect for me. I wish ya sold a hazelnut eliquid as I would so buy it. This flavor is smooth yet produces a good amount of vape! The throat hits decent & if your not sure about trying new flavors like I am this one wont let ya down! I like sweet vapes & I also like pearadise & pipeline peach & vanilla bean too. In a nutshell this one is YUMMY! Keep this in stock always!! I'd give it 10 stars but, 5 is the allowance... :)
  • Overall
    Go To Flavor
    Review by Eltonon 10/9/13
    This along with Kona Coffee, and Hawaiian Espresso are my go to flavors and haven't had an analog for over two months
  • Overall
    Great when drinking beer
    Review by Joshuaon 9/1/13
    If you're a smoker that loves to drink and smoke at the same time; this flavor as well as the Kona Coffee flavor works VERY well. I didn't crave a regular cigarette at all. Definitely a great product
  • Overall
    All time favorite!
    Review by Corinaon 8/26/13
    This is the first flavor that I enjoyed so much I actually forgot to smoke cigarettes!! Since I bought the first bottle, I've been hooked! Between this flavor & vanilla bean, I haven't had a cigarette since June 29!! I love them so much, I can't stand the thought of a cig now. This juice is fantastic!!
  • Overall
    One of the Best!!
    Review by Darcyon 8/7/13
    Tried this awhile back, ran out, started analogs again for some stupid reason... But now I'm back for good and this flavor is the reason why! Ordered a 15mL bottle a week ago, ordering a 30mL today so I don't run out!! Definitely my all day vape!
  • Overall
    Excellent-My favorite
    Review by Julieon 6/16/13
    I ordered it when it was a flavor of the week and was I happy I did--It is my go to flavor and I am now a repeat user of this--with great satisfaction--I smoke the extra high and this smooth flavor keeps it from being too harsh and you get a great th and tons of vapor--I just ordered it again in the larger size--don't want to run out! Keep this flavor forever!
  • Overall
    great flavor
    Review by Yokoon 6/9/13
    Love this flavor! I like to smoke themself but I also like to mix with menthol.
  • Overall
    Wonderful creation!
    Review by Brandonon 6/6/13
    This is my 2nd favorite flavor from Volcano.. so far. While inhaling, you do get the taste of vanilla & chocolate, & as you exhale, you can taste the hazelnut. Glad I have no allergic reaction to anything because I'd hate to miss out on this flavor!!
  • Overall
    best juice on the market
    Review by Nathanon 5/30/13
    or, at least from volcano. I can't say enough good things about this flavor. perfect TH, even at 16mg, perfect vapor that lingers a nice coco scent in the air, no one will complain. Wife's favorite, my favorite (at this point). will order a bigger bottle next time. don't change or remove this flavor volcano... ever
  • Overall
    Perfection with a hint of nicotine.
    Review by Markon 5/25/13
    This flavor is amazing! It such a full and satisfying taste, almost like a desert. All the different flavors compliment each other so well. The moment it hits your mouth you get the taste of the chocolate and vanilla, and the after taste is the hazelnut. Absolutely perfect.
  • Overall
    The Best
    Review by seanon 5/3/13
    I started with vanilla bean but since vapeing this I'm so satisfied with the taste can't get enough of it reordering for the 3rd time!
  • Overall
    All day vape for over a year
    Review by Chrison 4/21/13
    I got this flavor in Feb 2012 and it became the only flavor I HAD to have every day. The blend of the 3 flavors is perfect and sometimes in anticipation my mouth actually waters, lol. Someon said it clogs their cartos, but I actually get between 22 and 25 days in my Tube Tank with very little loss of flavor or variation in draw and that usually occurrs between those two figures. I keep a spreadsheet of my Tank usage with Flavors and if I don't get at least 15 to 18 days it doesn't go in a Tank. I do at least two mls a day in my Tank without a problem. Can't imagine ever being without my Choconilla!!! Love it.
  • Overall
    One Of My Top 10 Favorite Flavors
    Review by Xhanteon 4/20/13
    Choconilla Haze is currently my "go to" flavor. I actually didn't like it the first couple of times I tried it in the store, but now I love it! If you're a sweet freak (like me) this is definitely one to try. A bit off the subject, but i would love to try a Li Hing Mui flavored liquid. Blue Raspberry, Lime, and Sweet Ginger are also flavors I'd like to see Volcano carrying one day.
  • Overall
    Very good all day vape
    Review by Johnon 4/19/13
    This is a very good all day vape, all by itself no mixing. I ordered a 30 ml and it was gone in less than a week
  • Overall
    No problems in the MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer
    Review by Maganon 4/17/13
    I forgot to mention in my last review that I have been vaping this in the same MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer for 3 weeks & have not had a single problem. I've actually kept 2 of them loaded so that I always have a full one on the go & neither of them have clogged, leaked, or otherwise malfunctioned. I thought this was worth adding since I see that other people have had problems. Obviously, your mileage will vary as well but personally, not a single problem.
  • Overall
    Found my all day vape on my first try!
    Review by Maganon 4/17/13
    I don't like imitation chocolate, vanilla, or bakery flavored things at all. I'd go so far as to say I almost despise them. I do however, love hazelnut. When we started researching vaporizers I was confident I would never want to to even sample any of these types of liquids. My girlfriend picked this flavor as her free one that came with her inferno & I had no plans to even sample it but after reading some reviews for it on popular e-cig forum I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a puff. I fell in love immediately & it is the only thing I have smoked consistently for the past 3 weeks. Honestly, I'm not sure I taste chocolate, vanilla, or hazelnut specifically in this liquid but something about the blend of all 3 makes it to die for & I cannot get enough. We have since bought about 15 different flavored liquids & none of them even compare to this one for me for flavor, smoothness, aftertaste, & consistency. I'm truly shocked at how much I love this. I remember reading that just because you don't like eating something doesn't mean you won't like vaping it & I've found that to be 100% true in my case. My favorite liquids have all been bakery flavors (a first for me!) & my least favorite have been fruits (which I thought I would love). It's really bizarre. I recommend everyone give this a try at least once even if you don't think you'll like it. It truly can't be beat. I'm giving it 5 stars & I rarely do that for anything.
  • Overall
    Not bad
    Review by Leslieon 4/7/13
    I bought this expecting something a bit more.. Chocolatey. Probably my mistake for assuming so. It's not bad, and it has a hazelnutty aftertaste. I don't particularly care for it though. I've tried it with Menthol Burst, which makes it a little more bearable, but it's a little too sweet for me. It seems more like a dessert rather than something I could use an all day vape. Definitely worth trying, though.
  • Overall
    Great flavor .....but....
    Review by Colemanon 3/14/13
    As everyone else said, this is a great vape flavor, but it clogs up cartomizers too fast. I will not be reordering this, or any of the chocolate flavors because of that. That being said, it is a great flavor.
  • Overall
    best flavor ever
    Review by doloreson 3/12/13
    This my husband's favorite flavor!!! I can't blame him either. It so delicious! We can't get enough of it. It is so smooth and leaves you wanting more. If this is your first time vaping I would suggest trying this flavor first. You won't be disappointed! 5 stars!
  • Overall
    Review by Peteron 3/11/13
    At first it tastes like hazelnut- then after a few hours it just taste like amaretto coffee mate or a sweetened white russian. if youre into that sorta thing-
  • Overall
    My new ADV
    Review by Leahon 3/3/13
    Smooth and rich, but not syrupy. I have vaped this all day for the last three days straight. Also tastes good with a couple drops of menthol if you are wanting to change things up a bit. You can taste the chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. This is a must-try to add to anyone's next order! I am re-ordering this one today, before I run out.
  • Overall
    Review by Sarahon 3/2/13
    if you like hazelnut coffee, you will love this! one of my top flavors!
  • Overall
    My favorite
    Review by Nathanon 2/13/13
    Love this flavor. Been vaping this flavor for over a year now and recommend it to everyone!!!
  • Overall
    My new all day juice vape.
    Review by Michaelon 2/5/13
    I tried a vanilla bean before, and due to many reviews it made me decide to try this one with a 16mg. Without a doubt, this juice is so delicious. A chocolatey with a bit of vanilla kick. For some reason I can't taste the hazelnut. It less sweeter than the vanilla bean but it has the very good throat hit. I love it and definitely goin back for more.
  • Overall
    My favorite so far...
    Review by Jonathanon 1/28/13
    I've only been vaping for 2 weeks, but this is my favorite E liquid so far. By itself, it tastes great to go along with a nice vapor cloud and decent throat hit. However, while it's probably not an all day flavor, I've started to mix half pure tobacco and half of this Choconilla haze to create my go to liquid. It's not overwhelmingly flavored, but has just enough flavor not to bore me. Will be picking up more from here soon!
  • Overall
    Amazing Flavor
    Review by Aaronon 1/19/13
    This flavor puts me in such a good mood, i got the 0mg one, i really enjoy vaping on this. It has such a good after taste and also smells amazing. I would recommend this flavor to anyone!!
    Happy Vaping
  • Overall
    Soo worth my reaction.
    Review by Sarahon 1/16/13
    Ok, I cheated and got this at a local smoke shop when I should have got it from here. This is the best darn flavor ever.This juice has a rich, smooth, and rewarding flavor that goes well with morning joe. The reason I should have ordered it here is... Im allergic to nuts. Maybe adding an allergin sticker on the bottle would be a good idea. The shop owner had no clue untill I told him about it.
  • Overall
    Awesome flavor!!!
    Review by Michael on 12/30/12
    So far this is my 2nd favorite flavor I recommend that everyone try at least once. I've shared this juice with many of my fellow vaping friends and they all enjoyed the flavor. You won't be disappointed with this juice it has a great vapor cloud and a smooth taste and nice throat hit!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Super Ertoyon 12/13/12
    A bit of chocolate a bit of vanilla a bit of hazelnut...Overall this is my favorite flavor. Delicious as is but I love how I can mix Milk Chocolate to get a little more choco taste or mix Hawaiian Espresso or Kona Coffee to get more of a hazelnut coffee taste. Taste good vaping and drinking scotch.
  • Overall
    Getting my wife to quit with this
    Review by Stevenon 12/5/12
    It's take over a month of trying different flavors, but this one finally won her over. I'm very thankful this flavor exists. Thank you Volcano.
  • Overall
    Good but a little rich
    Review by Justinon 11/29/12
    Allow me to first say I'm much more of a traditional tobacco flavor person.. but this and the Blue Water Punch have had such good reviews I can't help but try them. Haven't tried BWP yet, but next order will be a definite.

    This is really an amazing taste and a very well mixed flavor. Considering how rich it is, I don't think it would ever be my "All-day vape" liquid, but it is DEFINITELY worth a try, and I would quickly suggest it to anyone wanting a nice sweeter change on occasion.. Five Stars once again, Volcano!
  • Overall
    Feeling like a Coffee shop
    Review by Djayfusionon 11/28/12
    Everytime i used this it reminds me of going into a coffee shop. It taste like one. it feels like i get all my "ines"... caffeine and nicotine! Vape on people!
  • Overall
    Oh my
    Review by Seanon 11/12/12
    This is so good I wanna drink it! Used it in my "tester" kit...and WOW is all I can say...delicious...like Vaping the best chocolate milkshake ever made....
  • Overall
    Review by Richieon 11/11/12
    Tastes like that count choculla cereal lol
  • Overall
    bit of heaven
    Review by christopheron 11/3/12
    Volcano u have wrongly named this product....it should be named a bit of heaven cuz this product is by far THE SH!±... PUT THIS IN ANYTHING AND OMG ITS TASTE IS GORGEOUS... EXCEPT THE TANK SYSTEM IT MIGHT CLOGG UP THEN UD HAVE TO CLEAN THE VOLCANO WAY....
  • Overall
    not bad
    Review by Houstonon 10/11/12
    I bought this one because I heard of its awesome throat hit. 5 stars smoothe and not too sweet. A perfect balance of chocolate and hazelnut with vanilla in the background. Tastes like I just ate a piece of Toblerone, love it. thanks volcano.
  • Nice
    Review by Angelicaon 8/23/12
    Dripping is the best way to use this liquid. It stains my clearomizers. I clean my drip atomizers with gin to get them squeaky clean. This liquid is great! Very smooth!
  • This is my "UNWIND" flava....
    Review by Kuuipopualanion 8/19/12
    Thanks for letting me sample at the Ala Moana Kiosk. As soon as I hit this I was "SOLD", I just imagined myself on the computer at night unwinding and easing my mind to shut down. This flava is awesome. I found it to be better by itself without the menthol and just with the light nicotine that I need. Awesome...
  • Sweet!
    Review by Dustinon 7/11/12
    The flavor is good, but VERY sweet. Like other dark liquids I have tried do NOT use this in a tank setup it will clog in about a week, but it works good in the regular atomizer. You will have to clean the atomizer every couple of weeks in a hot water soak though if you want longevity out of it. Awsome flavor, smooth throat hit, but overly sweet for regular use for me.
  • Grew on me
    Review by Stuarton 7/11/12
    I was a little put off by the flavor. Then when I changer to another liquid I missed the flavor of the Choconilla. Now it is my favorite juice! I am trying another juice but I will always keep it in stock.