WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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MAGMA Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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  • Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack


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One of the most sought after accessories, the brand new Re-fillable Clearomizer 5 Pack improves upon the original Cartomizer's design and just like its sister is ready to be filled with your favorite juices and vaped all day long.


Our clearomizers are constructed out of a clear plastic tube and does not use a cotton polyfill. Fill the reservoir and you'll be vaping all day without needing a refill! A clearomizer is a one-piece unit that incorporates a proprietary atomizer/wick design and a juice reservoir in one piece and provides a convenient way to get vapor clouds similar to dripping without all the hassles. Try them out today and you'll soon be a believer!


  • 5 Clearomizers

The Needle Tip Bottle cap must be used to fill these with eLiquid prior to use. You can not drip directly into the clearomizer

* Needle Tip Bottle Cap not included

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    "Burnt" taste fix!
    Review by Davidon 2/10/15
    I agree with everyone else. These are amazing and give the best vaping experience! I, too, had an issue with the burnt taste, so I went to the support page and followed the steps on how to clean the clearomizer. What you have to do is remove the cap, remove the inner ring, and use a paper clip (or something hook shaped) and pull up on the thick piece of rubber on top of the ceramic cup/coil. It's a little tough and feels like if you pull too hard, it'll break. Be patient and work it up slowly and you'll be fine. What happens is that the coil is burning on the ceramic and that's what is causing the burnt taste. I went back and did this to all of my DUDs and they work PERFECTLY now!!!
  • Overall
    Just a little bit better
    Review by Karenon 9/15/14
    The clearomizer tubes are by far the best method of E juice delivery. They don't hold as much liquid as the larger tubes and require frequent refilling. The big difference is I find the number of non useable units is about half of those received in the higher capacity 5 packs of clearomizers.
    Again, I love the clearomizers and hope the management of Volcano is aware of the quality control issue with the new manufacturer.
  • Overall
    These are great
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    I love these things! They work great and you get a much better vap than the cartomizers. The cons are that you have to be light-hand with these or you can pull them apart easily. Also, don't try taking them apart and cleaning them, just order new ones. They are hard to put back together if you try cleaning them and for me, they didn't work as well afterwards.

    Still, I love these things!
  • Overall
    Review by Dianaon 3/26/14
    I bought these along with a cone to go with my Inferno. Easy to use and fill. Great vape and flavor!!! I use Tobacco Pure and and I like the way you can "draw" from it....more like an analog. With the tank that came with my Inferno, I am having trouble vaping without getting the E-liquid in my mouth. These Clearomizers are perfect especially when you are first starting out. I love Volcano and will keep coming back for more!
  • Overall
    I died and went to heaven
    Review by Josephon 12/8/13
    Get these and an Inferno with a cone, then grab some BlueWater Punch... you'll be in heaven.
  • Overall
    Best Vapor Production for the Size
    Review by Bryceon 10/13/13
    I have been using the Magma clearomizers for about a week now and I am very pleased. It produces almost as much vapor as my Ego with a tank system and is 1/4 the size! My only qualm with them is that they can be a tad messy and a bit of an inconvenience to fill. While you will need either a blunt tip syringe or the Volcano's Needle Tip Bottle Cap to fill them, I have found the Bottle Cap to be compatible with almost every other vendors bottles. The exception to this is any glass ones (Halo, Ignite, etc.).
  • Overall
    awesome product
    Review by Mikeon 9/28/13
    awesome product...better taste and vape than the blank cartomizers....and they fit perfect in the new m pack
  • Overall
    Review by cliffon 8/30/13
    will these clearomizers fit into the slots in the magma m-pack so you can carry extras around?
  • Overall
    The total package!!
    Review by Brendaon 8/29/13
    I have tried so many different types of cartos and clearos and like many others was ready to give up on them due to the leaking issues. These are the best!! No more leaking... for those of you who do not want to risk a drip tip because of possible cracking, try the soft cover disposable tips from green smoke. They will solve the problem. Thank you so much Volcano. I love my inferno and have converted many. I smoked for 44 years and never thought I would quit analogs. It has been 4 months now and not one analog have I wanted. I cannot thank you enough for your excellence and quality and great customer service.
  • Overall
    Review by Cliffon 8/28/13
    will these clearomizers fit into the new M-pack so you can carry around extras like you do with cartomizers?
  • Overall
    Best cartomizers of all
    Review by Johnny Bon 7/17/13
    They don't heat up like the tank-o-mizers and are much more bang for your buck. And they come in 5 packs. Well worth the price. I'm going to get some Mega clearomizers next.
  • Overall
    I agree with 1/15/13 review
    Review by Louiseon 6/12/13
    I agree with Marshall's favorite Magma accessory review. I also take out the 3 plastic pieces for filling. However, when I over fill I place the clearomizer into the juice bottle and blow any excess juice back into the bottle. Why waste any juice on a paper towel. Thanks Volcano, the clearomizer is simple and this is the first time I did not have to have someone show me how to get a mizer to work.
  • Overall
    Better than the Inferno Tank-o-mizer
    Review by Toddon 5/16/13
    I was very upset when I heard I would have to switch from the tank-o-mizer to clearomizers. They looked cumbersome and I was fearful of the change. But I must say it provides and amazing hit and they're actually more economical for the price, when you consider that you'd have to buy a new atomizer once every three months. I am very happy with the change and it proves how Volcano is using technology to make vaping better for its customers. Bravo, Volcano; bravo.
  • Overall
    which one is which?
    Review by Davidon 2/13/13
    I have ordered these twice and both times I ordered the magma re-fillable clearomizer. I never ordered the mega ones. the first time i got short ones that came with a tip n soft needle for filling. The second time i recieved longer ones with no rubber tip or filling needle. they show both in the product pic. if i order these again which will i get. I loved them both but like the longer ones better.. Thank you Volcano!!
  • Overall
    Love it, But
    Review by Thomason 2/12/13
    I really enjoy these new tanks, but I have some concerns about quality control. I bought 3 boxes and of the 15 tanks 4 did not work. I don't know if I am unlucky or if they have quality control issues.
  • Overall
    New version clearomizer
    Review by scotton 1/19/13
    I really like using clearo's, getting drip like flavor and vapor production. The new clearomizer however I find to be a little small, The magma mega is a much better choice in my opinion. You get much more bang for you buck.
  • Overall
    My favorite Magma accessory
    Review by Marshallon 1/15/13
    I have now tried the tankomizer, and both blank and pre-filled catomizers, as well as this product. For me, the Clearomizer is the best of the three because it is easy to fill once you figure out that removing all three rubber seals provides easiest access to get the needle tip into the tank portion of the device. I think the wicking action makes this product superior to the cartomizers based on the size of the vape hits I get from them -- always cool and full of flavor. I love the huge hits I get from Clearomizers and I also like that I can clearly see how much liquid is in the container.

    They also last quite a while. I have been vaping about three of these per day since I got my Magma kit a few weeks ago, and so far I have only had to toss one in the trash due to it overheating the liquid, which produced a burned taste. I tried my cleaning method (below) but it still overheated the liquid, so I let it go and opened a fresh one.

    I have also found that these can be cleaned like a tankomizer atomizer, though it takes a bit more work: remove all three rubber seals, soak the main unit in hot water a couple times, rinse, then soak in rubbing alcohol briefly, rinse again, and let it dry for 24 hours until there is no more condensation visible and the wick is completely dry. After that, refill with a new flavor and the thing is basically brand new! Be careful on those seals, though, I suspect they can wear out faster if you're rough on them during removal.

    Overall, this is a fantastic product, and if cared for they are capable of lasting through many refills.

    One more tip: I find that performance is best when the metal screw tip is cleaned every time it's removed from the battery, and I generally also gently insert a toothpick in the hole on the threaded end to soak up any excess liquid that has gathered there. And if you accidentally overfill or spill some liquid down the center while filling, just replace the seals and blow through the mouth end (over a paper towel or something) to blast out excess liquid, then use the toothpick trick, and you should be able to keep your battery clean and get nice big vape hits consistently.

    And another quick tip: Squeeze the metal base firmly when removing or attaching to your battery, to avoid loosening the plastic part from the metal base. This will increase the life of these little guys.

    Great work on this product, Volcano team!
  • Overall
    Could you make a video specifically for these, the tube tank video doesn't seem to carry over well enough.
    Review by Davison 11/11/12
    I've used the initial tips, straight dripping, and these. These definitely give the smoothest and strongest hit in my opinion. The only trouble is that I'm not sure if I'm filing it right. Is the entire chamber with the wire supposed to be filled, or just the strings? I'm not sure.
    volcano- you fill the entire chamber with the strings to 90% full.
  • Overall
    Review by christopheron 10/28/12
    Can these work with a volcano battery
  • Overall
    Review by Annaon 10/18/12
    I am not sure how to fill them up. Can someone tell me how?

    Volcano- Scroll down to bottom of the page for a instructional video. http://www.volcanoecigs.com/tube-tank.html
  • I got it.
    Review by Davidon 10/2/12
    I feel so stupid because i was loosing my mind tring to fill this up, and I asked you guys for help but Ifigured it out and I love it.. I love the 2.0 low rez atty for my inferno, but move over atty, because this is even better. super smooth vape and its not that hard to fill once I relized that you have to take out the center ring lol..
  • sweet!
    Review by Travis on 7/30/12
    The vapor production from these bad boys are phenominal! Also i have read alot of reviews that say you have to be careful inserting drip tips into these that they will crack.... I did not have a problem at all! the drip tip fit in a little tight but it went in without a problem. I pulled the first 2 out of the pack, filled them and put in the drip tips one for my wife's inferno and one for mine. No problems what so ever! Great Job Volcano!
  • Out of stock
    Review by scotton 6/7/12
    These have been out of stock for a week now- just wondering when they will be available again. Thanks- they work great- fragile- but great!
  • They rock, honestly.
    Review by Tonyaon 4/18/12
    I absolutely love these little guys. The performance is out of this world. However, things to keep in mind, the juice resevoir is pretty small, I only get about 20 minutes of chain vaping before I go dry. The Mego cleaors last hours, but for some reason, leak more. And that's another thing, they do leak. Be sure to store them vertically or you'll have a mess. In the event you do flood, just blow it out and you're good to go again.

    Filling is a bit of a pain, but worth it. I know Volcano has needle tip bottle caps, and they're great for tanko set ups and tube tanks actually, but honestly? Skip them for the clearos and cartos. The needle is too big, I haven't been able to use it without enlarging the fill holes, and this does make the device leak more. Just get a syring body for the pharmacy (or buy one online, they're super cheap) and use the soft plastic needle tip that comes with the clearos. Is it less convenient? Yes. But it also works better.

    I highly suggest modding them too. I mean, some of them work alright as is, and some of them, the inner seal is seated such that you'll get a burnt taste and little vapor. To fix a badly seated seal, you have to pull it out and reseat it. The mod I recommend is to pull out the inner seal, and enlarge the wicking notches. You will see an increase in performance 10 fold! It's really not that hard to do either, they're just a bit tricky to get back on, you're gonna want tweasers.

    Also, with the rubber cap, you'll probably get a bit of juice in your mouth from a tad bit of leaking and condensation. Easy fix, take the cap off and stick a drip tip in it. The magma drip tips fit like a dream. I use aluminum, but if you're concerned about cracking, you can use the new rubber tips. And they will crack, so try and be careful with them, don't drop them. Though these smaller clearos seem to be sturdier than the megas.

    Other helpful hints, to get the most out of your clearo, that is, use up all the juice, be sure to tip the device upside down once you start running low on juice, this will ensure that the wick is saturated up until the very end, and you won't get any dry hits (not fun!!!! throat killers, and bad for your clearo).

    One more thing you need to know, don't ever put a cinnamon juice in a clearo (or tube tank for those of you who use them), for some reason, the cinnamon juice eats the plastic. Stick to the metal cartos for those.
    Review by Erickon 4/13/12
    These atomizer setup gives you most of the benefits of a drip tip with the convenience of the extra time between refills when compared to regular drip tips. these are my absolute favorites, and i've tried everything.
  • Awsum!!
    Review by Williamon 4/2/12
    These are the shit!
  • Hands downs the best way to vape
    Review by Adamon 3/21/12
    Great taste, great throat hit, warm vapor resembling cigarette smoke. Ive tried dripping and the tanks, these blow them away. Perfect consistant hit every time, no bad taste, huge amounts of vapor. I mod them by cutting the two notches in the rubber over wicks slightly bigger with a razor blade, very very slightly bigger. I find this helps remove the burnt taste I get if im power vaping 10 hits in a minute. A+ and amazing work volcano! This is what made me stick with vaping and do it full time lol
  • love them!
    Review by Susanon 3/12/12
    How do you clean these?

    Volcano-once these go bad, we do not recommend using again, or cleaning
  • use with inferno atomizer cones
    Review by atomon 2/10/12
    will this atomizer prevent the use of the inferno cones? ie: be recessed underneath the cone? if so, will a drip tip fix this?

    volcano- Yes, it will be recessed.....no a drip tip wont fix this.
  • still the best!!
    Review by Kevinon 1/31/12
    so, these and the mega clearomizers (if you feel the need to go a little longer between refills) in the latest version I feel are still the absolute best all around vaping experience, even over the tube tank, here's why:

    --tube tank still has a polyfill carto in it and I just think the wick system feeding juice directly to the coil is just plain a better technology all around...don't ask me to go any deeper than that, that's just how I feel.

    --clearos can go on any battery, tube tanks limited to inferno or mod style lavatube.

    --clearos/cartos still the best value in the industry with a 5 pack being able to be rotated with different flavors and cleaned and refilled multiple times lasting months.

    --vape production and TH- TH on a tube tank is slightly stronger than a clearo on the inferno battery but I actually like a little less TH. Vape production with a clearo on any battery compared to a tube tank on the inferno, comparison is nil. I'm sure with a 3 ohm carto on a mod style like the lava tube set above 3.7 volts is the next level up in vapor production and strong TH if you just gotta have that and are not satisfied with your vaping experience otherwise, but I'm not there yet. I personally find very little if any difference in Vape or TH with any combination of cartos or clearos on any sized battery (up to the inferno)- they're all great and volcano equipment I find superior.

    --clearos over cartos- I think not only do clearos allow for being able to see whats going on and quickly and easily see when to add more juice, they just plain look way cooler on any of the batteries...I think volcano's latest clearos connected to any of volcano's batteries are the absolute best thing going on in the vaping world...cheers!
  • Very Impressed
    Review by Right Coast Vaperon 1/27/12
    I'm pretty new to vaping seriously, I've dabbled on and off with if for 6 months. Recently I decided to make the plunge and buy a quality kit, but did not want to use the included carts it came with. I found these with some interweb searching and gave it a go. I couldn't be more happy. They are so much better than fiber filled cartos and for the most part have provided a solid quality smoke. When I got my kit the first thing I did was try atty dripping, and me likey. These clearos provide as good a drag imo.

    I say "for the most part" because they are easy to overfill. All the reviews that mention this aren't lying. They overfill easy and then you have a mess, a flooded coil and a pocket and mouth full of juice. I'd recommend filling with .5ml instead of cramming the .8ml they recommend, just until you get the feel for them and how they perform. Also, don't leave out the inner silicone ring after filling, that's a guaranteed mess, you'll suck the juice right up through the fill holes.

    Also they don't come with thread caps, so save them up from other cartos, you'll need them. This may be the only improvement I see at this point, include thread caps.

    I ordered 2 packs and will likely be ordering more soon, maybe a couple of megas too.
  • AWSOME!!!!
    Review by TheHappyVaporon 1/21/12
    Just got my first pack of these and let me say goodbye tanko hello clearo I love these things it's like dripping without the hassle :)
  • WOW
    Review by Nateon 1/16/12
    let me start of by saying I'm in no way, shape, or form experienced when it comes to vaping. I inherited my Ecig from my older brother while i was on vacation this past Christmas. He bought his at least a year ago, or so he says. He had bought the Magma Kit, and what I had gotten was 2 batteries, 3 drip tips, the M-Pack, several packs of cartridges, 2 15ml bottles of juice, and the usb charger. i have been using this now for about 3 weeks dripping because i did not like the cartridges.

    secondly, 2 words
    holy, crap

    i filled one up and immediately started testing it and i was astonished. I had read many reviews on the "old version" cearomizers and a lot of people seemed to agree on a "burning taste" so i was slightly hesitant on getting these. When i took my first drag i was blown away. Compared to dripping with the atomizer there is no other. This is only the second product technically that i have gotten from volcano and i can tell you this much, i wont even try anything else now. i CANT put my Ecig dow and i will NEVER go back to analogs LOL.

    10/10 only about a hour with it and I'm blown away and based on what a few other people have stated i shouldn't need but 2 to get me through the day since i was about a 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 packs a day smoker, depending on the day of course.

    as of now no complaints, well not entirely. as a few others have stated it would be nice if there were some kind of fill up instructions with this. i was a bit worried on filling one up as i got the bottle cap needle tip and it is metal and did get a bit of "over flow" to say the least. i have filled up 2 others and did a bit better job after kinda getting the idea. i will be as well as recommend that people look up a video on filling these up. at least you get 5 LOL.
  • excellent with a side of a few extra tips
    Review by adamon 10/30/11
    I used the original clearomizers and they had major problems which were mostly fixed on these new ones.

    I do have three small complaints/hints for volcano though.

    1. it would be helpful to have rubber stoppers for the threaded end. When i fill mine up the juice leaks out the bottom if i don't have one on. Its fine the rest of the time.

    2. the notches on the sides where the wicks are need to be bigger. I cut the notches bigger myself which fixed the issue. I was a chain smoker when i was smoking analogs and the wicks don't wick fast enough with the small notches. not to mention on one of mine there was plastic over the notches which stopped all wicking on that side.

    3. juice leaks out the top a bit i would always get some in my mouth when vaping with the rubber top. i don't like the other tip that comes with it for the same reason. I fixed this with a drip tip so its not that big of a deal just need more drip tips

    all in all great products and excellent support from your staff. I hope to enjoy your products for a long time.
  • Great Product!
    Review by KLRSKIRon 10/22/11
    I just received these in the mail today, and all I can say is that this will be by go-to clearomizer! I loaded one of these up with Menthol Burst and it is heaven! I had normally used the Inferno with the tankomizers, but the flavor from these blows the tankos away, hands down! I'm a very happy Inferno/Magma user, thank you Volcano!
  • Excellent (fingers tapping together)
    Review by Julianon 10/3/11
    Get an Inferno or Magma with these clearos and you will never smoke another analog, I am impressed with the smoke, and the flavor they produce. Easy to use, nothing to really look out for except maybe the dry burn to start them off.....simply amazing.
  • GReat Improvement from the old ones!
    Review by Porthos on 8/23/11
    I have been using the old clearos fpr sometime, and it had a major problem of cracking at the base after a couple of refills, but this new one don;t have that problem and it does produce more vapor. Great job Volcano!!!
  • The only Cartomizer you'll ever need
    Review by Shandaon 8/20/11
    I started out with the V atomizers and was hesitant to try anything else but I read the forum and reviews on the new clearomizers and had to try them. Since I received them they are the only atomizer I use and what's great it they are easy to clean and reuse. Plus for someone who drips like me you don't have to constantly refill them.
  • small improvements make a big difference
    Review by heycharityon 8/19/11
    Amazing what a few tweaks can do. The (secondary) rubber stopper is just a touch smaller than the older clearos used, making it MUCH easier to pry out if you prefer refilling without a syringe. Secondly, as another reviewer stated, these will hold a drip-tip properly! Hopefully the cracking/leaking issues that often resulted from trying to coax drip-tips in are now a thing of the past. Great improvements to an already good product.
  • Best of the best
    Review by Lanion 8/17/11
    I've been hunting all over the ecig world for a good clearomizer (or even a good carto for that matter) and finally found it. I used to drip but now I use these exclusively. I would definitively get the XL versions as well if they where ever in stock (hint hint) but the fact that they cant keep them in stock is a true testament of how awesome these new revisions are.
  • Awesome
    Review by essiejoyon 8/15/11
    I enjoyed the convenience of tankos, fill it and go, but missed the flavor. I enjoyed dripping for the flavor, but missed the convenience of filling it and going. These are seriously the best of both worlds and honestly amazing! True, vibrant flavor that you can fill and puff away while driving or doing other things? I'm sold! Great job and thanks!
  • Fan-friggin'-tastic!!
    Review by SmokeFreeon 8/11/11
    I originally bought a Magma with regular atomizers a few months ago to help me quit smoking- didn't work out, it was messy and a pain in the butt, especially trying to drip and drive! I really want to quit smoking though so I thought I'd try these- they are Perfect! They hold enough juice to last the whole day, they don't leak, produce huge amounts of vapor, and taste great! I can honestly say I have no desire to smoke an analog cigarette now, these are way better than the "real thing"!
    My only complaint was that there weren't instructions on how to fill these. But that was easily remedied by the super friendly, and helpful lady I spoke to when I called Volcano. It was very simple once explained, but I would suggest Volcano include a little instruction sheet or post something here. It's very messy if you don't fill them the correct way! LoL
    Thanks for a fantastic product, Volcano!
  • WOW!!!
    Review by Dufferon 8/8/11
    Tried these for the first time and I am FINALLY off analogs completely. I have tried tankos, like sucking mud through a straw, even with cleaning, boiling, etc. These have such a superb, easy draw and great vapor production. Just taste the flavor of the juice....AWESOME!! Thanks Volcano. I am a happy vaper! :)
  • oops, you did it again!
    Review by Snottyragsdaleon 7/30/11
    I was never impressed with cartos/clearos. Just too fragile, not enough throat hit, and I was always losing the saloon tips. These new ones are BAD FREAKING A$$! They will take an aluminum drip tip, haven't broken yet, are easier than anything else to clean...and the flavor, vapor and throat hit are superb! What a value! Thanks again Volcano!
  • Very happy with these!
    Review by mobileon 7/29/11
    Just got these in the mail and I am very impressed. There is no burnt taste which was starting to turn me away from the old clearomizers. There is no other taste except the juice I filled up with. I highly recommend these!