WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Custard E-Liquid - 30ML Sale

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  • Custard E-Liquid - 30ML

Custardrop E-Liquid - 30ML

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Bombs away! Custardrop is a unique blend of rich creamy custard spiked with a citrus rush of lemon tart. The perfect yin and yang of sour and sweet has been crafted for your vaping pleasure. 70VG / 30PG


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Custardrop is proud to be Molecule Made. Manufactured from the highest quality standards to date in the eliquid industry in an ISO 7 Certified clean room. Blended with USP Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol & USP Grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin.


  • Contains: (1) 30ml bottle of Custardrop
  • 30 PG / 70 VG
  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol & Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (Optional), Natural and / or artificial Flavoring


  • USA-Made
  • Quality Assured
  • 30ml Childproof Glass Dripper Bottles
  • 0 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 18 mg Nicotine Levels

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Heatheron 7/28/18
    I am new to this however i have done a lot of research and read a lot of reviews etc and i have to say this is my 1st flavored purchase and wow! it is delicious! i also bought my 1st pen from this site along with the custard "juice". I added a tad of my cbd oil to my pen and again, just wow. Thank You for making my newbie experience fantastic.
  • Overall
    Amazing flavor
    Review by Nicoleon 5/16/18
    I absolutely love this flavor! It tastes just like lemon meringue pie! I just ordered five more bottles!!!
  • Overall
    Excellent flavor
    Review by Gremlinon 3/14/18
    Strong lemon on the inhale and you can almost taste some kind of pie crust as well on exhale
  • Overall
    Review by Brianon 8/9/17
    i absolutely love this. if you have been looking for a smooth and tasty lemon vape, this is it. my first pull was like popping an old fashioned lemon drop into my mouth. i happened to get a custardrop stress ball with my order, always a plus to get goodies.
  • Overall
    I really love the FLAVOUR
    Review by Ikaika on 6/25/16
    It's my numerous know choice when I stand at the counter and really decide on what to spend money on.
  • Overall
    Luv this flavor
    Review by Crison 5/11/16
    Luv this flavor
  • Overall
    No way this is 30PG 70VG
    Review by HonestVapingSavageon 4/12/16
    My 2 star rating is for the labeling of this juice as a 30 PG 70 PG.

    I specifically get vape juices that are 70VG or higher.

    There is no way this vape is 30PG 70VG.

    The flavor is ok not oober but it is fine. Not the greatest flavor but it is decent. My gripe is not with the flavor of this item but the labeling of it being 30PG 70VG or the use of sub standard VG base.

    The sample taste was fine at the store on the way home my throat started bothering me and then I payed a bit more attention to the vapor wasn't much vapor at all. I', not a cloud chaser but I know what a 30PG 70VG juice should vape like and this is not it. Vapor is a bit thin and dissipates super fast. Way too much throat hit for 30PG the throat hit and irritation is not noticeable on the first hit but it gets harder with each succeeding hit. 30PG should be extremely low to no throat hit. So I am thinking the PG label is off or the quality of PG, VG or Nicotine is low. Not what I would expect from a company like Volcano.

    I stay away from high PG juice cause it can irritate my throat 30 is the max I go and have never had a problem with a 30 PG juice or lower.

    I only explain this more for people affected by PG you may want to stay away from this. If you like throat hits and PG doesn't effect you this should be fine.



    My rating for the flavor of this juice to be a 3 Fair.

    The taste is good had it had some of the custard undertone I would have given it a 4. Had it had both flavors the creaminess a custard should have and blew my mind away I would have giver it a 5 for flavor.

    The Lemon flavor is good but with initial opening of the bottle I do not taste any custard at all there is a little gentler flavor of lemon than a straight lemon vape. It is possible with maybe a week to 2 week steep some of the custard might show through but if I was a guessing man i doubt it. My reason for this is a custard style vape reaching for a creamy undertone should be thicker than this especially at 30 PG 70 VG this juice is a bit thin for either let alone both but it is possible.
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Abdulazizon 4/1/16
    Very good
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Abdulazizon 4/1/16
    Very good
  • Overall
    Love the flavor
    Review by Pohaion 2/13/16
    Personally I love the flavor. I'm a huge fan of custard. The after taste of citrus isn't over powering at all, it's just right. The smell of the vapor is very floral. This is my new favorite flavor. I would recommend this to anyone that loves custard