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Chat Recap 8-29-12

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Chat Recap 8-29-12

Postby Artist Boy » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:25 pm

:!: Thanks
A big shout out to all the Magma Gods and Legends. Your support is much appreciated. And to everyone here on the forums that help out others thank you, you guys and gals make this place what it is.

:!: Follow us please
If you enjoy our products (which I think you do if you are here reading this) please follow us on FB and G+ you can also follow all of our other locations on FB. If you are near one please follow their FB page as well. You can find their pages by going to this link

:!: New Stores
  • Open now- St. Petersburg FL, in the Tyrone Square Mall. Catalysisman is running it for us.
  • Oklahoma Store, just started working with someone in Tulsa that will be opening a store soon (maybe Oct 1) . More info to come.
  • Southern California- cancelled for now
  • Virginia- coming in a few months
  • Las Vegas- working on signing a lease now.
  • Maryland- Nov
  • Alabama - Nov.
  • Then maybe one in TX in a few months

:!: UK Site
The new UK site is now up and live. If you are in the UK stop by and check it out. Please make sure to put the "-" in the address without it you will get sent to the wrong place.... someone (competitor) sniped the other address.

:!: Clearance Rack
Please make sure to stop by and check out our Clearance Rack on the site. There are many items in there with saving s up to 75% off. Some of these items are being discontinued and once they are sold out they will not be coming back.

:!: Customer of the Week
Check out the new CotW on our blog. Stop by get to know one of our customers and their vaping story. Please leave a comment. You could be the next person selected. You get some awesome prizes for being the CotW.

:!: Flavor of the Week
New flavor of the week is Choconilla Haze. Here is your chance to get this great juice for $4 off the regular price.

:!: Wholesale and Franchise
For information on becoming a wholesaler please send an email to Adam at
If you are interested in opening a store/kiosk, please send an email to

:!: New AW Battery Cases
We now have battery cases to carry your spare and store you AW 18650 batteries in. IF you have more than one battery or don't like to store your battery in your Lavatube then you need to get one of these. This is the safest way to store your batteries to prevent them from shorting out.
Please do yourself a favor and pick one up. $1.49 is a steal for the safety it provides.

:!: New Drip Tip
We now sell the Clear Drip Tip that comes on the Tube Tank separately in case you misplaced yours or would like to have more. It is slightly wider at the base to help stop the Tank from sliding up the carto. ... arent.html

:!: XL Inferno Cones
The New XL cones are now in stock. They will cover the clear cartomizer completely, and leave about 2 mm at the top of the Mega Clearo showing. ... rsion.html

:!: New Sticker in the store
A nice nee Sticker designed by Magma Mike, and a new price for stickers..

:!: New Juices
Mango and Clove will be here next week. We will let you know as soon as they are in.

:!: Hoodies
We are working on them. Joe says we will have them before the weather gets real cold.

:!: Please help spread this ... tudy-finds
This is a great article that everyone should read. We are asking everyone to share and spread this everywhere and to everyone.

Indoor Vapor Air Quality Study. The abstract was posted a while ago but we want people to know about it and get talking about it again. The full study should be published here in the next few weeks to a month, and when it does there will be a huge turn in the battle about ecigs and vaping. We will let you all know as soon as it is out. We have put a lot of money into helping getting this study done and out to the masses.

:!: VaperCon
It is right around the corner.... are you going, you should be. We will be there. It was a great time last year and I am sure it will be better this year.
Please stop by this thread: vapercon-2012-t9929.html and let us know if you are or not so we can get an idea of how many Volcanites will be there, and to get more info on the meet.

:!: Labor Day
Just a reminder Monday is a holiday so there will be no orders being shipped out but our CS team will still be to help you if you need help. If you are waiting on an order please be aware none of the shipping companies will be delivering mail on Monday.


1) Maggotbone
2) Lint
3) Nickslife89

Till next week, happy vaping.
"Relinquite omnem turbatio, vos qui intratis"
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Re: Chat Recap 8-29-12

Postby Maggotbone » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:51 pm

Yo AB, Choconilla Haze this week bro. You work too hard lol.
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Re: Chat Recap 8-29-12

Postby Artist Boy » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:20 pm

shoot.... I copied that part from last week and forgot to change it.... LOL

All fixed
"Relinquite omnem turbatio, vos qui intratis"
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Re: Chat Recap 8-29-12

Postby Sublym1 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:37 pm

DAMN! I missed chat again!!! :x

No LT 2.0? :( *sigh*
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Re: Chat Recap 8-29-12

Postby nsanexer0 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:59 am

I'll be at the next one D:
Work doesn't like letting me have wednesday off I guess...
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