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VolcanoEcigs Video Chat Rules

Stop in, introduce yourself, and get to know us.

VolcanoEcigs Video Chat Rules

Postby Artist Boy » Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:21 am

Come join your fellow Volcano Vapors in the chat. There are 2 rooms available. One for all your questions and to help out others, and one for us to just hang out.

Volcano Video Chat Rules

We want to ensure that everyone has a positive experience here, so there are a few simple rules that must be followed.

  • The Volcano Q&A room is for people with questions, comments and concerns regarding Volcano to ask the community and employees. Please keep that room serious and helpful, but feel free to post your usual shenanigans in the General Chat.

  • Be respectful. There are a lot of different personalities amongst our community, but we all have one thing in common. We are vapers who support Volcano. Also please be respectful to members of the opposite sex, some people seem to like to push the limits of what can be said to others. We also ask that due to the controversial effect of topics such as religion or politics not be discussed in chat. This tends to lead to problems. If you are asked to knock it off please do so, if someone complains to a mod that they are being harassed, we will look into it and remove said violator of the rules

  • Vendor or other ecig/e-juice companies and their employees, are not allowed in the VolcanoEcigs Chat without consent from the Owners of VolcanoEcigs. Affilate companies also need consent from the owners before creating an account and joining the VolcanoEcigs Chat. Once you have consent form the owners are must abide by these rules along with all the rules set forth to you by the owners and the Chat Room Admins.

  • No spamming. Seriously. If you tried something from another company and you want to share your opinion, great! Feel free to do so! Everyone can talk about other products, as long as you're not pushing to sell a product that is exactly the same as ours. This would be an indication that you're a spammer. If you feel the need to repeatedly post the website of a company you will be told to stop by the Admins and/or mods if you continue to post links to other vendors or go out of your way to bring up a product or vendor you will be banned from the Chat (either a temporary or permanent ban).

  • No Flooding the Chat. The act of posting things over and over just to fill the screen and interrupt chat will not be tolerated. If an Admin must gag you and warn you to stop it, then stop if you do not you will be removed from chat and possibly banned (either temporarily or permanently). This also includes entering and leaving the room over and over to flood the screen with enter and exit system messages.

  • When uploading images to the room, use some common sense. Do not post anything directly to the room that could get someone fired, or that would be inappropriate for someone's children to see. If you post something grossly inappropriate to the room you will be warned. Do it again, and you will be banned. This includes uploaded images to the chat, links to images, videos up loaded to chat, links to videos, or links to any website containing offensive material.

  • Nudity of any kind will NOT be tolerated! Shirts and pants are required at all times in chat. This includes you also, guys. If you want to show off your muscles, wear a tight shirt. If it is a shirt that opens in the front please keep it done up. If you do not want to follow this rule that is fine, but do not turn on your cam in chat. You will be warned once. After that your cam will be turned off. If you continue to break this rule, you will be removed from chat and banned (either temporarily or permanently).

  • No drug talk in chat or use of drugs on cam please. What you do in your free time is none of our business, but keep it to yourself, we do not want to see it or hear about it. You will be warned once, and after that you will be asked to leave. If you choose not to leave we will do it for you. If you are on your cam we will ask you to don't do such on cam, if you continue we will turn your cam off for you. If you continue to break this rule, you will be removed from chat and banned (either temporarily or permanently).

  • There will be no trading done in chat, if you wish to do a trade with a chat member, the trade and info tranfer must be made in the forum either through the Trade Winds section or in the PM system. This way there is a "paper trail" of the trade. This way if anything goes wrong with the trade and someone comes to us with the complaint, there will be proof of the transaction. We can not just take your word over another users word. Without proof we can not enforce any rules or punish a violator.

  • These rules may change from time to time, with no notice. It is your responsibility to check for the latest updates and make sure you are abiding by the chatroom rules.
you can find the Forum Rules HERE

The VolcanoEcigs Team
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