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Crusading to save us from ourselves.

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Crusading to save us from ourselves.

Postby Smacaroni » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:10 am

You don't see me vaping much any more. As a cost saving measure, I decided a few months back that I wouldn't vape in my car any more. I drive 2.5 hours a day and having one free hand at almost all times enabled me to burn through a lot of juice in the 2.5 hours a day I spend behind the wheel. Most of it's on the highway, so even the five speed doesn't keep my right hand occupied for long.

But I still enjoy an occasional vape and when I know I'm going to be around smoking friends, I bring my Inferno and Tube Tank along to make sure I don't get any bad ideas. I don't know if I would, I'd like to think I wouldn't, but this ensures I won't.

However, I still advocate for eCigs and I still carry 5 or so Volcano business cards in my wallet just in case someone asks about mine or mentions eCigs.
I also read about them when I see an article.

I just read this which was repulished from theDailyBeast: ... cigarettes

I think he's right about the puritanical thinking. Some people just can't be happy if they know someone else is happy.

However, I think the same appeal that cigarettes had on me, forbidden fruit tastes best, we should, at least in the short term "prevent" minors from getting their hands on eCigs. Only because if they're legal for minors, the "adult" appeal for teens is lost.
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Re: Crusading to save us from ourselves.

Postby Slag Thompson » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:01 pm

Good article. Yep, some people just want to tell others what to do, simple as that.
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