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eCigs Ban: PA HB 1485 "Clean Indoor Air Act" Amendment

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eCigs Ban: PA HB 1485 "Clean Indoor Air Act" Amendment

Postby Smacaroni » Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:43 am

Short description:
An Act amending the act of June 13, 2008 (P.L.182, No.27), known as the Clean Indoor Air Act, further prohibiting smoking in public places; providing for local ordinances; and making a related repeal of the Fire and Panic Act.

Actual concern:
Electronic cigarettes are defined and included in the term smoking as these devices provide a vapor of nicotine for the use of inhalation. ... =B&bn=1485

If you live in PA, I urge you to write Mr. Scavello:

My letter, for inspirational purposes.
Dear Honorable Mr. Scavello,

I'm writing to you concerning HB 1485, the "Clean Indoor Air Act". I am a 35 year old ex-smoker. Notice how I said ex-smoker. After over a decade and a half of trying to quit cigarettes through every traditional means, I discovered eCigarettes. I smoked one tobacco cigarette the day after I received my eCigarette and not a single one ever again. That was over two years ago. I gradually cut the nicotine levels in my eCigarette down to zero. I had no cravings, no ill effects, no moodiness, nothing. It's been four months since I used my eCigarette either. I don't even know if the battery is charged any more. I'm seriously thinking about giving it away. If it weren't for eCigarettes, I'd still be smoking tobacco cigarettes. Today I am totally free of that vice. According to the American Lung Association, I've cut in half my risk of most tobacco related illness. This is thanks entirely to eCigarettes.

Please reconsider your position on eCigarettes, not a single study has proven them to be bad for users or people around the users. These quickly satisfy the addiction that traditional cigarettes have created and for people who want to quit, like myself, finally have a method that works - even if the FDA won't let eCigarette makers state that feature.

These devices are truly fantastic.

Smacaroni's Real Name
SmackTown, PA

Note: this is entirely true, I haven't touched my Inferno since summer. I haven't place a Volcano order since April.
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Re: eCigs Ban: PA HB 1485 "Clean Indoor Air Act" Amendment

Postby Shado » Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:40 pm

Congratz on your achievement Smacaroni!!!! :clap: :clap:

When it comes to these sort of statements to the politicians....I always add in the fact that the IVAAQ study showed no secondary effects from vaping in a small indoor space for those around in same vicinity. ;) :thumbup:
- Dave - ...LAL...;)

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Re: eCigs Ban: PA HB 1485 "Clean Indoor Air Act" Amendment

Postby Smacaroni » Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:37 am

Thanks. I see these stories at least once a week, someone expressing concern that the eCigarette craze is:
harming users (like who cares? This is the heroine vs. methadone argument - we're already harming ourselves, we know it and we didn't care with tobacco.)
harming others (yet to be proven or even reasonably justified)
encouraging kids to "smoke" (oh yeah, prohibition is what attracted me to cigarettes. I've yet to see a single sub-20 year old vaper. I have tried to convert a few though.)

It also pisses me off that some people can't seem to accept that other people are happy. Leave us alone.
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