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Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby Meowmix138 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:59 am

Juice Review from

(80%PG+20%VG Mix)
Nicotine Level::18mg (Extra High Nicotine)

Bacon - Holy Mother of God. If you love the taste of crispy, slightly burnt Bacon, this is right on. Smoke House bit of flavor, but Bacon all the way. Was to much for me.

Butterscotch - Sweet with a hint of Butter. To sweet for me.

Ecto Plasma - Like Green Hi-C, Delicious, loved this one.

Grape - This was like a Halls Cough Drop had a baby with a Grape. I didn't like it at all.

Kettle Corn - Tastes JUST LIKE Kettle Corn, I mean, you couldn't get closer to the taste of Kettle Corn without eating some. Very, very sweet though.

Pizza - Holy Crap, Pizza, Yep. Tastes just like a Pepperoni Pizza Combo, delicious. Only complaint is you can NEVER get this taste out of any Carto or Atty you use it with.

Waffle - Like warm butter and syrup, delicious. Very Sweet.

Green Apple - A slight sweet taste with big Apple taste, very delicious, not to sweet. A good everyday Vape.

Tobacco (Pumpkin Spice-infused) - By far my favorite. I love clove's and this was like Cloves Light. Delcious. Perfect balance of spice, pumpkin and pure tobacco taste.

Butter Pecan - Way, way, way to sweet. But very much Butter + Pecans.
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby Kainmodious » Tue May 01, 2012 12:03 am

OK so i had taken a little break from vaping for a while and went back to analogs...(i know i shouldnt have) but im back on with vaping due to the fact that i really need to quite smoking. i went ahead and took a lot of peeps advice and ordered from DIYFlavorshack. let me tell you. i have never had a better customer service experiance as i had with Dawn.



Watermelon Taste 5/5 vape 4.5/5 - absolutly loved this one. i know everyone said it was great but i just had to try it out for my self. it is a little strong in the beginning but as you continue to vape it it become very very tasty. will definatly order this one again. Tastes like a very good watermelon slice.

VG Maple Taste 4/5 vape 4/5 - pretty decent flavor. very strong in the taste . vape by itself though... tends to mess up some tastes of other flavors due to being so strong.

Cherry Cola Taste 3.5/5 vape 4/5 - im a big coke drinker and i wasnt too thrilled with this one. vapes really nice for agood cloud but for me the flavor wasnt there.

Keoke Koffee Taste 4/5 Vape 4.5/5 - very decent coffee taste. would recommend it to fellowvapers just didnt really do it for me in the coffee realm.

I put in my order on thursday and ended up getting my juices on teh following monday. very nice and fast service. Also Dawn added another 6ml bottle in my pack that i havent tried yet. Ill post a review on it when i have opened it. Its the Cafe Napoleon... have to try..

BTW anyone have a few good options for flavors to try next from DIY? thinking of making them my main place to go for juices.

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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby nsanexer0 » Tue May 01, 2012 1:02 am

Ill be reviewing

Service: Just wow. Blew my socks off. I asked to try some free samples and they sent me a 3ml sample bottle of there signature pinkspot juoce. A paragraph on my invoice... HAND WRITTEN.

Shipping: 6.50 flat rate usps, i ordered on saturday got it on monday... Amazing.

Juices all 18mg.

Frozen lime drop - This stuff hits you with a ripe lime and then it stick around for a few minutes... Pretty decent stuff....

Strawberry Cheesecake - I wanted to try this one BAD, I had doubts though but they nailed it with a 20lb sledge hammer. It tastes exactly like cheesecake.
On the inhale a bit more strawberry the after taste is full on cheesecake. Im placing an order for a big bottle.
5/5 after dinner vape

Pina Coloda - Im not a fan of pina coloda flavoring, i got this for my girl to test out (not an avid vapor)
Its alright very strong flavor... as all pin a coloda flavor is. 3/5

BluSpot - Hands down amazing, fruity oh so fruity. Fruity on the inhale pineapple on the exhale.

AlmondJoyz - Its a inhalable almond joy! Spot on. One of my favorite candy bars is perfected in this juice. Big bottle time!

Banana Creme - Best banana flavoring I've ever managed to taste, I'm not a big fan of banana but this tastes so good especially after I mixed a bit of almond joy in it tasted like chocolate banana.

PinkSpot - Bubble gum and something else... I dont like it. At all sadly :(

I would order a big bottle of every juice if I honestly had the money. All the flavors are very strong even with the 18mg of nico.
Pink spot is the only third party I ordered from and between them and volcano I'm set for life.
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby Forkeh » Fri May 11, 2012 9:05 pm

ECblends. Got my order very quickly, less than two days with USPS. Granted I live in Norther California and they ship from Medford (I think) Oregon. Still it was nice.

*70/30 mix, and 6mg. All tasted dripping.

Desert Gold: Very much like Volcano's tobacco, a bit sweeter perhaps. It's nice, I like it. Nothing terribly special. I could see myself ordering this again. TH like you'd expect from a 6mg juice.

Bacon: Very sweet, very syrupy, honestly reminds me more of pancakes than bacon, but it's actually not too bad. I probably won't order it again, but I'm not going to toss it either. TH same as above.

Cucumber: Extremely light and crisp. Really like this one. I could see it being an all day vape. A little sweeter than real cucumbers, but still pretty on as far as the flavor is concerned.

Earl Grey tea with extra flavor: Very heavy on the tongue, but at the same time, not even the slightest hint of sweetness. Tastes EXACTLY like a strong cup of EG tea. Seriously, exactly. Dead on right. I couldn't believe it because usually with eliquid, you get flavors that are similar, maybe like a candied version. No. This liquid tastes exactly like Earl Grey tea. No variation, no unusual sweetness. The TH from this juice is also like a punch to the throat, even at 6mg. They have to be using the authentic oil put in the real tea for this juice....there's just no other explanation.I freakin' LOVE this one I will order it again. This was easily my favorite of the bunch.

*70/30 mix, 0mg, dripping as before.

Dragon's Blood: Very very sweet, but not unpleasantly so. Fruity flavor that I can't really put my finger on. All and all, a nice vape. Kind of reminds me of Tiger's Blood snow cones. No TH, but such is the nature of 0mg juices. This was actually a freebee they threw in with my order. I'm not sure if I'd order it again, if I did it's definitely be of the nicotine variety.
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby nsanexer0 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:58 pm

All juices tasted @ 7.68Watts (4.8V@3Ohms - CARTOS) - 6mg nicotine

fuZion Vapor

General impression: Nice layed out website, an about page describing the dude running it, informative, cooky descriptions. Personalized emails (Not a huge operation).

Juices I've tasted:

XTC (TH 2/5|Flavor 3/5|Vapor 4/5|Order again: Maybe):
Cotton candy-ish flavor, everyone is telling me it smells like it and it sorta tastes like it... I think its being muted a bit with the poly fill however, its suppose to be mixed berrys or something :problem:

Magnum PI (TH 3/5|Flavor 4/5|Vapor 3/5|Order again: Maybe):
Summer fruits blend, very very different and tasty, couldn't see myself vaping this everyday though.
Overall it produces a small flavor packed tickle to the throat, don't expect to get throat kicked :lol:

Hell-Frozen-Over (TH 5/5|Flavor 4/5|Vapor 5/5|Order again: YES-ALL DAY VAPE):
Think of swallowing a fireball candy covered in a weak menthol... Thats about all I can say about it... Nothing gre---.... Yeah right, more like getting punched in the throat and having a soothing sorta numb across your tongue and throat afterwards :o
I let my mom try this and she is making the switch to ecigs, after smoking for 20 years.

Bob marleys blood (TH 3/5|Flavor 3/5|Vapor 4/5|Order again: Probably not):
Strawberry&White chocolate it says, but I think it tastes like strawberry orbits gum... or something of that nature. It did grow on me but I can't think of a reason to re-order since it will take me forever to get through this 30ml of it :sigh:

Hadouken (TH 3/5|Flavor 4/5|Vapor 4/5|Order again: Most likely):
Lemon/Lime with a twist... Not sure what exactly that twist is he says its menthol but I don't taste any menthol in there more like something pretty sweet, It's a decent mix and I'll probably order more, think sprite meets mtn dew with a hint of something like a sweet candy? Idk but I need to grab an atty to experiment further dissection of this juice!

Good quality juice, 30/70 base <- my new fave I believe...
Great customer service
Taste is great in most juices I have, some are subjective to me though.
My favorite vendor!

Juices coming:
Vacation (Coconut + various vacation fruits?????????) - 4mg
Krankberrry (Cranberry+Raspberry... can't wait.) - 10ml for free :P
Hell Frozen over (I had to get more :ugeek:)
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby Syngen » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:21 pm

Juice Review from

The site was reasonably easy to use, the shipping was quick. My inner graphic artist frowns heavily on the liberal use of the Papyrus font on both the site and the bottle labeling.

All of these are reviewed using an Inferno 650 Battery and dripped into a Magma atomizer. They're all at 18mg Nicotine.

Pikes Peach & Mango: Tasty tasty! The Peach comes through on the inhale with that tart sweet thing that is totally peach, but the exhale definitely has the mango nose. I expected this to be much more sweet and cloying than it is, and I'm glad it's clean and tasty.
Flavor: 4/5 - While it's clean? I'd love for it to be a little stronger. maybe letting it sit around a bit will give it more oomph
Vapor: 5/5 - Definitely comparable to the clouds I can produce using Volcano Juice, which, naturally is my benchmark.
Order again? Yeah. Probably sooner than I would plan as I expect the Hub to run off with this one.

Winterpark Watermelon: Juicy, with a nice watermelon flavor, though a litle bit of a foral/perfumey sort of nose on the exhale. Not unpleasant, just unexpected.
Flavor 4/5 - Again, I'd love a stronger flavor to this. Maybe letting it sit around a bit will help
Vapor 5/5 - Consistent with the Volcano juices. Good solid clouds.
Order again? Yeah probably.At least until I find a better melon

Aspen Apple: It's, okay. It's certainly no Aloha Apple.
Flavor 3/5 - Weak and a little limp compared with the Aloha Apple
Vapor: 5/5 - Clouds were consistent with Aloha Apple
Order Again? Probably not. Volcano makes a better alternative when I have apple urges
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby musicinpink » Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:52 am
Shipping: 6.00
Price for 10ml: 6.00
Shipping speed: Get it in usually 3 days :)

Kiwi - (24mg) Very light flavor but flavorful. Loved it a lot. (I think Volcano's is better imho)

Lime - (24mg) Very light. I can taste lime but it's still light.. :(

Cucumber Melon - (36 mg) When I first tasted it I tasted tons of cucumber and less melon. The next few days it started to steep it tasted a bit better. I wouldn't order it again. Maybe?

Strawberry (36mg) I have a cold right now so I can't comment on it. I can hardly taste anything right now. :(

Fresh Tangerine (24mg) I can taste a bit of this one. It taste just like a tangerine.

36mg is still too strong for me but sometimes I need that extra umph when it comes to nicotine. So that settles the cravings a bit. I still love 24mg cause I like to chain vape. Anyway, that's my review. I still want to order and try some more from DFWVapor. They are a great company with good juice.
Lavatube Vapor!!! =)
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby Syngen » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:28 pm

everyone's spoken so highly of dawn I totally had to give her stuff a try. When I opened the box and smelled caramel and coffee? I could have died happy right there.

Everything here is in 16MG Nicotine, dripped into a Magma Atomizer on a 650 Inferno battery.

Cafe Napoleon: I love this sweet creamy caramel flavor with just a hint of coffee. Such a Fab After-dinner Vape.
Flavor: 4/5 Seriously sit down with a cup of coffee with this one. And thank me later.
Vapor: 4/5 This is an 80/20 so its comparable with Volcano juices which are, and will always be my benchmark

Hazelnut Cappuccino: Not as much Hazelnut as I expected, but a peculiarly pleasant surprise with the coffee end of this. Dawns' Coffee flavor isn't very sweet at all. As someone who likes her coffee black, or very minimally sweetened; this totally works for me.
Flavor 3/5 - I can't believe I'm saying this, but the flavor was a bit strong. I would have liked more hazelnut than coffee here.
Vapor 4/5 - Consistent decent vape.

Tiramisu: Tiramisu the Dessert is a delicate cake soaked in espresso and layered with sweet Italian cream. This Juice had that same flavor. The bitter bite of espresso, the subtle sweetness. not a whole lot of cream to it. But overall a wonderful vape. If you've got a lot of sweet already on your tongue, this can taste a bit too bitter and burnt. But on a clean Pallate it's very pleasant.
Flavor 4/5 - The Coffee flavor here is a bit more than I expected.
Vapor 4/5 - Consistent and solid Vape

Caramel Macchiato: A small bottle of this was included as a free sample. And it's a nice flavor. The Caramel is very subtle actually against that nice rich black coffee flavor. So, like I like my coffee, this was not a sweet vape.
Flavor 4/5 - I Liked this better than the Hazelnut, the caramel had more of an impact. That coffee flavor Dawn uses is pretty strong, and so additions can get lost.
Vape - 4/5 Again, solid, consistent, good quality clouds

Overall I liked the packaging and speed and ease of use of the website from Dawn. I'll probably order again from her.
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby musicinpink » Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:20 pm

I seem to have gotten some of my taste buds back and the strawberry from DFW is awesome! :)
Lavatube Vapor!!! =)
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Re: Ejuice supplier & flavor reviews: part 3

Postby alsafysh » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:54 am

High Brow Vapor dot com:
shipping arrived faster then expected, good prices ($15 for 30mL), medium selection (around 48?), customs welcome and encouraged on any flavor in the shop. No size smaller then 15mL. I will shop here again.

Cheesecake Torte
4.5 of 5
Custom/mg: (60/40) 6mg
Review: The smell is amazing. This juice is sweet sweet sweet. It taste a mildly like cheese cake, but exactly like the most amazing vanilla cookies I've ever had. There is a nice hint of graham on exhale. The whole thing is incredibly smooth. Docked .5 because while delicious, not much like cheesecake torte.
Vapor: Clouds were incredibly thick and warm.
TH: TT: None / LR Atty: Low
Color: Nearly Clear
Buy again: Yes.

1 of 5
Custom/mg: none; 12mg
Review: Tobacco to the extreme. Like the darkest dirtiest cigarette ever, mixed with burning walnuts. Smells like coffee that been on the burner all day.
Vapor: Clouds were good.
TH: TT: medium / LR Atty: high
Color: Dark brown
Buy again: No, Sir.
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