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Forum Rules-Please read before posting on the forum.

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Forum Rules-Please read before posting on the forum.

Postby Artist Boy » Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:18 pm

You agree that you will abide by the following rules. As well as any further rules posted in sub-sections of the forum.

  • You agree that by signing up and posting on this forum you are the legal age of 18 or over. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to participate on the VolcanoEcigs Forum. If you are not of legal age and we find out you will be removed form the site and blocked until you are of legal age and prove it by contacting the company with proof of age.
  • Volcano reserves the right to edit/delete/move/or close any thread/topic/post for any reason. Volcano is not required to give you a reason for the moderation of the content. If you would like to know the reason for the moderation and did not receive a reason, you may contact the Forum Admin (Artist Boy) via PM and ask why.
  • Volcano reserves the right to remove/edit/suspend any user account, with or without warning or notification. Breaking any of these rules will lead to nothing less than a warning.
  • Please be polite and respectful of your fellow forum users. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. You can attack the post, but not the poster. Do not start a tread/topic for the sole purpose to attack someone or a group of people. Treat your fellow forum user with the same courtesy and respect that you would expect from others.
  • No user should have more than one account. If you would like something changed to your account and are unable to do so on your own or don’t know how please contact a Forum Moderator or the Forum Admin. If you are found to have multiple account Volcano will remove one for you.
  • Flooding the forum with posts with the sole purpose of just upping your post count (spamming), your posts will be removed and you will be warned by the Forum Admin.
  • There will be no discussions, mention, or posting of illegal/illicit drugs, or sexual related content.
  • Please try to stay on topic. If the thread gets too far off topic the thread will be split and the off topic portion will be moved to the off topic section of the forum or deleted completely.
  • Please try to post your topics in the proper section on the forum. The Sections and sub-forums are labeled clearly and have descriptions to help guide you in the right direction to where you should post the topic at hand. If you post in the wrong section the Forum Admin and Moderators will move it to the proper place, if you continue to post topics in the improper places you will be warned but the Forum Admin.
  • Do not make multiple posts for the same issue in different sections. Select the best section for the issue and post there. Multiple posting from the same user about the same issue, will result in the deletion of all but one thread on the subject, and placed in the correct forum by the Forum Admin.
  • The posting of illegal or offensive material will not be tolerated. No nudity, or risqué pictures, videos, images, or other content will be permitted on the forum.
  • Avatars are not to contain abusive or offensive material. No nudity, risqué images, drug/illegal related images or advertising for other companies or websites. The Forum Admin an Moderators will remove any avatars deemed inappropriate.
  • User signatures are not allowed to contain links or ads for other ecig companies or vendors. It shall also not contain any links to any site with illegal or offensive material related to but not limited to the following: gambling, loans, pharmaceuticals, porn, violence, political parties, or religious views. A signature is a privilege - not a right - if you abuse the right to have a signature, it will be removed from your profile and the privilege of having one removed from your account.
  • Advertising or selling any company or product on the VolcanoEcigs Forum is not permitted. Posting links for other companies with no reason other than to promote another company will be deleted promptly and the user either warned or deleted. Depending on the offense. There will be no selling or money exchanges for goods or services made on the VolcanoEcigs Forum.
  • Linking to other ecig companies or vendors for not other purpose than to promote them is not allowed. If someone asks you where you got an item or certain flavor you may tell them but unless asked there is no need for a link. Links in the juice review topics are fine.
  • Other ecig vendors or employees of ecig vendors are not allowed to have accounts on the VolcanoEcigs Forum, without the consent of the Forum Admin. Affiliate companies/vendors must have the consent of the Owners of VolcanoEcigs and the Forum Admin before creating an account. All violators will be removed and banned from the forum immediately.
  • The Private Message System (PM) is only for use by member to communicate to each other. Not for use to promote other companies or sell items. Anyone found or reported to be using the PM system to sell or advertise other sites or goods will be removed and banned from the forum.
  • Anyone caught breaking or attempting to circumvent these rules, will be either warned, (asked to stop what they are doing/informed they are breaking a rule), have their account suspended till further notice in which we would be in contact with the user, removed from the forum(account deleted), or banned (either temporarily or permanently).
  • These rules may change from time to time, with no notice. It is your responsibility to check for the latest updates and make sure you are abiding by the forum rules.

You can find the Video Chat Rule HERE

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM our Forum Admin (Artist Boy) or any one of our other Moderators. If you are not a member or are having problems registering or logging in to your account you may email our Forum Admin at

The VolcanoEcigs Team
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