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Hmm, still having trouble with the inferno charger..

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Hmm, still having trouble with the inferno charger..

Postby TadMX » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:28 pm

Well, I made a previous post a few days ago about having issues with the inferno tube tank charger, and the guy replaced the USB cord because it wasn't any good. I think I'm having the same issue again already. The charger itself lights up red (as in the piece that plugs into the outlet) but when I plug it in to a battery, it turns red at first then goes away. If I move the cord slightly to the left, it will get the battery red again, but when I let it go the light still goes away. So I basically have to hold it. I think I have to go back to get it replaced again, but I guess I'm just wondering if this is a common issue, or maybe there might be something else going on? All I'm doing is charging it on the desk, by itself. Maybe the cord is getting touched here and there, but nothing serious. I like this stuff a lot so I'm definitely careful with all of it, but if I could get a solution to this one issue that would be great.
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Re: Hmm, still having trouble with the inferno charger..

Postby Davg16 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:10 pm

To me it sounds like a connector problem within the battery itself. If the female connector on the battery is anyway stressed it would cause damage to the connection between the wire and the receiving port. This could have happened while it was plugged in and the cable at port got bent or maybe the end got hit on a hard object while the cap was off.
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Re: Hmm, still having trouble with the inferno charger..

Postby iamthegreengrabber » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:35 pm

Yeah, oh I know about this....
After ordering SEVERAL cords, I just expect them to fail.
I plug in one batt to charge, I have 4, vape on another.
But hey, now..., now, our BCTs are machined all wrong and wont stay on the batt.
I'll just have to go back to cartos, ugh! I actually threw out cartos I planned to wash
with distilled water. I saw the how-to on Youtube.
I'm stepping back, will monitor this site to see how you all are getting along.
GG :sick:
PS.......NEVER use the pass-thru mode, the movement breaks the charger connection, just throw out the cord.
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Re: Hmm, still having trouble with the inferno charger..

Postby Artist Boy » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:05 pm

I highly DO NOT recommend washing the cartos. It can and will grow mold and bacteria in the cotton filler before it dries out. If you fill before dry it wont vape well at all and tastes bad. I know a few people that ended up with bacterial infections in the lungs from washing cartos.
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