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Postby JSmith926 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:44 am

Tony Yayo wrote:Im curious as to the inner workings of this. Ive recently come back to Volcano due to these awesome tanks. Just curious as hell as to how they work.

Also, what is switching flavors like? Anyth that would cause flavors to linger?

lingering stops after a few draws. the inner working of this is very similar to an old school drip atomizer but with an attached 2.5ml tank, juice travels through the holes in the side of the head and onto the wicking material / coil then vaporizes... its pretty amazing though the amount of R&D that volcano put into the new tanks.

As for cleaning all i do is rinse the tank, rinse the head (make sure to dry it as much as possible) then dry burn and blow into the head until the coils burn clean obviously about 10 second intervals as that is all the inferno will allow for safety. If you notice that your battery is starting to get warm take the tank off and let the battery sit and cool off. Now there is a possibility that you could destroy a coil by doing this but usually it will result in a clean coil and wick and continue working.

If you start to get a burnt taste that is typically due to contaminates building up on the coils or due to not enough juice getting to the coils, and destroying the flavor. I'm not sure if the wicking material is silica but if it is you can safely burn that stuff at something like 2000* F without destroying it and there is NO WAY that an inferno can push that much power during a cleaning cycle.
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Postby iamthegreengrabber » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:13 pm

Faulty thread alert:
I'm verrrrry down about this, see other post on O-rings on BCT.
The threads on your batts won't fit the threads on your BCT, o-rings pop off connection when cleaning also.
Have you seen my previous posts? This is a disaster! Hey I've been @24mg.s for a year!
I don't know where to turn, back to cartos and tube tank?
I dropped some coin here on 2 BCT set-ups.....I could spit fire!
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Postby Artist Boy » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:52 pm

Just contact CS about them not screwing on they will get you taken care of.

The gasket is suppose to come out. It needs to for cleaning purposes. You just need to be careful when refill and cleaning not to lose it and that it stays in place.
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Postby cjofwolfcreek » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:13 am

I love these things, but the thread issue needs to be addressed. My first BCT would thread onto all my inferno bats except one, the 900 i purchased in july. Got two more BCT's in the mail today and low and behold one of them threads onto the lone 900 battery that the other wouldn't. Seems to be a tolerance issue between the battery threads and the bct threads. Works out for me because I have 5 inferno batteries. Someone that only has one or two would have a problem.
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