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Volcano Live Chats Info and Rules

Learn more about them and read recaps of the past chats.

Volcano Live Chats Info and Rules

Postby Artist Boy » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:27 am

Aloha Fellow Volcanites,

From time to time when we have important news/updates/product releases, we will have a live chat hosted by the owners in our chatroom. The chats will be held at 9pm EST, The days will vary and we will announce the chat within 24hours via all our social media pages, as well as I will post HERE to update you of the day of the chat (remember they are always at 9pm EST) You can find the chat room by clicking on the "Video Chat" button on the top menu bar or by clicking this link: and then signing in with your forum login info. Once you are logged in to the chat go tot he "General Chatroom", Once you are in the room on the right hand side there will be a list of users, scroll through the list till you see either Joe Volcano or Magma Mike's name, next to their name you will see a camera icon. Click on that to open their cam to hear and see the meeting.

During the chat the host will give any news or updates about new and upcoming product or events coming from Volcano. They will also answer as many questions as they can during the chat. There will also be many other Volcano employees in the chat able to answer questions via the text window as well. So even if the host misses your question someone in the chat will answer it.

Between the updates/news and the giveaways there will be a discount code given or a sale on certain items announced. This changes from week to week. So stop in to see what it is and either learn about the sale or get the discount code (usually 15% off)

At the end there will also be 3 $50 Volcano store credit giveaways. To win you may have to answer a trivia question, be the first to call a number and guess number, or some other task. Please see rules below to be eligible to win.

Rules for Volcano's Live Chats:
  • Chat Starts at 9pm, and lasts for 30minutes to an hour
  • Please keep your mics and cameras off during the chat, only the host(s) are allowed cameras during the chat. This is to prevent A/V lag or choppiness.
  • Please refrain from PMing the host while they are talking.
  • Please try to wait till we get through the updates before you start asking questions. We will have a section where we ask for your questions. Try to hold off till then before asking, as the host is not usually reading the chat as they are reading off updates.
  • Do not come in in the middle of the updates/news and start demanding the discount code, we will give it out after the updates/news right before the first music break, which happens before the first giveaway and when we start taking your questions.
  • Please be respectful of one and other, we are all here for a good time, please don't cause issues. If you think that something is gonna upset someone then just don't say or do it. There are moderators watching and will handle issues as needed when they arise.
  • Please do not spam the chat with links or pics.
  • You must also abide by the general chat room rules found HERE

Giveaway Rule:

  • You must have a registered store account on both the forum and the store. Without the forum account you wont be able to get into chat and without the store account we will not be able to credit the account the points for winning. You need not have had to place an order with the store account but you still need to have one at the time of winning.
  • Do not answer the question before it is posted in the chat by either the host or the admin. All answers posted while the question is still being asked and before it is posted into the chat, will not be accepted, whether they are right or not.
  • Please do not answer the question if you do not know the answer, spamming the chat with nonsense makes it harder for us to see the winner, If you do this excessively you will not be allowed to participate in the chats.
  • If you win please make sure to email the email account we tell you upon winning to receive your winnings. Please use the email your store account it linked to, in the email include your real name, your screen name, your email, and verify your shipping address. Without this info we will not be able to credit your account.
  • DO NOT fight about the questions/answers. If you think the answers are wrong or you think you answered first please feel free to bring it to our attention, but do not argue with the host. Joe and Mike have the final say. And will give reason as to the final ruling.

I hope to see you all there, it is a good time, there is always great info given out and if you have a question you can get it them answered by the owners and other staff right then and there.

If you can not make it or forget about it till its too late, don't worry I will make a chat recap and post it here in this section for you.

Remember the Live Chats will be at 9pm EST, but the days will change. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to get notice of the day that we will have chat. I will also be posting it in the thread linked above. If you miss any part of the chat or are not able to attend I will post a Chat Recap either later that night or the next morning covering all items talked about during the chat.

Hope to see you all there.

Artist Boy and the rest of the Volcano team.

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