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Volcano Picture Contest Commenting Thread:CLOSED

Because everyone loves to win things.

Re: Volcano Picture Contest Commenting Thread:CLOSED

Postby Artist Boy » Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:55 am

once again, in the employee vote I choose not to vote for your only because I could not see you ecig at all. People could enter as many pics as they wanted, and you could have entered more if you wanted. No matter what a person could only have one pic make it to the final round.

This is not a popularity contest, and I did not look at names or take into consideration if I knew the poster by face or not. I made my vote by rule fulfillment, and by artistic look and style. Like I said before I do not know or care to know how or why others voted. I just took the vote numbers and took the top ten and posted them into the poll.

Having a complaint about the contest in a whole is one thing but attacking someones picture is not cool. You may not like someones picture more than your own, but it there is no reason to call it out in your rant, I will not say if I voted for him or not, or my reasons because he is not bitching and I am sure if he had not made it into the finals I am sure he would have not made rants all over calling the contest rigged. He may look a bit different than others but he has enough class to not attack others work.

I am sure others are upset that they did not make into the finals but I am sure they understand and except that did not and call FOUL. It is what it is. It is by no means rigged, or voted only by popularity.
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Re: Volcano Picture Contest Commenting Thread:CLOSED

Postby Joe Volcano » Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:24 pm

I had a lot to do with choosing the pictures. This contest is of people vaping our products with an entertainment value to it. The value is comprised of many things- funny, artistic, beautiful, or just awesome. Of all the pictures, I truly believe your picture is one of the best.......but to the average person, it does not look like a person vaping. It looks like a awesome house decorated nicely with a ton of X-mas lights. It might have been better if you took a close-up shot of you and the lights in the background. Of course this is all personal opinion and not EVERYONE will agree with every decision we make.
I personally dont know most of the people in the contest. A lot of our GODS and Legends were not even picked, and they are very popular in this forum and the chats. I have never met or chatted with John1313. I saw him vaping a Magma in the picture with his cat, and it was the most artistic to ME and the other voters. The picture was very Different then any other pic. It had nothing to do with him posting a lot of pictures. Lets have some sportsmanship and not put down someones entry.
You saw the pictures from the beginning and a few people were posting more then 1 picture. You should have asked then why they were submitting more then one pic at that time. It was also posted several times.
I have reviewed you complaint with the staff and decided to keep the rules the same. We want as many pics as we can get. We had a hard time picking Rayzr's pics, because they were all equally funny which made the contest more entertaining, but harder to choose. So it can sometimes be a problem to have more then 1 pic. The whole reason of having many entries submitted is to keep the thread active and entertaining.
Volcano will always have contest, and people complaining wont stop dont worry about that. But these type of complaints might get less people involving themselves with future contest. People don't want there pics to be degraded on a forum, so please think of the outcome.
Thank you EVERYONE for putting in entries. All the pics were great and VERY hard to choose from. Were thinking of the next contest now, so get ready. Mahalo, Joe Volcano
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Re: Volcano Picture Contest Commenting Thread:CLOSED

Postby HYPERformance » Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:00 pm

In no way was I making fun or anything like that all I said was you guys said make them interesting. And regarding my pic you can see me vaping my inferno you can see it In my hand after an xhale
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