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Is your Tube Tank leaking?

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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby mdcsanfran » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:51 pm

Hi Super Frog,
I'm a newbie to the Tube Tank and managed to clog 2 new tanks within a week.
Artist Boy sent me your link for help with clearing the clogging. I followed your instructions by pushing the cartomizer to expose the peephole and vaped until it cleared through.

After I blew out the excess into the paper towel (it was a mess of juice) - I put it a few drops of liquid back into the tube (below the peephole) and a few drops on top of the foam under the drip tip

When I tried to vape again, it cleared from what it was but still felt hard to draw on. Should I put drops on the foam first without putting any drops in the tube to get it completely cleared or vice-versa? Or do both and wait a bit before vaping?

The other tank is half full of juice so I'm wondering if I can do the same with a tank with juice in it.

Will drying the carts out overnight help after we've gone through the clearing process?

Sorry for all the questions. I thought you gave a thorough explanation but I'm still not familiar with all of the jargon or acronyms.

Many thanks in advance,
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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby pkdtmy » Sun May 27, 2012 6:21 pm

When I first bought my Inferno with the Tube Tank a couple months ago from the kiosk at the mall, the salesman set everything up for me. While he was ringing me up, It was working like a champ. But when I left the mall it started to gurgle and I started getting juice in my mouth. Being that it was my first time vaping, I thought this was normal. When I got home I noticed that I started to get juice running down my Inferno. I was confuse and thought to myself that this is not normal at all. So I called one of my friends who vapes and ask him if all this thing happening to me is normal. Then he told me that i'm experiencing what is called "flooding" So he told me what to do to un flood the cartomizer. It worked for like an hour then it started to flood again. So at this point I was getting a little discourage and having doubts about my purchase.

After that night, I put on my LR atty that came with the kit and I learned to drip. That was the best vaping experience of my life! So I had this Tube Tank on the side line for about a week after that. In the mean time I went back to the mall and bought 5 extra cartos for the Tube Tank. I ask another saleman there to teach me how to set up the Tube Tank. I went home and followed the instruction what he told me and it worked for about an hour and it started to gurgle and started to get juice in my mouth again! For about a month, I researced online, watched You Tube videos and got alot of advise on how to set this Tube Tank. All 5 cartos I purchased leaked on me. I basically gave up on my Tube Tank. I also been telling my coworkers and friends to NOT buy the Tube Tank.

So last week I purchased regular Smok Tech cartomizer (Not for Tanks) online so I could fill them without having to drip. I stumbled upon a video on You Tube that vapors been slotting or punching there own hole to put in there Tank. So I tried it myself. Got my Dremel out and I slotted the Smok Tech carto and put in my Tube Tank. Holy Crap!! it fricken works! I had it for almost a week and it didn't leak on me yet. Now I know what everyone has been talking about! Good vape, good taste and most of all no carrying the bottle. So basically, I had BAD/Defective cartos all this time from the beginning. I'm so hesitant on purchasing cartos from the kiosk now knowing that I might be wasting my money on Bad/Defective cartos. Since there is NO refunds on cartos and attys I don't want to take that chance.

I guess the moral of the story is, If you get the right/working carto in the Tube Tank, It will be the best vaping experience for you. Sorry so long but I wanted to share my experience with my Tube Tank.

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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby cody.hasnen328 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:51 pm

I have had my tank leak on me a few times. The first time was because the carto was just a bad one. The other time was cause i over primed them.
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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby Incognitum » Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:10 pm

I had flooding / leaking issues after a few days with the TT, then I started using the clearo-mod and basically everything is great. I tried to get it to leak, and I had to actually turn it upside-down and draw to get anything to leak out. If you leave it on it's side a while, you may need to grab a paper towel and blow a little excess out, and wipe the battery contact every once in a while, but no complicated procedures before you're vaping again. I do get a bit of a burnt taste when the tank gets down to 1/3 to 1/4 full, but refilling is so easy with a needle-tip bottle that this too isn't a big problem, more like a reminder to fill-up. And stock TT had to be refilled at about that level as well to ensure the siphon hole doesn't get exposed while drawing. IMO everyone with a TT should at least try the clearo-mod, and I bet 90% like it better.
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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby DaaamnSmokey » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:44 am

Liquid will always find it's way through a crevice. I generally take a small piece of paper towel and push it through the mouth piece whenever i'm letting it sit and just take it out when I'll be using it for the day.
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Re: Is your Tube Tank leaking?

Postby cjofwolfcreek » Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:39 pm

I've got two tanks, this post helped greatly with the first one. Thanks SF!!

Did the clearo mod on the second one and filled with the same juice as the first. Warmer hit due to the coil being at the top. Going back and forth between the two to see which I prefer since the different cartos do affect the flavor.

Loved the clearos when they first came out until all the leaks sprang up. hopefully the support of the tank will eliminate that issue.
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