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INFERNO - Super Battery Charging Adapter

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  • INFERNO - Super Battery Charging Adapter

INFERNO - Super Battery Charging Adapter


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A replacement super battery charging adapter for the INFERNO.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A replacement super battery charging adapter for the INFERNO.

Do not use or charge batteries in hot or damp environments. Doing so can damage the adaptor and can be dangerous.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Brandonon 7/25/14
    Just got this in today & I must say that I wish I bought this a long time ago. Really charges quite fast & I like how the charging light is more visible compared to the light on the usb side of the Inferno batteries. Good thing I ordered this when I did because now it is out of stock lol
  • Overall
    Review by Michaelon 2/24/13
    Okay so I got my charger 2 weeks ago and for some reason it used to flash green prior to insertion of my battery and then green when it's fully charged. During the first week it was charging fine, and today it stopped charging fast, it always stays red, and my battery is acting up. I have tried using it on the old inferno battery from 2010 and the new one. Any tips or information about this? I had the one from 2010 and it worked fine until i lost it, but this one is just acting up.
  • Overall
    Is this charger ok to use with the 900 mAH USB battery?
    Review by Matt on 1/10/13
    I love my Inferno. Great vaping and stylish. I also cant wait for my Lava Tube to arrive. Volcano is a great supplier for all my Vaping needs.
    volcano- Yes, but the more inexpensive USB wire works the same, and you can use at the same time.
  • Overall
    Review by Alon 11/20/12
    Does it just screw into the top of the battery?
  • question
    Review by rickyon 9/2/12
    1st question: Will this work with the first inferno?
    2nd question: is it a regular USB end?
    volcano-Mini USB to a normal USB
  • Does its job
    Review by Clinton 5/21/12
    I like this charger but be warned on screwing it in. My first one the wire snapped in it, out of warranty anyways. I don't know if they changed since my secondary one doesnt say inferno, but it doesn't charge. Tried scrapping the black stuff off but nothing.
  • Question
    Review by Max Powrron 4/22/12
    Is this ok to use with the 650 mah USB battery??
    Volcano- Yes
  • Magma
    Review by leonardon 4/20/12
    Works great on my Super Battery and the Magma battery. Am I ruining my Magma Battery?
    Volcano- This is not intended for the magma battery....please discontinue
  • Question
    Review by joshuaon 3/19/12
    Will this alone charge the inferno battery?

    Volcano- Yes
  • Helpful tip for all users
    Review by Stevenon 3/9/12
    This item works great, but here's a little helpful tip for all users out there. If the charger seems like it no longer is working properly, make sure the contact on the charger that meets the battery is clean and free of black stuff. I thought I had a bad battery or a bad charger and when I looked at the contact point on the charger, it was covered with black gunk that I had to scrape off. Now it's clean and functionally perfectly. It goes straight to the red light now when plugged in indicating that it's charging, rather than staying green all of the time.
  • Question
    Review by Dougon 12/6/11
    Will the chargers that came with my Magma kit charge the Super battery or do I need to buy the USB adaptor for the Super battery? Also the tanks for my Magma will work on the Super battery correct?

    Volcano- its a completely different adapter that screws on to the top of the super battery
  • Green/Red Light and USB charging.
    Review by Ancienton 1/30/11
    I have found that depending on your PC's USB configuration and your device usage, the charger cannot get the full 5v it is supposed to if you have other things drawing on the same powered group of USB ports. Usually, each group of two ports will only have 5v available between them both so only one thing that draws power should be used in each pair at a time. My problem was that I was running the 650mah on the PT, AS WELL as trying to charge my 1000mah with both plugged into the same USB pair and the super charger would just never turn red unless the light on the base of my 650mah went out when it was fully charged. This is not a problem with the charger or your battery, it is a limitation of most standard USB ports. Unless you have a USB port with a little lightning bolt icon next to it, which is a newer USB passthrough port designed for charging USB devices and should provide an unshared and steady 5v, even if the laptop or PC is shut down.

    When I looked into it and did a bit of testing, I found that I would need to use a USB port from another unused USB pair or at least one that is not providing power to something else for the super charger to work properly. I fully agree with SmokeyJoe that using the wall adapter is the way to go for charging the 1000mah batteries when you have access to a wall outlet, unless of course that is not an option, then try to make sure all your other USB devices that draw power are unplugged and it should go red and charge in a reasonable amount of time. If the light on the charger is green, IT IS NOT CHARGING! The light will be red until it is fully changed and then it will turn green to let you know it is fully charged and good to go.
  • Green or red light
    Review by Hotnfreshon 1/12/11
    Good post SmokeyJoe, I was wondering that. Though for some reason the USB charger stays lit green all the time when plugged into the computer. I think it's recharging, I dunno, I just got it but figured it should be red until it's actually charged. Plugged into the wall via Magma charger and now it's red while charging. I love volcano products but you can obviously tell the chargers and cables are made in China.
  • Question
    Review by mitson 12/10/10
    Will this charger work with the Magma batteries?

    Volcano- No
  • Works as described
    Review by SmokeyJoeon 11/29/10
    Not much to review on this, it does what it's supposed to. What I do want to give people a heads up on is the charging times. If you only buy this usb wire to charge your super inferno battery, and use only a usb port on your computer, it takes a long time to charge. It took almost 5 hours for mine to charge. Then I tried charging it with the plug (for an outlet) that you can buy, and it cuts the time almost in half. So I would recommend using the plug with it or using the plug that came with your magma or volcano with this usb wire. No need to buy the inferno plug if you already have a magma or volcano plug, cause they output the same thing, 5 volts.