WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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INFERNO Carrying Case

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  • INFERNO Carrying Case

INFERNO Carrying Case


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Looking for a stylish way to carry around your favorite little toy? Then look no further, our INFERNO case will have you showing off your INFERNO in style.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Looking for a stylish way to carry around your favorite little toy? Then look no further, our INFERNO case will have you showing off your INFERNO in style.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Perfect Case
    Review by Markon 12/6/14
    Perfect case for the Inferno. Protects it from getting damaged or wet. I got the Red color so I won't loose track of the case. Very cool I highly recommend.
  • Overall
    Multi Use
    Review by Michaelon 6/30/14
    Hey I used this for my inferno but it also can fit the Lavatube with a 15ml bottle. It is perfect for the Lavatube also!
  • Overall
    Love the case!
    Review by Lisaon 5/9/13
    Very durable and sleek for travel or to protect your piece.
  • Overall
    Still very happy with this case
    Review by Mark J.on 3/11/13
    I have had the black case for about a year now. It has held out very well. Still looks new, and I get compliments on it still to this day. I am amazed at how much I can get it to hold, and it still zips up securely. The case, zipper, and shiny Inferno logo plate have all held up perfectly. Very well made IMO. Thanks Volcano! Great products. This is why my wallet and I still shop ONLY with you!
  • Overall
    This case rocks
    Review by Toddon 11/21/12
    I have an extra one of these to store USB thumb drives... hahaha it's perfect!! Better than any other thumb drive cases out there. Wish it came in more colors - these are just nice cases in general you know? Good zipper mechanism too, don't see it ever breaking..
  • Good Product for the price.
    Review by Williamon 8/17/12
    For $10, you get a case that can hold somewhere around 4 bottles of liquid, 2 fully assembled Inferno ecigs, and several accessories. I'm glad i bought it as having all of this flying around in my backpack would have been a pain. Make sure that you disable the battery before putting it in the case (press the power button 5 times to turn it on or off), because if there is pressure on the case, it can activate the battery.
  • Great Case!!!!
    Review by Codyon 8/6/12
    I now have two of them. I can fit my fully assembled 650 mah battery with inferno atomizer with drip in it just fine. It also holds a fully assembled 900 mah battery with tube tank and drip tip along with two 15 ml bottles of juice. I love the inferno badge on the front of the case. One thingthat could be added is a hook to attach it to a belt loop.
    Review by Mark J.on 5/5/12
    I have the black case. For the mere 10 bucks, it is very classy, holds everything very well, and made very well also. I love the shiny logo plate on the top. I get many complements on it. Get one.
  • liked it for awhile
    Review by joelon 3/12/12
    There should be different sizes to choose from.cause when customers buy there first kit,they would want a case that could eventually fit all there accessories.it can't even fit what's in the in the case and especially when they start buying different color tips,batteries,adding a tube tank to your device. So if the customer wanted to change it up a little, like tired of the same color etc.. How is everything gonna fit in that case?. So Please come out with bigger ones and different. Colors

    Volcano- All cases are now 7" large size
  • Not too bad in red...
    Review by Nickon 3/9/12
    I ordered the red because there was and still is no option to choose the black. The color isn't bad but you HAVE to take apart the inferno to fit it. It's about the size of a sunglasses case. Good quality. Just waiting on the option to buy the longer black one. IS it out of stock . . . or a website glitch?
    Volcano- good new...Large size only now
  • Black case size
    Review by Susanon 2/28/12
    Sorry but I am still confused. Will the black case hold a fully assembled tankomizer as shipped in the kit with the larger (1000 mAh super Inferno) battery attached? I'd like to order this but do not want to if I will still be having to assemble my e-cig every time I take it out of the case. Thanks so much.

    Volcano- Yes
  • A Must Have
    Review by Bradon 1/9/12
    this case is perfect for all of your daily needs.got mine 12/15/11 and the size is perfect .great for the inside of any coat pocket and for placing in the glove box or desk drawer.for me i put in a express starter kit with charger and at least two bottles of juice on one side.the other side has lots of room for my infernos,extra tanks with still space left for drip tips and atomizers.expands well and protects all my gear.dont leave home without it !
  • Great case
    Review by Mary Paton 12/9/11
    I use this everytime I leave the house to store what I need. Only one thing I would change is the length, and I would like it to be just a little longer to hold fully assembled extra Ecigs with tanks and drip tips attached. Otherwise, it's perfect for my needs.
  • Would like larger version
    Review by Grammar Policeon 11/2/11
    Not going to harp on most of the already covered suggestions, but would like a slightly longer version. This would allow me to leave battery, tank-o-mizer and tank assembled together and fit within the case.

    I want to be able to carry two tank setups, a drip tip combination, a bottle of juice and two pref-illed extra tanks.

    Volcano- Yes, the black case is now the larger version
  • Good but needs improvement... needs another size
    Review by Ericon 10/29/11
    I've had mine for about a month and worked great, but recently the handle on the zipper broke off. I still use it, but is troublesome when zipping of course.

    Secondly, another size (bigger) needs to be an option. I like to carry multiple bottles of ejuice (30ml) and can't fit all of it in this case.

    Overall, I give it a B- grade. Love the leather and silver inferno tag.

    Volcano- The black ones are bigger then the red now...about 2 inches longer
  • Question about the size of it......
    Review by Caseyon 9/23/11
    what are the exact dimensions of this things so I know if it will work with what I am trying to use it for. Thank you very much in advance.

    Volano- new length is 19 centimeters width is 7 centimeters (Currently only black), old case is 15 1/2 centimeters width is 6 1/4 centimeters (Currently only red)
  • room for improvement
    Review by heycharityon 6/28/11
    This is a really nice case overall. It's sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and can hold a lot of stuff. I love it except for two minor gripes. First, the mesh pockets do not have a tight enough elastic rim. Small parts (like a drip tip or prying device for clearo/carto stoppers) easily fall out. I got in the habit of stuffing a triple folded napkin into the same pouch to prevent this - which admittedly is a necessity anyway, but still. ;)

    Second and more importantly, the pocket openings do not all face the same direction. This seems like a major design flaw and the logic makes no sense to me. If the elastic loops and pocket were flipped around (so the loops were on top and the pocket was below, opening upward as the other two do), it would simplify using this case a great deal because you wouldn't have to fuddle with turning the case this way and that for the leverage just to get a battery in and out of the loops without disturbing what's in the pockets on the other side.

    Hopefully that all made sense! Just to be clear, this case is a no-brainer when you consider the price tag and construction - and definitely makes carrying gear more convenient, but a few tweaks would make it truly awesome.

  • Would love to buy but Volcano must change it first!
    Review by Jerryon 5/7/11
    I am a service technician that gets in and out of a work truck all day. This would be perfect for me especially when things get bumped around inside the truck and the inside is not as clean as a personal vehicle. According to one of the reviews on this page it won't fit fully assembled into the case. Volcano! Please fix it!!!!

    volcano- it will fit a fully assembled 650mah, and 1000mah with other cartomizers. The case does not hold a fully assembled 1000mah inferno t. we will be carrying a larger case in future.
  • Very nicely made but not long enough
    Review by EAPellowon 4/30/11
    I individually ordered a lot of different products from the Inferno line rather than getting a kit. I have 2 super batteries, and I also have the problem of not being able to fit a super battery assembled with an atty and drip tip into the case. Right now, I have a cartomizer on the battery, and it just barely fits, but getting it in and out of the elastic loop is really tough. In fact, the two elastic battery loops are even a little too tight for the super batteries without anything attached to them.

    That said, this is a very tough, nicely constructed case. While it doesn't perfectly suit my gear, it may work for a number of others. I still plan on getting a lot of use out of this as storage case for travel, as you really can fit a lot into it.

    Some considerations for future cases if you ever redesign this:
    - The two elastic battery loops could have a snap button each to secure the loop down, making it easier to get in and out longer battery setups. Velcro could work but would wick up too much juice after awhile.
    -Adding a belt loop would be a really nice touch. I actually thought it would have one, and this is robust enough to be worn on your hip. Being able to take this with you is important!
    -A streamlined "mini" case to wear on your belt that has just enough capacity for a super battery with a long assembly...say maybe a cartomizer and long drip tip, plus room for a little 3ml bottle. Such a case would be great when you're out and about and can't carry a lot of stuff with you.
    -The case should self-clean your atty and any leaked juice. Just kidding... we're not there yet. Keep up the good work!
  • NIce case
    Review by Animeon 3/10/11
    It is indeed a nice case however I can't get my fully assembled 1000 mah inferno to fit with my Super T tips. Even with the delrin tips, it won't sit in the case but the case closes. Not for the Super T tip..
  • Using with tanks?
    Review by monarch79on 1/28/11
    Just to let you know, this case isn't long enough to hold a fully assembled Inferno with the Tankomizer and tank. Great case, but just not big enough for the new atty.
  • Does the job
    Review by Ryanon 1/9/11
    Picked it up at the Kapahulu cafe yesterday. Pretty sturdy case, so I don't have to worry about anything getting crushed inside. I can fit both my Infernos, 2 spare Attys, and 2 bottles of my liquid no problems.

    I would recommend, if you don't have one already, is to have the battery covers on your Inferno batts when storing them in the case when zipping it up. To prevent any inadvertent pressing of the batt button.

    I recommend having it, especially when you are on the go like me.
  • drop-dead sexy...
    Review by MerlinDaBldgon 12/2/10
    I love the the case in the color red. It's oh-so seductive!!!
  • Awesome case and cheaper than elseware
    Review by Jasonon 11/9/10
    I love it i have 2 of em.
    in total i can hold
    8 magma batts
    2 650 inferno batts
    2 1000 inferno batts
    6 10 ml bottles of juice
    6 magma attys
    6 magma cartos
    1 tweezers
    1 carto refill syringe and plastic tip
    2 paper towels

    all in 2 cases its GREAT
  • Another MUST have
    Review by Keoon 11/8/10
    I'm so glad I got this carry case! It's very well made, has plenty of room for most everything you need (except chargers), it's sturdy and the price can't be beat! This carry case is much more than I expected for ten bucks! It's great to have something that will carry most everything you'll need!
    I went to my daughter's new home this past weekend. This carry case came in so handy! I always knew where everything was and, more importantly, I knew all of my things were safe. I'm going to get another as a spare.
  • Great Case @ a Great Price
    Review by SmokeyJoeon 11/4/10
    This case is really nice looking, hard shelled exterior, and plenty of room inside to put various combinations of things in it. I did not buy it for the inferno, but for my Mega Magma Batteries. 2 of them fit great, and you can even put a 3rd in there. Also plenty of room to put dropper bottles in so that you can always top off your carts. When the liquid at the top of the cart is gone, I always top it off to get the greatest taste/hit you can get. If you try to vape the whole cart without topping it off constantly, it doesn't taste nearly as good and isn't satisfying(to me anyways). So if your looking for a great case for you magma's or inferno's this is it!
  • sweet case for your inventory
    Review by cruzon 11/2/10
    I like this case alot. I put in both my inferno batteries in it, plus 4 10ml bottles of v-liquid. I wish the nameplate was engraved though, because the plate gets all scratched up.

    Thank you, the case is engraved with the inferno logo.
  • A must have for Inferno owners!
    Review by Elion 10/17/10
    I am a dripper and this case is perfect for me. It can hold both complete Infernos, 6 3.7ml bottles, extra atty. a 5 pack of carts, and the usb cable easily. The leather work, stitching and zipper are all well done. Don't get an Inferno kit without this.