WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  • INFERNO Express Starter Kit
  • INFERNO Express Starter Kit
  • INFERNO Express Starter Kit
  • INFERNO Express Starter Kit

INFERNO Express Starter Kit

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The simple design is perfect for the functional user or first time electronic cigarette user. The INFERNO battery features a one touch activation and a 5 click on/off feature for quick and safe storage. The INFERNO BC TubeTank is an easy fill and go system which produces a generous amount of vapor and flavor.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The INFERNO Express Starter Kit Includes:
  • (1) 650 mAH Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) INFERNO BC Tube Tank setup with (1) 1.8Ω heating coil
  • (1) Removable drip tip
  • (1) Mini USB Cable

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Lauraon 12/27/18
    These were the best. Why would you discontinue this?

    As another reviewer said "If it wasn’t for your Menthol Burst I’d be gone, hope that’s not next to go. I’m all for improvements but this is not one. Like others were saying why not still stock the vape pen also? We love them"

    Such a true statement
  • Overall
    Bring this back!
    Review by Pamelaon 12/20/18
    The new one you are selling now is just like everyone else's that is the exact opposite of what works. This was the best one yet and I am babying the heck out of the one I have because there is no alternative if it breaks.
  • Overall
    Review by Matton 11/6/18
    Why you would discontinue this blows my mind.... so I tried the new one, I liked it until the flimsy gasket broke after like 3 refills and then when I laid it on my nightstand it dumped all of my liquid out if the vent holes. I put it away and am using my original which has never leaked or gave me any problems. If you’re trying to phase out customers it’s probably working. If it wasn’t for your Menthol Burst I’d be gone, hope that’s not next to go. I’m all for improvements but this is not one. Like others were saying why not still stock the vape pen also? We love them
  • Overall
    Review by DAWNon 9/17/18
    Why would you discontinue this product it's the perfect vape perfect size I love it the new one you made is like everyone else's that I dont want
  • Overall
    Upset this INFERNO is discontinued
    Review by Zen07on 8/27/18
    This was the best e-cig ever. Vapor was very smooth, flavor tastes great, easy to fill and a more sophisticated look for those who are in our mid to late 40's! The new replacement version is kind of hipster (IMO). Though I can get over the look, the vapor seems harsh, and I don't care much for the flavor taste ... it's different than the previous device, and not in a better way (IMO). Also, a bit of a pain and messy to refill, etc. Wish you would bring the previous version back for longtime and very loyal customers!! Why not sell both versions?
  • Overall
    Review by ddforton 5/27/18
    I can't believe this device has been discontinued!! So many people, like me love the size,, being able to fill with liquid directly into the tube without wicking through. I started out with that kind of a hated the wicking. It made a mess even when I follow directions. If you have no product replacing this one that I can have handy as I do with this unit then I will be going elsewhere for all my products.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kateon 5/24/18
  • Overall
    My favorite ePEN EVER!
    Review by SoftailCarrieon 1/4/18
    I love this set up SO much! At the symohony kast month the usher asked if my chrome inferno hanging fron my chrone lanyard was JEWELRY. A mini-sculpture making a statement? Deeo. Anyway, it passes for jewelry! And I get 16mg oil so I can take tiny puffs with maximum nicotine for minimak effort, and I don't blow out a cloud. I sneak-smoke this EVERYWHERE, sometimes behind my waving fan or with my head tucked into a sweater, but I DO IT. Best oroduct ever and if they'd keep supporting it I'd buy it forever.

    They shoukd market them as the elegant ecigarette for discriminating boomers with money. Volcano has the worst marketing I swear.

    So niw all the kids want stupid-looking bulky "custom" box mods and huge clouds and its idiotic While old disabled veterans with bad lungs who want tiny puffs and a subtle, wearable ePen, get tossed aside because there is bigger, faster money from the kids. But its a FAD and it will pass and then where will you be? Be the first to get your gorgeous pen that a symphony usher was a small artwork sculpture TO THE RIGHT CROWD. The crowd with the real expendable money - the oarents and grandparents of those kids, that's who! We like to reoyrchase the same high wuality items again and again and not have to figure out new pens and batteries and buttons. We want quality, variety, to hang it around our necks and have it look good, and for it to be tasteful, subtle and made to last. YOU HAVE ALL THAT AND AREN'T MARKETING OR SUPPORTING IT OPTIMALLY. Please find someone who can, so the best ePen on the market doesn't fall out of existence because your people don't know how to sell it. How about to really high end resort boutiques marketed as the quality ePen with class, for the discriminating vapor traveller and wearable on the plane! Gold plate them, hire a jeweller to make slip-over covers for the battery and tops. Tell medical marijuana dispensaries and their patients that your batteries fit alk their cartridges and work eith even the most concentrated highest heat resin eith ease! One battery that lasts a week without a recharge (for the average mmj cartridge user?). And they don't look like the marijuana brand batteries, a pkus. They last FOREVER, I have a five year old one eith the pattern rubbed off that the threading is now slightly stripoed on...that still works! This, ALL OF THIS, WILL SELL THEM.

    Dispensary patients have money, and your ePens can SELL TO EVERYONE THERE!!!

    You will HAVE to go to a USB micro pass-through, and I'd discontinue the 650ma battery altogether. It is too short to balance the top on a lanyard and the tank hangs downward, sometomes oil leaks on clothing. Proplr at symphony don't want ePen oul down the front of their cashmere and silk. Makr sure they will hang 3/4 upright or straighter depending on tip. Snubby aluminum tios should leave a fulk tank upright, chrome tipd are a little heavier, and should hang 3/4 upright. More lanyard colors, better metal lanyards, smoother than the previous ones and I'd love a couple of them in sterling. I have said this to phone reps, written it in emails.. Why is such a cool company not supporting or even aware you have the best damn ePen in existence and you ate fools to discontinue this undervalued wonder. Seriously, if your goal is to make a profit and feed your employees, the Inferno COULD AND WOUKD IF SOMEBODY DID SOME MARKETING TO THE RIGHT CROWD FOR THIS.

    Also, someone beeds to try smoking catridge oil IN the tank itself, CBD oil and live resin oil or other oils to see if these could work as REFILLABLE MEDICAL MARIJUANA OIL PENS.

    I just suggested four ways to betrer market your product off the top of my head. To actually market it, or to target the optimal crowds for it.

    BUT, thise kids are now getting their parents and grandparents to quit actual tobacco often, but many of us older folk DO NOT WANT A BOX MOD EVER.

    Volcano, why oh why couldn't you manage to market the best very best quality and longest lasting ePen products out there!?? You break my heart! Give me hakf a chance and I could have demand for these infernos probably tripling inside a year or less.

    So, make the tank sturdier, replacable, or offer a tank guard like a wire cage around the tank to slip up over it so we don't crack the tank rolling over it in our sleep. That haooens too much and is usually the reason I break and replace tanks before they ever darken to opaque.

    Go to usb micro NOW, you should have five years ago.
    Make usb3 batteries available for $10 or $20 more.
    Make a battery with iPhone charger for twice as much cost, just like their phones!
    Make sure they sit uoright with snub tips, and a bit angled off of uoright with heavier tips. Try to make them leakproof until WE the customers accidentally do damage to them somehow.
    Test them for functionality, the tanks with these 900ma batteries, for oil based or glycerin based liquid CBD and THC resin or other concentrates? Because if you CAN smoke any of those through these big tanks, Oh Lord these could wind up popular sellers at medical marijuana dispensaries...and you can travel with them around your neck (but don't violate local or federal laws doing it).

    I already know these batteries work on all types and brands of medical marijuana pre-filled cartridges, because I've checked that out myself. All the ridiculously short 600ma batteries of mine that came in starter kits are in my mj bag on cartridges. I get complimented on your oroducts at dispensaries EVERY TIME I GO INTO ONE and I've handed out untold cards of yours. But without staff being offered a few to try, which they will love for nicotine oil, love the battery longevity and high temp for mmj products, and they are classy! Women WANT them.

    Oh, and get rid of the stuoud end caps all rogrther and the threading and take the colored exterior to the bottom of the pen. Almost nobody has patience for those caps, so stop making us see the stupid threads at the bottom, please.

    And market the shit out of these things to the righr crowds, finally? Get me a boith at the ERRL cup in Arizona next month and stock it, give me cheao disoosable tips for trying them, and a small questionaire for after sampling them, tht eill get them entered in raffle to win one. Maybe package differently FOR specific crowds. Maybe have a high end and low end version based specifically on designer versions you create exterior cosmetics for. With a focus on wearable, classy, reliable, and multi-useful for mmj cardholders. Why isn't there a sterling Pandora sleeve women can hang charms from. (Look up a LighterBro on Amazon for the general idea.) I've seen an occasional actor wearing and using them. Why aren't big name actors who use nicotine oil OR medical marijuana cartridges with batteries OR refillable mmj oils, GIVEN an ePen and lanyard, oil, starter kit, why aren't they competing for the top ten who get the most airtime/photos published wearing them (to be suoereded by actors who get asked about them and manage to promote them ON THE AIR on major programming, then those top so many get a year of ePen oil or the equivalent donated to their favorite health-related or medical charity? Top promoter gets 5k or 10k or such donated to favorite charity? There are so many ways you can embed use of these wearabke ePens into the lives of the affluent. Like I said, ideas off the cuff...that last one might suck, but yiu get the idea. Get the affluent using these ePens and they will use them forever. The kids are fickle and fads pass. Think about it.
  • Overall
    Best Vape pen ever!!
    Review by Lauraon 10/1/17
    When I quit smoking I started using the inferno. Simple, easy and the flavors are awesome. I like how they came out with the lanyard accessory too, I use that while driving. My clothes, hair and skin don't smell like tobacco and I even found that I run faster and can breathe easier using this instead of smoking. Even after I moved from Hawaii I still order online to where I am now. I hope they keep the inferno and keep adding onto it. It's my favorite and more convenient and sleek than the Lavatube.
  • Overall
    Best Vape pen ever!!
    Review by Lauraon 10/1/17
    When I quit smoking I started using the inferno. Simple, easy and the flavors are awesome. I like how they came out with the lanyard accessory too, I use that while driving. My clothes, hair and skin don't smell like tobacco and I even found that I run faster and can breathe easier using this instead of smoking. Even after I moved from Hawaii I still order online to where I am now. I hope they keep the inferno and keep adding onto it. It's my favorite and more convenient and sleek than the Lavatube.
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by Ryanon 5/23/17
    Great product & easy to use/setup.
  • Overall
    it's the best
    Review by sandraon 5/22/17
    Please keep this product, for me it's the best
  • Overall
    Back at it again with the Vaping! Inferno pleaseeeee
    Review by Carli D.on 5/19/17
    Please please restock inferno! I love it! Every time I quit smoking I revert to my inferno and it helps me every time I love it! It's easy to use and very easy to travel with it's the perfect size I will not purchase any other device but the inferno from Volcano E Cigs, I have a cart full of e-liquids right now and I'm just waiting for inferno to be restocked so I can check out! Please please restock as soon as possible best device for me hands down! Thank You Volcano E
  • Overall
    Love this
    Review by Sara on 5/12/17
    Best ecigarette ever
  • Overall
    Miss you from Olympia Washington.
    Review by Patriciaon 5/9/17
    The new Vape shop here is wanting me to switch to a different paper device. I like my inferno, but I need battery and even a new pen have had this one for about 5 years. Thank you for being there for me.
  • Overall
    back to vaping
    Review by ROBYNon 4/30/17
    I had a one of these and then misplaced it when we moved, but thought I could buy a similar one or fancier one big mistake this is definitely the best product out there! I also like the rubber tip a lot better than the metal. Please, please restock as I want to go back to vaping and I don't have my Inferno anymore.... I have 5 of your competitors brand all of which I hate and won't use.
  • Overall
    Please keep this available !
    Review by Scotton 4/9/17
    I've been using it for years. I've tried to order new sets but your out of stock! Best product on the market. I'm ordering replacement parts peice by peice My batteries lasted 3 years. Great product, I just wish I could replace the entire set once again and get it done. Thanks, Scott
  • Overall
    5 Stars
    Review by Junmiaoon 3/20/17
    This eGo style stater kit e-cigarette was perfect for my needs.
  • Overall
    LOVE IT <3
    Review by Tanyaon 2/9/17
    I started vaping last year and I wanted something simple so I got the Inferno. I stopped vaping and gave it to my mom which I regret because I'm back to vaping. I was looking for The Inferno mega kit but it's not here do I just got the small kine. I love the Inferno <3 I wish you guys weren't OUT OF STOCK so I can buy another one.
  • Overall
    Review by Jessicaon 9/18/16
    Love it!
  • Overall
    Adding 2 more to my collection!!!
    Review by shaunon 1/18/16
    I bought my first Inferno before the bc tank was created......, since the glorious creation of this excellent vaping device I have purchased 5 different colors...I thought that I wanted to switch to a more advanced setup and have been trying to figure out which one since my hubby gave me $100.00 for Christmas to buy a different type (like a box or something that can handle more than a 50/50 blend). Well I finally figured out that I already have the best one ever....So I'm going to get a new purple and a red one as well as 2 packs of coils. All for just around the gift money I was given. I finally realized that the Inferno is my absolute favorite, I have 4 yrs worth of stuff that goes with this device
    . Now, after I receive my new red and purple ones, I will have one heck of a collection!!!!! I would also like to say kudos on the Vesuvius, Diamond head and Fuji ---excellent juice!!!!! And love the honeydew as well. Thanks Volcano for making such an excellent product here in the U.S.A.!
    One of your best retail customers,
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Kimon 12/31/15
    As a 1st time E-Cig user, and always looking for the best product and value for my money, I stumbled across this website.
    I received my Inferno in 2 days. Very simple to use, directions were not complicated and the tank and mechanism are great! I have found I prefer a plastic tip (mouthpiece) rather than the metal one that comes with it as it is cold when put to your mouth and I feel leaves a bitter taste on my lips.
    As far a the 'juice' that you can choose, I will buy mine at a local store. The E-juice I found to be extremely overwhelming, bitter, and had a nasty 'bite' to it.
    All in all I recommend the Inferno as I believe it is great quality and is built with a wonderful design!
  • Overall
    fresh vapor
    Review by Susanon 12/28/15
    I have been using Inferno for over 2 years. I lost one entire unit so I ordered this one. A new battery gives me a fresher vaping experience. A battery normally lasts me just long enough for it to be out of warranty. Go Figure. I have not smoled a cigarette since I started vaping. This kit contains the smaller battery. it lasts me a long time now. I go to town on it too. lol . I gave it a charge before I used it even though they usually come charged. If you read the directions you will see this is recommended. I clean the top of the battery by using a q--tip. I clean the tank that way as well. I am happy to get this small kit. I bought an individual battery as well. I marked my older out of warranty batteries by scratching a tiny bit of the color away. In my case this is black and I do not see it unless I look closely to insure I know if the new ones cause a problem while under warranty.
  • Overall
    Simple, small and lots of Vapor
    Review by ROBERTon 12/19/15
    The Inferno is simple to use, it's not much bigger than an ink pen, so it fits in your shirt pocket nicely, looks good, and the Tube Tank holds a lot of juice and puts out lots of vapor.
  • Overall
    Inferno StarterKit
    Review by Kathleenon 11/20/15
    I love this kit. Purchased 2nd one. Don't want to be without one.
  • Overall
    another Express Starter Kit
    Review by Kathleenon 11/20/15
    I really like the Inferno Starter Kit. I received it in a very quick time frame. I purchased my second one because I never want to be without. Thank you for a great purchase.
  • Overall
    The Volcano
    Review by Beverlyon 8/24/15
    I have tried many, many vapes. By far this is the very best, top of the line, IMHO this is the most reliable of all of the 10 others I have tried. I also LOVE that it is made in the USA, the craftmanship is obvious. Yea Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Darrinon 8/2/15
    Love it
  • Overall
    Review by Cuzcontrolon 7/20/15
    I have a magma but I keep coming back to this one I like how it feels in the hand and the portability of it Great product
  • Overall
    Review by Sahuberwolfon 7/20/15
    I ordered this kit 2 days ago! From Friday night to Monday afternoon and I am vaping strong! Kudos on your shipping. I love this! Can't put it down even when I'm not vaping. It just feels so good and refined in my hand. Excellent vapor production so far. Just a bit of gurgle, but that might be me and my excitement. This truly feels like a premium quality product compared to some of the other vape kits I have endured over the past few months. I have only been vaping for 7 months, but I think I have found my go to brand with you guys. Excelsior! Nuff Said.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by catherineon 7/3/15
    High quality product..Easy to use and
    I just ordered 2 more.
  • Overall
    Excellent starter!
    Review by Sandyon 6/2/15
    Comes with everything you need to get started on vaping! I wanted something that was in my price range and this was it. This doesn't come with a juice so you have to get it separately. No biggie for me. I love the new Inferno. I love the new BC Tube Tank and will definitely be getting another one of these kits. Very easy set up. Just fill up your tank with your favorite juice and vape away! Not bad vapor production. I recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget and doesn't want all the ginger bread that comes with a kit. Nice job Volcano! I have always loved your products. I feel that they are durable and made to last. The Inferno looks very sharp.
  • Overall
    Great Prouduct at a Great price!
    Review by Wendyon 6/1/15
    I love my Inferno so much that
    I bought another one so I could have it in Pink and switch batteries around for different looks. My first kit was when they were $100.00 and you got everything. I believe that the starter kit has gotten a lot more people to buy Volcano starter kits. I just got my Sister-in-law off cigarettes and got her on the starter kit. She loves it and her apartment does not stink like cigarettes anymore!
  • Overall
    And this one makes 3
    Review by Bonnieon 5/7/15
    This is my third Inferno; just decided a spare would be nice. I have 2 other Infernos, one for my den, one for my hobby room where I spend a l great deal of my time. I think Inferno is the best setup around. It has such a stylish streamlined build and the colors are wonderful. All mine are red, my favorite. The tube tank is so cool, no visible wicking material and the coils last forever, at least mine seem to. It's just the easiest E-cig to fill and use I've seen yet. The batteries last a long time ,too. it'll be a long time before anyone tops the inferno for a great E-cig and until that happens, I'll never switch to anything else.
  • Overall
    Nice product
    Review by Connieon 4/15/15
    So far so good with this one. I love this inferno, however the last one I ordered began to leak shortly after I got it and the reservoir becomes so cloudy that I cannot tell if it is filled or not. I have been with Volcano since 2010 and have continued to purchase from them with great satisfaction.
  • Overall
    Out of the box pleasure
    Review by Mackon 2/26/15
    I was looking for a lower entry price starter kit, and I found it. The Express Kit for the inferno is a great vape and low maintenance, much better quality than the other cheap china starter kits I have seen out there.