WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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INFERNO Lanyards

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  • INFERNO Lanyards

INFERNO Lanyards


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Tired of holding your INFERNO ecig in your pocket? Well try out one of our stylish lanyards!


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Tired of holding your INFERNO e-Cig in your pocket? Well try out one of our stylish lanyards. Priced to sell and a great accessory that will keep your e-Cig in firing distance. Our new INFERNO lanyards slide right between your battery and Tube Tank / atomizer cone and have a nice little cutout that gives you easy access to the button when attached. A great accessory for the vaper on the go!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    My go to necklace : )
    Review by ddforton 11/28/14
    My starter kit had one. I loved having my hands free. I have one request. The lobster claw clasp needs to be made of a thicker metal. I have bought 3 in a matter of 2 years. They each had the same problem. I wear my all the time so maybe that is just me. Still if the metal were thicker it would less likely to "spring" . I love the concept and will continue to use them. That is why I gave this 4 stars. I hope my suggestion is addressed. I would be willing to pay a little extra for peace of mind that my e-cig would not fall due to this. THAT BEING SAID I LOVE HAVING A NECKLACE AND WILL CONTINUE TO USE THEM.

  • Overall
    I must have
    Review by starburston 9/4/14
    I ordered the inferno starter kit and this at the same time and this lanyard works great my only complaint is I ordered the purple inferno n my lanyard n pink and they are basically the same color but other then that this is a must have
  • Overall
    Great product.
    Review by Jack on 12/22/13
    I should of bought my lanyard when I first purchased my inferno. I learned the hard way!!! I was sitting on my couch where I volunteer at and the tone dropped and I jumped up. My inferno fell off my lap and my first black swirl tip broke right off. The next day I drove up to the mall and got my new drip tip and my lanyard. Great product!!!!!
  • Overall
    A must have!!
    Review by angelaon 6/7/13
    Love this thing when i'm driving! no more rolling out of the passenger seat or cup holder. Gave it only 4 stars because it's a bit too long, otherwise I love it. As to a previous reviewer who stated an atty cone was needed to hold the lanyard on, a tube sock works great!
  • Overall
    A must have!
    Review by Michaelon 2/5/13
    Pretty handy. I recommend to all of vapers out there. This is the answer if you don't want your ecig to drop everytime.
  • Overall
    Sweet Deal
    Review by Antonon 1/23/13
    This was a great Idea. I use mine in alt of situations, at home , Driving, walking around shopping with the Wife, and undercover at work (smoking and Vaping isn't allowed in our Facility. but yeah this was a sweet Deal and Idea. no need to fish around my pockets or around the car interior, its handy and not more than a foot away from my lips lol. although the actual Strap was a bit too long for my taste I just replaced it with a shorter strap that I already had on hand. The design is ingenious and I like this newer design than the ones shown in the Pictures. This looks and feels much more sturdy. Good Job and my Complements to the Designer. @:o)
  • Overall
    Lanyard is very cool
    Review by Levion 12/8/12
    I thought it made carrying my Inferno around very convenient.
  • gotta have it
    Review by craigon 9/28/12
    truly love this little thing! i am a truck driver, in and out all day. this allows me to keep my tubetank close without worrying about it slipping from my pocket! love this item, would not go without it
  • nice idea...
    Review by Travis on 7/30/12
    I like the idea of the lanyard... however because it is held on where the button is, it is kind of awkward felling around your neck and ok for walking around with but not for work... I will keep it in my front pocket at work and use the lanyard outside of work.
    Review by Williamon 7/27/12
    I'm not a huge lanyard fan, in fact this is the first lanyard I've bought in my life. I predominantly got this for use at work, I use it all the time. I'll deffinantly will be getting a second one since work is a dirty environment. A MUST HAVE!
  • Caveat Emptor
    Review by Justinon 6/8/12
    Be careful with the lanyard if you are doing running down stairs too fast. Mine broke and I lost the whole unit! I was left with an empty lanyard! On a lighter note, the staff was awesome about replacement so while it was a bummer to lose it, the customer service was very excellent!!
  • Get this!
    Review by Alexon 5/4/12
    I did not purchase the lanyard when I first got my Inferno kit and man did I regret that until I got one. this is so useful I and of high quality I feel stupid for passing it up the first time. Don't make my mistake, order this now.
  • Not bad...
    Review by Anthonyon 3/15/12
    The ring that goes around battery is only supported by atomizer cone. Cone doesn't seem to fit down all the way with lanyard on, but does seem sturdy enough to carry it and not worry about it falling off on it's own. Regardless, it's nice to have an option to carry with a lanyard.
  • useful product
    Review by michelleon 2/10/12
    i really like that now my inferno is easy to find but it feels like the cone will pop off and the inferno will fall off lanyard with some light pressure. is it supposed to feel more secure? i'm not sure if its an issue with my cone. it seems easy to snap off.
  • A must have...
    Review by Brandonon 9/25/11
    This is definitely a must have item for your inferno! It acts as the button cover for your inferno and provides it as a necklace. You won't lose your inferno this way, you can't misplace it!

    If your getting an inferno get one of these as well! You will be glad you did.
  • Just what I needed!
    Review by Meganon 9/12/11
    Perfection... got one when they only had black, now buying a pink one to match my inferno ;) THE inferno accessory!
  • Love These
    Review by defaulton 8/9/11
    These are great. Durable, works perfectly. Very convenient on the go. On the downside, they look mega-nerdy. But it's definitely worth having around while driving or on the computer when you want to be looking around for things.
    Review by Elizabethon 8/3/11
    THE BEST! If you don't have one you should get one. I was always losing my Inferno - now I wear it all day long, and never lose it. Funny, everyone thinks I am wearing a large whistle. One of the best accessories I have ever bought. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.
  • Woohoo!!
    Review by AlyfromtheWoodson 8/1/11
    This is one of the best accessories for the Inferno you could ever get!! It's super convenient and I don't even use a carrying case for it anymore. (I use a small case to carry eliquid and blank tanks for refills if I need them) I never take my lanyard off my inferno, the only exception being if I change tankomizers or batteries or charge batteries. Since you can just wear it around your neck already assembled, you don't need pause to assemble/disassemble it into a case, just grab and go. I personally think it would be fun if they attached a little charm onto it with the Volcano symbol, but that's just me. :)
  • camping
    Review by Kendallon 7/22/11
    we went camping and I was sure glad I had this... Hubby was looking for his Inferno. Not me it was around my neck .. Highly recommended for people on the go!
  • A Great Addition ...
    Review by Bradleyon 7/14/11
    ... to both the Volcano line-up and your personal collection. I can now bring my Inferno inside the workplace, with people thinking its simply a key chain. This is a lot more modern / stylish than the leather one I have. One thing I would like to see improved: get rid of the string and solder a metal eyelet to the metal banding, then attach a small, simple key ring between it and the clip.
  • Great while driving
    Review by Shawnon 7/5/11
    If you are like me and your car only has one cupholder, you either hold your Inferno or lay it in the passenger seat. With this you just let it hang around your neck and don't have to worry about it rolling around when you turn a corner. Great product. the only drawback is that you have to be using a cone or a tank-o-mizer for it to work. This is not a problem for me, but if you just use a bare cart or carto it is.
  • Finally!
    Review by Snottyragsdaleon 6/30/11
    I've ALWAYS wanted something like this! I'm an avid 'bent rider, fisher, and hiker, so this is perfect. No more worrying about dropping it on the road or in a freaking pond!
  • To Cool For Words!
    Review by Edon 6/29/11
    I recieved mine a couple of days ago all I can say is COOL! I also modified it due to the fact I can't have anything around my neck for long, (due to surgery)- so I remove the neck string and attached one of the clips for a lighter with a retactable string minus the lighter holder and vola! It cplips to me pocket on a retractable string, now I have the best of both worlds :) and my vape is always available :p
  • Beats using an eyeglass chain.
    Review by Jennyon 6/29/11
    What a great idea. No more wondering where I left my inferno. Only drawback is that it doesn't work if you are using a cart without the cone. The lanyard is long so it hangs past my waist but us short people get used to things like that:) Just have to knot it to make it shorter.