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INFERNO o-rings

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INFERNO BC TubeTank O-Rings


Availability: Out of stock


A set of three (3) replacement o-rings for your INFERNO BC TubeTank system.


A set of three (3) replacement o-rings for your INFERNO BC TubeTank system.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Out of Stock
    Review by Heatheron 2/17/17
    This has been our of stock for a long time! Seems these are always out when I am ordering. BUMMER
  • Overall
    Must have on hand!
    Review by Maschelleon 1/29/15
    I vape all day long and it probably decreases the life span of my Inferno coils and parts that can be worn down. Let me tell you how important THIS product is.. You can buy all the coils you want, new batteries, whatever you are not going to get any vape if this ring has worn down. Zip. Nada. And nobody sticks these replacement rings. You have to get them from Volcano. They are so crucial, yet inexpensive. I advise any Inferno bct tank user to buy a couple packs of these. I forgot to add them to my last order and I am having a terrible time wiping juice out of the connections between the coils and the battery with EVERY attempted puff. In the past Ive gone so far as to buy a tube tank from a local smoke shop just to get this ring! What a waste of money! I have so many tanks now that are missing the bottom, screw on piece because I'd ruined my whole setup with leaking juice. I have even had to replace two batteries. Hardware and Pluming stores do not carry a ring this size for a "dyi fix it". I could just kick myself for not double checking my last order! I won't be caught without these rings again!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Thomason 10/24/14
    Finally! What we have been asking for. Thank you! Buy these to have on hand. You
    WILL need them.